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  1. jlightning


    Quite a final day at Hague Offshore Worlds. Congrats J Lance. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1109014349704&ca=1931239c-30cc-42d5-bd54-49332e6b2273
  2. jlightning

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Crash , thanks for posting this, look forward to seeing your finished chart. Would like to see your work-up of the J/33, J/35, J/120, Express 37,
  3. jlightning

    J 121

    Couple of clips posted on jboats_media instagram of 121’s tuning up. https://instagram.com/p/BiqPsD1DTZj/ https://instagram.com/p/BiqQ5FvjfLu/ https://instagram.com/p/BiqNuSLjyH4/
  4. jlightning

    Waterline J/105

    Anybody have any idea of how many 105’s Waterline built or what hull numbers they built?
  5. jlightning

    J 121

    Annapolis boat show over, anybody who saw the 121 care to share their thoughts of their impressions of the look, design and build. Thanks.
  6. jlightning

    Craigslist Finds

    Couple of fresh water Pearson 26's....Gouv, you still building that fleet in Texas? https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/boa/d/pearson-26-sailboat/6289904520.html https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/boa/d/sailboat-pearson-26/6289108558.html
  7. jlightning

    Best trailerable sailboat for family of 6

    Check out the Highlander. http://www.sailhighlander.org/
  8. jlightning

    Craigslist Finds

  9. jlightning

    Trailer Sailor 20' - 23' PHRF Racer

    Ultimate 20
  10. jlightning

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Not trying to make this a "Craigslist thread" but here is a used S2 6.8 for price comparison of other things you may be looking at. Good luck. https://toledo.craigslist.org/boa/6034233274.html
  11. jlightning

    Best Laser Hiking Pants

    OP....I am from NCYC.....live in Sylvania area. I have got a pair of 3/4 hiking pants with battens and suspenders...barely used...if they fit you, can be had for a good deal. Send me a PM if interested.
  12. jlightning

    Tasteless Christmas Posts

    Thanks for posting Gouv. As a parent of a child with autism...this brought a tear to my eye. Great to see the confidence of this young girl. Hope for her success as she grows.
  13. jlightning

    Sailboat usage?

    I would think the "occasional use" would be a bit higher.
  14. jlightning

    Chasing Bubbles

    Watched it as well.....couldn't stop...what drive and spirit Alex had.
  15. jlightning

    Searching Any Pearson 26

    Hey Gouv...this one is in Ohio. http://toledo.craigslist.org/boa/5529876513.html