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  1. Jollymon

    Dennis Choate or his boats

    The Wilsons owned the boat for a long time, first Stu and then his son Scott. The boat raced for many years out of Des Moines with Three Tree Point YC. There are still a lot of members there who could probably answer some of your questions. Try leaving a message on their website. JM
  2. Jollymon


    My first long distance race, Protection Island, was on Improbable the year after this photo was taken. Haji, my condolences to you for your loss. JM
  3. Jollymon

    BCam Eight Bells

    What sad news. He was so active in Puget Sound racing for a long time, I remember him from his days in the South Sound area. Fair winds Bruce. JM
  4. Jollymon

    phrf scoring question

    Here in PDX the results are posted and if there are errors the competitors let us know right away. Go ahead and post the times you received and if there are issues you will probably hear about them. Then it is a simple redress issue. JM
  5. Jollymon

    Furler explanation

    On my Martin 241 the furler is part of the forestay with the wire between the swivels. The jib has a zippered luff that goes around the stay with the halyard running inside next to the stay and attached at the bottom drum with a short purchase to adjust luff tension. JM
  6. Jollymon

    Any Olson 29 owners?

    Sailronin, Congratulations on the new boat, you should have a lot of fun with the O29. As for the emergency rudder, I have been talking to others about the best plans and a cassette mounted on the transom with a blade you insert seems to be the way to go lately. You can put the cassette on anytime, but if you wait until it is needed, putting the cassette on and sliding in the blade is easier than trying to mount a blade onto the gudgeons while bouncing around. JM
  7. Jollymon

    Duwamish Head Race 2016

    Equus is signed up. JM
  8. Jollymon

    2017 Van Isle

    In for my 6th time, this one on Equus. JM
  9. Jollymon

    Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    I believe that Wildfire was sitting in the West Basin at Astoria the last time I was there a year or two ago. JM
  10. Jollymon

    Choate cf 27 where areyou

    There is one here in PDX that sat glued to the dock for a long time that was just sold to someone else here in town who is cleaning it up to race this season. JM
  11. Jollymon

    Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    I bought Enigma back in the late 80's from Alameda, it was dark blue and called Chinese Hedge, so not originally from Seattle (sail no is/was 8344). Owned by a contractor in the area. JM
  12. Jollymon

    Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    There was a Moisture Missile in Portland during the late 80's/early 90's, red boat with white stripe. Not sure where it went after that. JM
  13. Jollymon

    Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    we have enigma as 053 not 058. typo? we have several entires for lunch box but no note that she was lost. SWG, Go with the hull number you have for Enigma-it has been too long since I had the boat! As far as Lunchbox, she dropped about 12 feet into shallow water and had the keel driven into the boat. Very sad day. JM
  14. Jollymon

    Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    I had hull 58, I think, that later became Enigma in Seattle and then went back to the SF Bay area where we got it from in the late 80's. The current owner of Dire Straits used to own Lunch Box which fell from the lift into shallow water two years ago and was lost. JM
  15. Jollymon

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Years ago I worked for a company in Seattle that was a dealer for the Aprodites. There are still several in the PNW, one of them did the VI360 in 2009. JM