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  1. Thisnametaken

    head like a hole

    Just watched the race on NBCSN (agree Ed that way too may It's worth watching in it's entirety. Not sure wtf was going on at the start, but Dean sailed, up until that point, a very good match race. And the runner?
  2. Thisnametaken

    not fun

    Or was it Great Fun?
  3. Thisnametaken

    not fun

    Great Escape?
  4. Thisnametaken

    what is it?

    Looks like oil on canvas to me
  5. Thisnametaken

    don't mock me

    underrated post.
  6. Thisnametaken

    SD 2 PV

    Sizzle is set up nice for the forecast
  7. Thisnametaken

    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    Sounds about right. Posted on Lat 38: 38-FT SYDNEY 38, 2002 Monterey $105,000 Big 38-ft yacht, very competitive racer, Bluewater or buoy. Could be fast, fun cruiser. Always kept in excellent racing condition. Full sail inventory, all systems in good condition. One owner. Email (831) 809-7973 06/03/2019
  8. Thisnametaken

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    The person filing the protest is a moron for sure. The real question is was the protest heard (which would be cause for alarm) and, if so, what was the conclusion.
  9. Thisnametaken

    Route du Rhum 2018

    and going way faster in the right direction
  10. Thisnametaken

    Route du Rhum 2018

    starboard rudder looks deployed to me
  11. Thisnametaken

    Route du Rhum 2018

    down to .8 miles. wish we could see the wind on the close up