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  1. Next part: ALC: "I really didn’t have an easy ride up the Atlantic. I was 800 miles ahead at Cape Horn, and Alex came back to within 40 miles. I don’t think I made too many mistakes, the weather just wasn’t in my favour and it’s tough to deal with that. But I didn’t give up, and now… today’s great. I’m super happy” NHJ: "What do you take away from this VG, apart from your magnificent victory?" ALC: " Well it was intense right from the beginning all the way to the end. I feel as if I left yesterday. Really didn’t see time pass, there was no break, no respite. Maybe after Cape Horn when I was ahead I perhaps gave myself a couple of hours to relax, but right after that the weather was not good so I had to concentrate again quickly. Also this is my third (VG) and I knew this was the one I needed to go and get, so I really wanted to go all out. I told myself this is my chance. It wasn’t easy 4 years ago, and I wanted to avoid the same thing again so badly that I really fought all the way to the end." Other NHJ: you haven’t communicated much on this, but did you have technical problems? ALC: no major problems that handicapped me. The only significant one was the hook on my J1, which broke in the Pacific so I couldn’t use the sail after that. It’s a useful sail close-hauled in lighter winds, but I had a Code 0 so I could more or less compensate. Unfortunately after that I learned the other hooks were made the same way, so there was a chance they would fail too. So I had that threat hanging over me during that part of the VG until the finish, hoping that the other parts wouldn't fail. So I had to preserve the gear, avoid putting too much stress on the gear when things got intense, to prevent further breakage". NHJ: "did you get some pleasure from the duel with Alex? ALC: Yes, there was pleasure in the fight, also in the weather routing and strategy, I took a lot of pleasure in the Pacific in particular. I felt I was in sync with the weather, the strategy was going well. Cape Horn was a super moment, and then the arrival was really great. Also a lot of messages from people. NHJ: a word about your challenger, Alex Thomson? He really gave you a hard time, didn't he? ALC: Yes, he ran a super race. I knew he was one of the serious contenders, Fearsome competitor, and feared! He had some good conditions in the Atlantic to close in on me. I really thought I had made the break, and that wasn't the case. So I had to hang on right up to the very end. (Section in English, comments on Alex, good boat, good speed reaching, gave Armel a tough time). NHJ: After 74 days at sea, what does one need? ALC (picking up his kids) "These guys here!"
  2. Well, he broke his armour actually twice. He broke into tears during the first interview on the bow of his boat (before the channel) when asked after the stress he had endured, see the video (French only) here in the first minute. Worth watching for all who want to see the human side of Armel. Hopefully someone can give a translation of that piece of the interview. Here is the first part (I'll do the rest when the VG video stops freezing at 1'10") News-hungry journo: “So, right now, what do you feel?” Armel *big smile* “It’s huge. Incredible. I don’t really realize yet what’s happened to me. The last few days have been very intense, so, yeah, there… I realize I’ve achieved something enormous, and it’s fantastic “(smiles). NHJ: “Did you have days with tension, stress?” ALC: “I gave away nothing. Not one metre. It was… Every metre is so hard won, and…*pause, emotion* I wanted that victory so badly! *tears* voila, I’ve succeeded. *more tears* I’m so happy. There.” NHJ: “Did you have doubts after Cape Horn, when Alex came back?” ALC: “Well, *tears*, sorry, *pause* the weather really wasn’t easy. *Coughs*. I had the impression everything was against me. And then I worked hard (literally: I hung on) and it worked out OK. I really fought hard and had a lot of good support from people; they sent me messages telling me don’t give up, hang in there (wipes tears), and I really believed in it. Finally I only started seeing victory last night, after Ushant. I knew then that I had it, all I had to do was get to the finish. On top of that I was in my home territory, in an area I know really well, so I got a lot of pleasure from that.
  3. BP8 sold to Louis Burton.
  4. ... and a huge, huge thank you to forss, Herman and others for the software, hard work and insights that have made this race a pleasure to follow.
  5. Congratulations to Armel and his team for a great achievement, and to Alex for making this edition of the VG a great race.
  6. Yes but the cluster of boats following ALC is not visible.
  7. Yes, website/organisation shoots itself in foot. I'm watching it live on BFMtv Same here. Good coverage and commentary by Desjoyeaux himself.
  8. Banque Populaire's AIS is not showing on Marinetraffic or Vesselfinder.com The Royal Atlantic AIS is no longer showing on Marinetraffic (off for the past 5 hours) Alex - OK we know he's had problems with his. A bit too much of a coincidence for my taste. I won't be clicking on the VG's cartography pages.
  9. Article on VG site confirms that ALC did not sail through the TSS. http://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/actualites/18217/histoire-de-dst
  10. It's now looking to be an incredibly tight finish between JPD and YE/JLC.
  11. No sign of Hugo Boss on AIS?
  12. stief Remora/forss's 400nm split relies heavily on Armel clearing the doldrums on or before the next sked at 0400 and Alex staying glued. Looking at tbeir actual numbers versus forecasts that may well not happen. [...] Agree--and AFAIK, they use the same polar for all. Gives a great way to compare forecasts, and actual/ projected tracks. Since Cape Horn, so many have been confidently predicting Alex's demise. Fun to watch the nervousness when he keeps on surprising the doubters. Even if Armel does win, he'll only win over a wounded boat. I think Alex 'won' the race already, and hope to see that in the Canal. We don't really know what damage there has been on BP. At this stage, Armel would probably settle quite happily for "just" the conventional win. Fascinating race all the way. I wasn't a big AT fan previously, but I must say he has won me over this edition: he has put together a great program with a fast boat that he has sailed very well while remaining one of the most engaging communicators in the race (along with Conrad and a few others).
  13. I had never heard of (or paid any attention to) Sodebo before they started sponsoring Coville. Compared to buying TV spots, the sort of exposure their brand has received from years of sponsoring sailing has to be significantly cheaper, not to mention all the positive values involved.
  14. Well he just made his luck by making a difficult transition sailing on the talking edge of a system. Similar to Armel did a couple of times before that were called excellent weather routing! Yes luck is involved but you have to sail well to take your luck! That was precisely my point. A few days ago Armel picked up 500 nm and for some here he just was "lucky".
  15. Alex is quite lucky with the weather at the moment. Just sayin'...