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  1. mainsheetsister


    Yup. Worth the extra effort. Great technique for waffles also.
  2. mainsheetsister

    Yanny or Laurel

  3. mainsheetsister

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Full Moon on April 30. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. When the Moon is Full, it rises at dusk, is directly overhead at midnight, and sets at dawn. This phase occurs at 00:58 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Pink Moon because it marked the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the first spring flowers. This moon has also been known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Growing Moon, and the Egg Moon. Many coastal tribes called it the Full Fish Moon because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.
  4. mainsheetsister

    Astronomy Anarchy

    That's fucking awesome!
  5. mainsheetsister

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Lyrids Meteor Shower on April 22-23. The Lyrids is an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by dust particles left behind by comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which was discovered in 1861. The shower runs annually from April 16-25. It peaks this year on the night of the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. These meteors can sometimes produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. The first quarter moon will set shortly after midnight, leaving dark skies for the what could be a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Lyra, but can appear anywhere in the sky.
  6. mainsheetsister

    Popcorn anarchy

    Popcorn is my favorite snack. Stovetop, with salt and sometimes butter. There are several Amish and Mennonite bulk food groceries around here that sell different kinds of kernels. All of them are good. They also sell the powdered salt that is made for popcorn.
  7. mainsheetsister

    annoying use of the language

    "Have a good rest of your day" makes me cringe. Is this a common saying everywhere, or just where I live?
  8. mainsheetsister

    Astronomy Anarchy

    New Moon on April 16. The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. When the Moon is New, it rises at dawn, is directly overhead at midday, and sets at dusk. This phase occurs at 01:58 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.
  9. mainsheetsister

    annoying use of the language

    "It's all good" is an expression that irks me.
  10. mainsheetsister

    Grilling 2018

    My favorite marinade recipe: 2 T ground ginger 2 T garlic powder 1/4 c brown sugar 1/4 c oil 1/2 c honey 1/2 c soy sauce 1/4 c red wine vinegar Mix in the order listed over medium heat until the sugar is melted. Cool. Place the meat in a container with a tight-fitting lid, cover with marinade, place in the freezer. A couple of days before grilling, thaw the meat in the refrigerator. As it thaws, the marinade infuses the meat with awesome flavor. Great with chunks of top sirloin grilled on skewers, beef steaks, or pork chops. Enjoy!
  11. mainsheetsister

    annoying use of the language

    Supposebly, and for all intensive purposes, that's a mute point.
  12. mainsheetsister

    annoying use of the language

    What's the take-away here?
  13. mainsheetsister

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Full Moon, Blue Moon on March 31. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. When the Moon is Full, it rises at dusk, is directly overhead at midnight, and sets at dawn. This phase occurs at 12:37 UTC. Since this is the second full moon in the same month, it is sometimes referred to as a blue moon. This year is particularly unique in that January and March both contain two full moons while February has no full moon.
  14. mainsheetsister

    College Anarchy

    Our Audrey did her undergrad in Biochemistry at Bucknell. The huge benefit there is that she was able to get summer research positions on campus as a freshman and sophomore.. Most schools only offer that to upperclassmen and grad students. Not sure if all departments offer those opportunities, but your daughter should inquire about that. Another thing to look into are the research offerings with the National Science Foundation. Audrey landed a sweet job doing research at NIST in Boulder the summer after her junior year through the NSF. They have a website where scientists post their research projects, and you can apply for them there. And Lewisburg, PA is a nice town. 11/11...parenting win for you!
  15. mainsheetsister

    Asheville, NC

    For artsy stuff, check out the Penland School of Crafts.