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  1. Transpac 2017

    Not true. http://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/editorial-features/comanche-the-31-5m-sailing-superyacht-built-to-win--2063 "When Jim Clark decided on a supermaxi, his plan was to go for line honours rather than wins on corrected time, and speed/distance records that could be set for yachts with human powered winches. “I don’t want any of that record stuff with an asterisk that says push-button winches,” Jim Clark scoffs."
  2. Transpac 2017

    What is up with Mr. Bill?
  3. Transpac 2017

    Agreed. I recall reading when Comanche was launched that they specifically did not include powered sail handling systems in order to qualify for various world records without the asterisk. She should get the Barn Door
  4. Transpac 2017

    Is it that Comanche has a powered canting keel and RIO doesn't? Comanche's sail handling systems are all human powered I believe
  5. Transpac 2017

    southern track isn't looking so good at the moment
  6. Transpac 2017

    and the gybe has happened. will be fun to watch.
  7. Transpac 2017

    yes, ken and company deserve immense respect. He articulated what comanche was built for before the race (the big 5 ocean races' records) and nocked yet another one off the list (plus many others). How could you not respect that? Geez.
  8. Transpac 2017

    back to our regularly scheduled program....(don't let the children distract you). Gotta say that I imagine the vibe on board Merlin and Pyewacket must be intense AND FUN. They are clearly in sight of each other at times and, let's face it, for the pyewacket boys it must be difficult to see YOUR MOM OWNING YOUR ASS AT THE GYM.
  9. Transpac 2017

    Personally, I think it would be fantastic to see Merlin be the first Bill Lee designed boat to finish
  10. Transpac 2017

    Where's Maserati going?
  11. Transpac 2017

    All those guys must being having a blast. But for UFOs, would seem like near perfect conditions
  12. Transpac 2017

  13. Transpac 2017

    Hanging in there at 4th. To the north of Pyewacket. On track to easily beat her original record.
  14. Live Racing Thread

  15. Live Racing Thread

    I can't imagine they wouldn't have wanted to gybe inside and keep Artemis on their leeward hip in their wash on the final reach. I think they got spooked crashed gybed and then decided to throw a flag. It was close enough that the umps had to give a penalty. I think TNZ got to cover up a choke with a late penalty flag.