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  1. techdef

    Dynema/Spectra climbing runners as strops

    I’ve used these things from REI on my boom. One just failed after about 3 years. Keep your eyes open and don’t use just one!
  2. techdef

    11 Metre One Design

    I’m not sure when the last one was made here - rumor has it the Swedish molds are being used again in Hungary. Ours is is pretty decent shape given what it’s seen deck is solid and the foils are pretty good. There’s been some work before my time, a new compression post below mast and some obvious deck repair in the area but overall she’s solid. I did change out to a carbon boom and spin pole too as the old Kenyon boom had a shitty weld that was failing. Bill Porter who made them all still works in the shop in FL and can speak to the build quality. Honestly I think way better than the carol marine Farrs hah! No delam or core issues since they’re solid glass.
  3. techdef

    11 Metre One Design

    I have one that I adore, we race her out of LA and went to Norway and Sweden to race OD last year. Probably as much fun as you can have for the money. Honestly I love this boat and we’ve certainly hit 20+kts ripping past boats that cost $250k more... Here's a shot from our speedo recently. We had an A2 cut for her, it’s now up on another 11MOD in SF. It want really useful where we race, the boats are so narrow they just want to sail deep in any breeze at all. The ayso wasn’t what we’d hoped. I did just take delivery of a new non-maximum sized code zero from Ullman yesterday before rocking out from Santa Barbara. Only got 2 hoists on it now but that’s going to be useful for light air punch against big Genoa boats. fyi, we had an amazing time in Scandinavia - took the crew and sails & they supplied a boat. Superb hospitality and some killer racing. Almost 30 boats in Oslo fjord.
  4. Hey folks, has anyone had success moving a GPX file from iPhone (predictwind download) to Raymarine e series without wires? Can that be uploaded via RayMarine app?
  5. techdef

    Clean skid marks off awlgrip?

    Thanks all - Will start with Acetone. I tested a magic eraser in an "inconspicuous" location and cannot recommend that for anything other than removing your nice glossy finish!
  6. Hey, red awlgrip on hull met white under-inflated dock rollers and left some white marks. What’s the safe way to buff these off? Rubbing compound?
  7. techdef

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Blast! We sure can’t race upwind to the offwind rating... also not sure we can carry that much beer
  8. techdef

    Nexus buss to power LED windex light?

    Tom, yep that’s the one! I’ll put a meter on the mast head fittings pins and see what’s happening up there. Have a second wire ready to pull in case. Nice to save 2lbs, but also nice to keep things discreet for when one of the systems fails. Would be annoying to lose visual and digital wind instruments at the same time!
  9. techdef

    Nexus buss to power LED windex light?

    Tomtriad, yeah ah that’s what I was thinking then realized the nexus instruments are 1/3 that much draw each... maybe works, maybe blows up :-). Prob better to just run a new line from the light circuit for fuse reasons. i got the windex branded light from Amazon. Little LED that mounts to windex base perfectly.
  10. Folks, curious if the nexus buss has juice for a windex light, spec’d <100mA? Reasoning: I already have wires to mast for instruments, would save another wire up thru deck if I could run a wire from instruments up to mast-head. Secondary question: if safe to do, would it be screen and white wires? Nx2 system fwiw. thanks edit: I guess, for super-simplicity, do the 4 wires running up from server to twin-fin already have enough juice to power the light?
  11. Helpful. Did you get/use the heat shrink fittings too?
  12. Many thanks!
  13. Having same issue with a twin-fin. I think it’s the cable (showing signs of halyard damage). Though the cable is easy to replace, the end fittings are rather corroded. Seems they didn’t get dielectric goop’d. Does anyone know where to get the 4-pin rubberized nexus masthead fitting? - edit - just reread and saw jarchers answer to this above. Thanks!
  14. techdef

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    I also have a forte center-pick pole for a 33’ masthead kite boat. It’s almost as heavy as the aluminum one it replaced and makes me wish we’d gone bridle to shave weight. It doesn’t flex. Also, it’s damn slippery when wet. Had to put grip tape on it for the bow crew. That said, it is a lot less line to tangle.
  15. techdef

    Dyneema Deck Railings

    Please keep us posted. I was just about to do a mock-up of red dyneema guards for our house but the wife took one look and vetoed the line. Says dyneema looks too shiny and like cheap plastic rope from Home Depot!