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  1. Uh-oh douggie someone's beat you to the people's foiler. Here it is https://www.facebook.com/Voilavion/
  2. Bowman Available. have had experience racing Farr 40s at Airlie Beach Race Week 2nd IRC. Aswel as experience as a bowman on many other boats. please feel free to email me for a copy of my CV alanbturner@gmail.com +34 666 930 987
  3. Credit where its due. That is really cool, well done. Now throw it in the fucking water.
  4. Interesting to see how those bat foils go. At least they look good. You've got to sort out the sails on the fire arrow. There is little to no benefit of having a radial cut sail on a model, there are nowhere near enough loads to need to align the fabric with the load paths of a sail of this size. Therefore you would produce a much better shape from a simple crosscut design. Download a free software called sailcut and have a play yourself. You'll produce much better sails than what you've got.
  5. It's horrendously fucking ugly, that's what it is!
  6. used to have a climbing harness, but the spinlock is lighter and more comfortable plus spike pocket is usefull
  7. But I get the impression that the OP wants to use it on the foredeck, not for climbing. He is talking about sliding around on the deck and sitting on the rail. I think the right kind of harness for foredeck is one like this picture. No issues with this from sitting and sliding. I am not endorsing this particular harness, just the first picture I found. mate, bowmen wear climbing harnesses on the foredeck cos if there is a f,up guess whos going aloft to fix it? therefore they are a usefull thing to attach all the shit we need to. i usually have a sling and a few caribiners, spike, knife/multitool, peeling strop/handcuffs and a bowmans best friend a roll of tape.
  8. Step right up Chris.
  9. +1, Definitely the products of inbreeding.
  10. Nice of you to suggest this, Greg, but a good dozen, or so, folks have already suggested this as a means to an end in a logical progression of understanding over the years. Doug will have none of this, even though you were so nice in the manner in which you brought it forth. He's convinced, already, that the boat foiled and in Doug's small minded world, it is he and he alone who stands as the final arbiter of all things foily. You, and any other foil knowledgeable people are mere flakes to be kicked about the landscape as pimple poppers who are merely getting the way of his illustrious, world shattering career at the pinnacle of International boat design. Doug has alluded to a collection of what Doug calls, experts, in foiling as contributors to his mess of a contraption, but he will not share their identities with any fora members. I suspect that there are no world class advisors with serious foiling knowledge and that it is Doug and Doug, alone, who is reaching into his bag of tricks to produce answers for what ails this pitiful boat and that no self-respecting designer with this sort of knowledge would go anywhere near this project. Ask him to share the names of these advisors and then do a prudent, follow-up with those persons to see if he actually consults with them, or if it's just a pile of more of his lifetime baloney string. It's kinda curious, actually, that he won't share who is a contributor. I should think that he would be wildly supportive about sharing the names of the credible experts who are involved, but that's not the case. One can only wonder as to why that is so, but if I had to guess, it go something like this... There are no outside experts who would be willing to have their names associated with this project... end of story. No, this is quite clearly an obvious solo job on Doug's part and the complete lack of sailing stability says that louder than anything Douglas can say to refute it. HIs only working foiler was a boat designed by Dr. Sam Bradfield. Yes, apparently, Doug built the model, but the details of the interactive foil setup and the manner in which it worked are very obviously the work of Dr. Sam. One lengthy look at the good Doctor's previous work in the field speaks to that conclusion in a loud fashion. Go to this page and scroll down to the middle and you can see the RC foiler that Doug wants you to believe he designed. Interesting claim, actually, because it looks for all intents and purposes that Dr. Sam is making the same claim by listing it on his site. https://sites.google.com/site/hydrosail/ So, the question looms... who would you rather believe? A guy who dedicated a goodly portion of his life to foiling boats (with a doctorate), or some guy out of an apartment in Cocoa Beach? Secondly, Doug's other effort to design and build a foiling sailboat ended in ignominy... The ill-fated AeroSKIFF. If you ask him today, Doug will say it foiled. If you asked him this same question eight years ago, he would have struggled to offer excuses, much like we see today and then admit that it never got out of its own wake. To further press that point home, he immediately took the boat apart, stashed the foils in the garage and gave the hull to a windsurfing school where it was used as a beginner windsurf trainer. What a noble end to a boat that, like the Firearrow, was destined to set the world on fire... well, according to Doug it was all aflame from the day he concocted the mix of ill-advised components. That it never even produced one bit of a glowing ember to that end is another story for another thread. If I were to offer an opinion on the AeroSKIFF, I'd say that it was too heavy and with Doug's abundant mass on board, it was destined to be a scrapped wish list of a no-show in the foiling world. That's the sum of Lord's expertise in the foiling world to date. A big fat ZERO. With the quirky, non-obedient Firearrow, we have yet another pile of hyperbole laced with the reality of a boat that can't get out of its own wake... sound familiar? Dougie's foil intellect is pretty much a pickled mess of blustery claims and vapid no-shows. There is talk of a good game, but when it comes to actually fielding a craft that does as it is claimed to do, the pickled mess steps to the fore and takes the dream right out of his hands. As you suggest, Greg, there might have been some hope if Doug had started in a slow, manageable fashion with baby steps that demonstrated basic flying fundamentals before layering-on the nutsy complexity that is the hallmark of the Burnt and Blunt Arrow. Well, it's the hallmark of all of Doug's stuff, actually and once you jump on that last car to nowhereville, you are sunk before you even know it. Prudent designers creep up on a stunning technical revelation; discovering nuanced elements as they work, methodically, through the issues present. Doug falls out of tree and lands on it, claiming it as if he were the manifestation of Vasco de Gama in a stained t-shirt. . I'm beginning to love these posts. How much time do you put into them
  11. so when this rig is correctly setup will it behave like a square head main with the top batten almost parallel with the boom, and only flick open to depower in the gusts? from your experience is this rig easier to control than a square head main system scaled down from the likes of a MOD70?
  12. Doug is there any particular reason you decided to use this type of rig over a conventional square head main. It appeared very difficult to control, with the top twisted off the whole time not just during gusts.
  13. The suspense is killing me...
  14. Yes its been a complicated and long process but now that he's finished cut him some slack, most people have better shit to do than constantly harass the man to finish a model boat
  15. ^fuck up, and atleast give the man a chance.