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  1. On south to Alaska! Guess someone took the compass while he was at starbucks... The big question if his Samoan friends will be happy to see him again?
  2. and the story continues.... So now whats next for Rimas? does he find food and get towed out again? do they take his boat away when he cant pay for dockage? Does jean come to the rescue again? Does he actually have a way to get his SS $'s....queue music...these are the days of our lives....
  3. Sure, Basketball, Baseball, Football, take your pick. Individual entry into these sports is pretty much available to any kid in this country and it has little to do with money. Yes there are the rich brat kids that get the headlines, like Johny Football, but what it really takes is ability, desire, discipline and hard work to make it and none of that takes money in these sports at the individual athlete level. Yes the private High Schools that recruit these kids to play for them on scholarship takes money but I don't think you were asking that? The kids play for free. And then the best of the best go play at the college level again for free. And finally the best of the best become pro athletes. Sure it's a tiny percentage that make it to the pro level in these sports but it happens without a rich family. Football is your best odds to make pro with large rosters and of course most don't last long in the NFL (Not For Long) so there is lots of turnover. At an organizational level one might argue that the team that spends the most money wins but not so fast! Baseball is the most like the wild west and spending the most still does not buy a Championship. The Mets were 21st and the Royals that won the World Series last year were 16th out of 30 teams. Not too shabby! OK I guess I need to post a sailing topic: Can anybody name another sport, besides off shore fishing if you consider that a sport, where the rich guy pays to put a team together AND still gets to play with the team? I can't. Not saying it's a good or bad thing just what it is by it's nature. The rich guy can buy a pro NBA team but last I checked they still are not going to let him play! Polo...I believe most of the owners of teams play
  4. For those of you looking for good, FREE coverage, check this out: http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2016/01/18/key-west-off-to-perfect-start/ *********************************************************************** That's weird...all that info is from the web site http://keywestraceweek.com/ So did that site send someone to key west to cut and paste info and say they were there live? Not sure why you would go to another web site to just read whats on the events web page? Maybe we dont know what live means any more with how we do f1 in america these days...but thanks for your links Hope everyone is having fun!
  5. Thanks for the history fyi 2013 for heartbreaker dudes...2014 someone out of MN...no MAC charter this year (2015) boat still looks nice from the outside...pretty sure its stored indoors in the winter...no clue on interior or sails...
  6. Boat is sitting in Green Bay, WI, saw it last week Was raced in the MAC race last year (chartered I think) so was in the water last year. This year has been on the hard all year. Not sure on its whole history but agree with Geff its been here on the Great Lakes for a while now and was raced a little more back like 10 years ago
  7. I Remember a Chicago Mac race about 15 years back where someone with a new boat was the inside of the raft near the dock. The owner tried to keep people from crossing his boat all day and was really unfriendly about the whole situation. The next day when we came to our boat early in the AM (we were on a different raft and dock) the boats around him had moved and left this guy tied between 2 poles with no way to get to the dock from his boat (besides jumping in the water). It was really funny at the time since he was just a jerk about it all the day before, although we were pretty sure he was OK being by himself and not being able to get to the dock.
  8. I Think it was 25 min...not seconds Flying buffalo had ** next to there corrected time though...any one know why?
  9. Year 36.7 105 T10 2014 18 20 24 2013 17 15 20 2012 18 14 25 2011 18 14 23 2010 19 17 28 2009 20 15 30 2008 24 27 37 *100th 2007 19 17 25 2006 16 20 25 2005 11 19 26 Was curious also..3 pretty strong classes to compete in one design over these last 10 years for the MAC races.
  10. Awsome 1st to finish! Congrats GTFP!
  11. WOW, I guess its better then trying to change, just ask the "Rich boat owners" for more because they have it. The logic is amazing these days with politics.
  12. Beautiful time of the year out on good ole lake michigan Rest Of Today Northeast gales to 35 kt increasing to storm force winds to 50 kt late. Rain. Waves 7 to 10 ft building to 14 to 18 ft this afternoon. Tonight North storm force winds to 55 kt. Rain. Waves 20 to 25 ft. Thursday North storm force winds to 50 kt diminishing to gales to 40 kt in the afternoon. Rain in the morning...then a chance of showers. Waves 20 to 25 ft subsiding to 15 to 20 ft. Thursday Night North gales to 40 kt becoming northwest and diminishing to 20 to 25 kt overnight. Chance of showers. Waves subsiding to 10 to 14 ft.
  13. We got in two races yesterday on Circle A. Bang - Bang they turned it around quick. Challenging conditions in the fog on Friday and Saturday, the race committee did a great job. Closing speeds were rather quick in the fog, interesting stuff. Fun weekend! Circle B had a situation with the markset boat yesterday...I think we would of done 2 if that did not happen, but what can you do about that. Yesterday was a great day for sailing in chicago (sun, wind and small waves) and good racing all weekend in our class.
  14. Did circle a get in 1 or 2 races yesterday? Same for circle c? we got 1 in on circle b, great job by RC all weekend, fog was crazy for last race friday though.
  15. Yup saw it on the Westrec website this morning. They suggest Millenium garage or Du Sable lots as alternates. Haven't been there and had to park yet myself this season, with all of the summer festivals and such coming, you would think summer would be a really bad time to close that garage though. Doesn't it seem like it has been under repair for the past few seasons anyhow? There always seems to be some kind of work going on in there. Thanks for the heads up, will look into for NOOD, I am sure there will be plenty of people searching for space Friday the 10th...