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    PV Race

    My guess is 10k a day, both robbie and mark callahan are salary employees, I don't know how much Brian got but he's probably not in the 1000+ a day club. So most likely 7k a day so $35k for the crew sails running rigging etc not included. Really not what everyone thinks it is, if you're earning $1m a year (a 1% according to"The Washington Center for Equitable Growth put the average household income for this group at $1,260,508 for 2014") this doesn't affect your lifestyle.

    PV Race

    Ok so here is how I did: Multi: Mighty Merloe was first boat to finish and set the mulithull record besting their previous record. They also corrected out ahead of Chim Chim. Congrats to them. I got this one right. Division 1 & 2 were put together presumably because El Cabron didn't show up. Rio was first monohull across the line as expected and Vincitore was 1st corrected in front of prospector. I projected prospector to win division 1 and Bad Pak to win division 2 so I'll count this as half right/half wrong. Division 3: I projected Pyewacket to win this class and they did, but they also won overall. I'll count this as mostly right. Division 4: Bretwalda won this class but Blue Blazes was way out ahead coming into Mag Bay, I thought it was going to be a closer run but it looked like the breeze was strong between cabo and PV and bretwalda was lit up. Hopefully we can get a debrief from the Blue Blazes guys? Division 5: Horizon won as projected, lucky duck was much more their competition then Triumph. I missed them as the strongest competitor but picked the correct winner. Division 6: Timeshaver took this class after an entertaining battle with derivative, at Cabo I was convinced Derivative had it but as Keith mentioned they had the right sail coming into PV and 'that made the difference. A disappointing showing from Fast Exit, I was hoping these guys could have showed that this boat isn't the dud she always seemed to be. Division 7: Marjorie looked like she might have been first to finish for a little while there and as predicted she won her class handily. Congrats to all sailors, and especially those able to finish. I'll try again for CA Offshore

    PV Race

    I tried to copy and paste some of the division stuff but I think it's changed so much I calls for a new post. Multi: Mighty Merlot - Look at islands race...crushed it and no competition with chim chim. To be fair you could legitimately could have had a barbecue and watched the olympics on chim chim while still racing. Division 1: This is the race for the first to finish boats, I think Rio wins 1st across the line (behind merlot) and prospector wins corrected. Rio was on her way back from Hawaii as of two days ago so this is assuming shes fitted with a new rudder and back to California in time. Division 2: Bad Pak is the overall winner and clear winner of this class unless something surprising happens. Division 3: Pyewacket's race to lose reference the previous post about boats preparation and program preparedness. Medicine man should be first to finish in this class but well see what they decide to do. Division 4: The big changes in class breaks start here, you have brewalda vs blue blazes (as mentioned before I don't know why you wouldn't put bretwalda with the j125s). I think your dark horse in this race is Stark Raving Mad, but that boat won't hang in the big breeze with planing hulled smaller boats. Could be a tough race for Blue Blazes with the swan excelling in lighter conditions with waterline and the rogers excelling in planing conditions with bigger breeze. I'm going to say bretwalda for the win in this class and hope to see a good race with the swan and Blue Blazes. Division 5: The SC50/52 class will be dominated by horizon unless triumph or one of the other teams can capitalize on mistakes of horizon. She's been a challenging competitor among sisterships for 10 years (minus that 2 minute loss in 15 transpac). She's beatable but it won't be easy. Division 6: The guys on fast exit seem to think they have the boat sorted after islands and are excited for this race but I don't see them holding with the 125s, I think timeshaver and derivative duke it out for the win and as I said before I'm picking timeshaver. Unfortunately the guy with the 1d35 has a boat that doesn't compete with carbon 40 footers. Maybe it's rating will compensate if it's light? Division 7: As I said before I'm much less familiar with these boats and would guess Marjorie wins.

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    I hope you got it for way less than ask, once she's up and running again she's a great boat.

    PV Race

    Vesper sailed against Gladiator LRBAR, Bad Pak,Rio, and more today. http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=15723

    PV Race

    Vesper is an "older" 52 and she can do good work against the pac52 guys. I'll have to look at the classes now and see what it looks like but horizon on top in sc50/52 class and timeshaver on top of 125 class.

