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  1. I think the central limit theorum says that if you take a series of samples, the sampling distribution will be normally distributed whether or not the original distribution is normal -back in the day i used to teach this stuff...but that was way back in the day
  2. does the small area of the keel placing heavy lateral resistance loads to the rudder of a boat like a J-111 have anything to do with the failures?
  3. That is an example of why Frank Butler was such a successful boat builder. He stood behind his product. That is why I bought 2 new boats from him.
  4. the Olson 40 is a light, tender boat. with all that sail area you will have fun in under 10 knots of breeze. I added a 3.5 foot sprit to my Catalina 38 and got rid of the symmetric stuff. We are much faster and easier to handle in light air. One tip -call harken and change those selftailing winches for their new racing electric winches. best change we ever made. Get the large switches, 4 per primary winch so you can trim it from either side
  5. it could have been transport damage but on another thread J-111 hull #1 lost its rudder and sank and hulls number 3 , 4 and 5 all lost their rudders hard reaching in a blow - maybe its a coincidence that Rock and Roll is in the yard without a rudder. You are right, I know nothing - just speculating...
  6. As insurance guy (retired) I think we have a trend.
  7. I am not a naval architect, just an insurance underwriter but I think building a stronger rudder post is not the final answer. From where I sit it looks like that skinny keel is placing tremendous forces on the rudder which is providing lateral resistance on a high wind reach. I went to the J-111 web site and they have about 2 dozen pictures of the boat, none showing anything below the water line. I know these boats are fast but insurance underwriters get off on safe.
  8. Looked at this J-111 keel in the boat yard. To me it appears that the tall skinny keel lacks sufficient area for lateral resistance moving part of that load to the rudder. could that be an issue in the failure?
  9. they were lucky it happened in the open ocean instead of on a lee shore.
  10. I heard on the docks that a new J-111 lost its rudder in this race. Rock and Roll was dnf. Anyone know what happened?
  11. Sixteen years ago we formed a fleet with our own handicap system designed to get the cruising type boats out of their slips. The formula was adopted from another club. We used an adjusted rolling average. We took the last 5 adjusted results, threw out the worst result and average the other 4. that was your handicap for the next race. We adjusted the raw results by a wind factor. We take the median boat and compare their actual seconds per mile with their predicted seconds per mile based on their handicap. If their handicap called for 600 sec/mile and they took 900 we assumed it meant light air. Everyone's actual time is then reduced by multiplying it by that 600/900 formula. At first we had only cruising boats. You have to qualify by sailing 3 races to establish your handicap. The racers saw a chance to practice.We now have about 40 boats in the fleet and 16 to 24 boats in each of our 22 races. (we race all year). In our last light air race my Catalina 38 turbo (sprit, big assy chutes) got hammered by a Taylor 32 and a J-125. We have a J-145 and a Santa Cruz 52 in the fleet, right down to Harbor 20s.It works except in light air when Sport Boats do a horizon job on the fleet. Most of our races are staggered starts to make it easier to race for novices and triangle courses to help boats that do not go to weather well.
  12. In 1969 I was spending the nite aboard my boat in Channel Islands Harbor. I was listening to the dam operators at some dam upstream of the Ventura Marina. About 2 am I heard, "We are going to have to let some water go or lose the dam" " Shall we warn anybody" "No time" They let a bunch of water into the swollen river and about a half mile of the rip rap failed and the river went back into its old bed which went right thru the Ventura Marina. Best story I heard was from a guy who was asleep aboard his 45 foot wooden ketch on an end tie. He woke up out at sea with something banging against his hull. It was the dock to which he was still attached. He untied the dock, fired up the engine, went into Channel Islands Harbor and went back to sleep. The river had flushed him and the dock right thru the entrance. Some folks are lucky - just saying.
  13. Our YC has used inverted starts for 15 years. Unless changed by the SIs you are not racing until 4 minutes before YOUR start. So the faster boats can use their engines until that time. Where we have trouble is reminding people that if you are not racing, more than 4 minutes to your start, you must avoid boats who are racing. Even though you are not yet racing, you can be penalized because you must follow the RRS if you are intending to race. It is just bad form if a J122e (we don't have any) interferes with the start of a Harbor 20.
  14. Catalina 38 Turbo with all modern updates needs crew or local club racing, usually on sunday. Some sailing experience required - will teach how to race.Female and male sailors equally welcome. Joe
  15. I watched them modify that boat in Ventura back in the day.They had a thing about weight. They took the paint off the mast to save weight. They took the toe rail off. PHRF nailed them of course. I remember some visiting fireman sailed her in a regatta with a lot of wind. he said she was too light to go to weather in a chop. It can get right lumpy off Ventura when it blows. Off the wind she was a rocket. I do not think she ever did well in Ventura because of the rating.