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  1. Live Racing Thread

    The comments about maybe two feeds to watch the racing are hopefully soon to be a thing of the past. I've got a mate working for Sky NZ and they are planning to broadcast all their cameras punters at once and then let the viewer select what to watch. Using the rugby analogy, you could choose to follow the ball, a player, a team etc, using multiple screens if they wish. Moving to the quality of the commentary, the problem as I see it is that we all watch the same feed expecting something different from it. Surely, if you want a sailor's commentary, you go to a specialist sailing website? How about that Clean; provide the serious commentary that sailors want while we watch our various feeds, sans sound. I moved on fromPJM ages ago. on a more serious note, what the hell was that last ETNZ dial down about?
  2. Any changes they make over the next five days could well have been in the pipeline for months. Take the cyclos for example - surely when Oracle saw the ETNZ solution last year, they must have gone back to their 'dismissed' study and looked at it in a new light once they has seen how another team had solved what they originally concluded was a show stopper. They could have had a prototype in a shed with cyclos practicing on some form of simulator for months. The prep work for any changes to the boat could have been going on in the shed at night for some time. if we're talking changes to Oracle, what about the crew. Has Jimmiy sailed his last AC race?
  3. Team NZ

    Thinking of the photo with the three cyclos, can they race with less than six? On a marginal foil day, taking a gorilla or two out of the boat wouldn't hurt.