    PV Race

    3 weeks out and no change to the class breaks yet... Destroyer owner now has Nimbus which is the old Rio TP52 from 07. The boat was in rough shape prior to being purchased, she was on the hard in San Diego a few weeks ago. I think it would be quite a feat to go from Annapolis not cared for to competitive with a Pac52 with full pro preparation in 60 days or less. I don't see them as a contender in Division 1.

    PV Race

    According to Socalphrf.org Blue Blazes was built in 1992, amazing how relevant she still is compared to many of the 50 somethings of that era. When I said "aging" i was speaking merely of the kevlar hull not of the crew members on Blue Blazes.

    PV Race

    So with a few weeks left before the start of PV the class breaks are out here: https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eid=4434 I think it will be an interesting race, maybe we can get some weather guys to chime in about what the course looks like as we get closer. Here is my look at the Divisions: Multi: Mighty Merlot Orma 60 takes the win, these guys crushed transpac (with top crew) and I think they will handle the gunboat easily. Gunboats are awesome but this "base model" won't hang with the ORMA First to Finish: Mighty Merlot will be the first boat to cross the line and I think RIO 100 will take monohull line honors. Rio did a nice job against el cabron the botin 80 (then beau geste) in the 2014 Sydney Hobart and Karl Kwok's team had more time in the boat. I think with the right conditions prospector and el cabron will give rio a run for their money. Division 1: Badpak wins corrected, the Pac 52s really showed their prowess in Transpac and unless there's very light wind they will be on the step early and hang with the bigger boats. I don't know prospector's rating but the maxi 72s seem to do well in other offshore events against 52ish boats, in my opinion if sailed well they'll compete with badpak. I'm pretty sure destroyer changed hands and isn't sailing leaving only 2 other 52ish boats to compete and BadPak is the most put together of those programs. I also think BadPak will take the overall corrected trophy. Division 2: Pyewacket will continue their dominance, runaway has too much sail area they have to pay for it in rating. Peligroso, Mr Bill and Med Man just aren't campaigned at the same level as Pyewacket. I'm going to guess we see Peligroso as Pyewacket's biggest competition but maybe runaway's sail area will be helpful if it's a lighter year. Division 3: I think this race comes down to Horizon vs Timeshaver & Derivative. Horizon has proven to be the fastest sc50 in the past 10 (?) years. The j/125 if sailed reasonably correct will always crush the sc50s (in the 2016 edition of this race the "shaver" took a stop at the office in cabo apparently). I think Timeshaver takes it because they've done the most sailing on the 125 in the past few years. Derivate 2nd and Horizon 3rd. Long shot in this one is on Triumph, they've been pushing to compete with Horizon for a few years now and this may be the race they step on the podium. Division 4: I think you have 4 contenders in this class, so likely one of the more interesting groups to watch. Fast exit has completely changed the boat in the last 2 years and is trying to be a "fast 40", if it's finally setup right they could compete. Jim Madden's SRM program has an unlimited budget and multiple big boats to play with, they're the best "program" but how will a swan 601 compete against a RP 50? To be seen... I think Blue Blazes, while aging has really found their niche with this race, I think the race will be Blue Blazes vs Bretwalda. I think if it's a windy year Bretwalda wins and if it's light Blue blazes but I will speculate Bretwalda as the winner. Varuna the Rogers 46 had a great year in transpac and showed the capability of the Rogers (not that it was in doubt) and I know the bretwalda guys and varuna always sailed close together. Division 5: I'm much less familiar with these 3 boats but I think Marjorie probably has some unreal rating and has sailed the event before so I'll guess they take it. I mean no offense to the teams that I didn't mention or pick, as I sit behind the keyboard those on the water can feel free to prove me wrong. We could see boats having to drop out because of conditions or damage like we did a few years ago when cabo ended up being a beat upwind. I've sailed on a few of the boats racing and sisterships of the bigger boats in quite a few cabo races and transpacs. I hope other people chime in with their commentary on why I'm way off. I do wish we had a fleet of hobie 33s or some smaller boats racing, maybe even the mini transat boats?
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  11. Sold a bunch of sails to http://www.minneysyachtsurplus.com/ off of our 1d35, they'll hold up but not the best shape and I'm sure you could get them for a steal.