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  1. techdef

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    I also have a forte center-pick pole for a 33’ masthead kite boat. It’s almost as heavy as the aluminum one it replaced and makes me wish we’d gone bridle to shave weight. It doesn’t flex. Also, it’s damn slippery when wet. Had to put grip tape on it for the bow crew. That said, it is a lot less line to tangle.
  2. techdef

    Dyneema Deck Railings

    Please keep us posted. I was just about to do a mock-up of red dyneema guards for our house but the wife took one look and vetoed the line. Says dyneema looks too shiny and like cheap plastic rope from Home Depot!
  3. techdef

    INO Blocks

    I’ve got a few Ino aboard now, couresty of a French rigger. Most notable is a 3.6 in my backstay. It’s only been in place for a few months mostly during off-season so no real input on longevity. Super lightweight tho I can’t offer any input on durability yet.
  4. While I can’t help, I’m searching for a cover for one of these. If you end up getting a spare or tossing one of them please hook a guy up! My cover went splash...
  5. techdef

    Pole back! From the FP...

    it was amazing!!! Here's our Ullman kite dominating :-)
  6. techdef

    Pole back! From the FP...

    Having just returned from racing early 90s 11-Meter One Designs in Norway and Sweden, I sincerely second "Pole Back" as a way of life! Big kites are awesome, and big kites running DDW are the best.
  7. Hey all, trying to replace a lost-overboard Nexus Multi-XL instrument cover. Nexus is gone, can't find any stock. No bites eBay or forum here so casting a wider net, thanks
  8. Hey, following up in case somebody else needs this: FWIW I did call Gemeco and they sent me a P79 which indeed works quite nicely (with the hardwired shield). Plug & play (plus some lube)
  9. techdef

    B&G Zeus < > Nexus - BTW off by 13degrees

    I had similar problem with Raymarine chart plotter & nexus system - I ended up manually over-riding the raymarine's settings by 13 degrees & all worked out fine.
  10. Can one of these be used? Something like the P79 would suit me just fine if it can be done... no indication on Airmar website about connections :-(