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  1. Joe Olson 30

    Microburst Hits Santa Barbara Harbor 9/3 Reports?

    It was not Hurricane Harvey but the SB Harbor patrol rescued 17 people from the water - mostly kayakers and SUP folks - most without PFD's the SB Fire department rolled 4 engines and rescued 54 people - most without PFDs. This prompt response avoided heavy loss of life. This storm was not a joke. We have at least one dismasting and dozens of blown out sails. Pardon me if I fail to see the humor.
  2. Joe Olson 30

    Microburst Hits Santa Barbara Harbor 9/3 Reports?

    Those unclaimed kayaks were probably rentals.
  3. Joe Olson 30

    Microburst Hits Santa Barbara Harbor 9/3 Reports?

    I got a call from the harbor patrol urging me to check my boat. They reported lots of canvas and sail damage and some blown off hatches. I rode my 4 wheel scooter down from Shoreline Park and went thru some 3 inch deep puddles. Most unusual.
  4. At 2:40 Pm 9/3 a thunderstorm line squal packing winds reported at 80 knots hit Santa Barbara Harbor. I heard of a Harbor 20 dismasted in its slip. SBYC had all the deck unbrellas destroyed. Power was out. Harbor patrol rescued many folks from the water. There was a race but results were not yet posted. Anyone who was out there?
  5. Joe Olson 30

    I'm not yelling

    Thanks every one for your help. Two points. First, I have always run a laid back boat and never yelled to berate the crew. I know better. Two, I admit I have sailed with folks who are learning to sail and are really not ready for prime time. The problem is that some of them think that I am yelling at them when I am yelling to them. The rest of us have a great time and enjoy the priviledge of being on the water whether we are first or last. We have done both.
  6. Joe Olson 30

    Make N2E Great Again

    Bill, One problem is that the modern flat out race boats are not comfortable for overnight races. My old IOR Catalina 38 has real bunks, an excellent nav station, enclosed head with a door and a nice galley. My off watch sailors are below in their bunks, not out on the rail. in my opinion, many modern racing 35 to 40 foot boats are really crew ballasted. It is difficult to get the off watch off the rail and below for proper rest. This makes for a really miserable race if the wind is light. Many fast racing boats took 24 hours to do 82 miles from Santa Barbara to King harbor. N2E is a longer race.
  7. Joe Olson 30

    I'm not yelling

    I have been there and done that.
  8. Joe Olson 30

    I'm not yelling

    Good idea - I will try that. I think there is a distinction between loud instructions and yelling at the crew. In my book, yelling is usually berating the crew for screwing up or not moving fast enough. I learned not to do that almost 40 years ago. I had just started racing my 33 foot boat and on an overnite race I had spent the day yelling at the crew. We were going around Santa Barbara island, 40 miles out. Wind came up to the high 20's big seas. Three am, no moon. Someone had to go on the foredeck to change down the genoa. I would not ask the crew to do that, so I did it. When I got back to the cockpit I asked the crew - "How would you have picked me up if I had gone over. (In those days we wore float coats but no PFD and no one had heard of a safety line)."That is not what we were talking about back here " was the answer. "Oh, what were you talking about?" I inquired. "We were going to lower the owner's pennant and make an entry in the log" was the answer. After I went off watch and was settling down into my bunk it dawned on me. We were not flying an owner's pennant. They were going to make a log entry and sail on. That cured me of yelling and berating the crew. I always want the crew to want to come back and get me if I go over. Since I started on the foredeck, the first thing I teach my new foredeck is, "Its the cockpits fault." It usually is.
  9. Joe Olson 30

    I'm not yelling

    curl them clockwise please. clockwise - that's the direction Mickey's big hand goes. Great post - good advise. I am having lots of practice sails - we allow the crew to pop a cold one at the weather mark - we pour 805 a rather good brew and provide killer sandwiches . Our music tastes may vary - you are a punk rocker whatever that is - I am a be bopper - Thelonius Monk - Bill Evans school. - I suggest you listen to both those guys on itunes and the next time you need a ballard to set the mood, key up My One and Only Love sung by Johnnie Hartman with John Coltrane on the horn - cheeze don't you young guys know real music?
  10. Joe Olson 30

    I'm not yelling

    Thanks guys. I should mention that I am most known for being funny. I am a business professor emeritus so have taught this and that. I agree crew respect skippers who get in the trenches but I cannot leave the helm because I am handicapped. I sit on the dock in my scooter near the bow and direct the rigging of the boat from a spot close to the bow. I have won a lot of trophies over the years in a Cal 25, Olson 30 and Catalina 38. I started in this game on the foredeck on boats from an Ericson 32 to Sirena, a schooner 89 feet on deck. This year I had one race with an experienced crew member and we won in a 16 boat fleet. Since I am confined to the helm I like to appoint a crew member as sailing master and communicate with him or her and have the sailing master direct the crew. I am older than dirt so perhaps that is it but the crew I get these days need to be told how to wrap a winch. I try to stay off the race course unless I have someone with experience. I misspoke about curling the line. I guess I meant to say coiling but I try to instruct them to flake it. I guess I was referring to my toes curling when I watch someone take my $2/foot sheets and force them into a perfect tight climbing rope coil. I guess the real truth is that I am too old and too crippled for this game. I have been teaching folks this and that since 1965 but I have spent some time in the theatre acting back in the day. I have a booming voice. I can be heard in the last row of a 400 seat theatre. No amount of praise and humor can change the fact that in most rooms I need a mike like Dolly Parton needs padding. Maybe I'll take up chess.
  11. Joe Olson 30

    I'm not yelling

    Let me defend older skippers everywhere. I race a 38 foot updated IOR boat. I have been racing since 1970. I have mobility problems but can get to the helm but not run around the boat. I am willing to teach younger crew members to sail. I hear on the docks that I yell at them Lets examine that. As we get ready to leave the dock, I am back at the helm and the crew is all over the boat. I am teaching. I have to say things like, "do not run the genoa sheets under the life lines and inside of the shrouds". of course I could shut up and let them do that but things get messy in a hurry. I similarly try to tell them not to run the spinnaker sheets through the bow pulpit. Nasty result that one. This constant instruction (please wrap the lines clockwise around the winch, both port and starboard. Oh, port is over here and starboard is over there.) I had one young lady who assumed that she knew and understood far more than she did. I recall two outstanding moves she made. The first time when were sailing in about 20 knots of breeze and I asked her to ease the main sheet and she blew the main halyard. One experienced racer who was on the foredeck with her during another race told her she was going to kill someone. Her crowning moment came after a sail as we were heading in to the harbor. She was curling up spare lines. Suddenly the main boom started swaying wildly side to side. She had disconnected the main sheet and was stuffing it in the sheet bag on the cabin side. My point is, I do not yell at the crew. I issue commands and instructions. Since the person I am talking to is often 35 feet away, I speak loudly rather than whisper. I think the problem is the modern generation resent being told what to do by anyone.
  12. Joe Olson 30

    carbon/carbon rudder post failures?

    I think the central limit theorum says that if you take a series of samples, the sampling distribution will be normally distributed whether or not the original distribution is normal -back in the day i used to teach this stuff...but that was way back in the day
  13. Joe Olson 30

    carbon/carbon rudder post failures?

    does the small area of the keel placing heavy lateral resistance loads to the rudder of a boat like a J-111 have anything to do with the failures?
  14. Joe Olson 30

    carbon/carbon rudder post failures?

    That is an example of why Frank Butler was such a successful boat builder. He stood behind his product. That is why I bought 2 new boats from him.
  15. Joe Olson 30

    Windy Tower Race Santa Barbara 4/8/17

    it could have been transport damage but on another thread J-111 hull #1 lost its rudder and sank and hulls number 3 , 4 and 5 all lost their rudders hard reaching in a blow - maybe its a coincidence that Rock and Roll is in the yard without a rudder. You are right, I know nothing - just speculating...