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  1. Cairns and FNQ has a very strong Cat fleet, sail all year round, mainly F18 Nacras are the strongest fleet but A-class are coming along and there a quite a few arrow cats getting around. Several regattas all year round.
  2. Try to get the thread back on track, with only 4 days stick to Cairns if that is where you have to fly into, it is a 7hr - 8hr drive or a shit ton of money to fly to the whitsundays from Cairns. You generally have to fly back to Brisbane then up to Hamo or Proserpine airport, this in its self can take up to 5 hours with a good connection. Depending on the time of year do not be planning to be frolicking in the shallow water at the beach, google box jellyfish. Better to see yourself in the resort pools. For a reef trip Cairns is going to be just fine, Green Island is the most affordable and family friendly but you can only go up from there in regards to dive quality and price. Yes there is some bleaching of our reefs, but good operators are still making a living and people are still diving on the reef out of Cairns and having the postcard moment they all dream of.
  3. (727): :(. i have vodka in a fire extinguisher. that solves all problems. except fires. it would actually make that worse.
  4. (+27): A stripper choked me last night. Then I choked her. Now we're going on a date this Saturday.
  5. (623): We need a rematch, I think my pussy was on vacation the other night. Fav 0 12 2
  6. scottmax

    Darwin Candidate: World Record

    Believe it or not it the way we are taught as refrigeration mechanics on how to empty flammable gases from refrigeration systems. These are obviously smaller commercial and domestic systems but we attach a bunsen burner style burner and light the gas coming out. When the flame stops it is ready to work on such as using a oxy acetylene torch to remove pipe work to remove compressors.
  7. scottmax

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Anyone got a link to a betting agency who will take a bet on the race, I live in Australia and cannot fine a single betting house with odds.
  8. scottmax

    F1 2016

    Shit luck? When the other Mercedes engines are coming home and his are the ones that pop I would say that maybe they need to look a little further than the engine for the fault! They may want to see if the connection between the steering wheel and the driver seat is faulty. +1 on this observation
  9. scottmax

    All you need to scare a crocodile..

    A fellow I worked with several years ago use to every year live and fish with the locals in Arnhem land every year for about 3 months. He told me the old school way of dealing with the crocs was they would catch it then bash the crap out of it. This would some how chase the croc away. This was how the kept them away from the watering holes. It could have been a load of shit but he seemed genuine.
  10. scottmax

    How Does Buying a UFO Foiler Work???

    Steve Clark I absolutely applaud you. That was just brilliant, Thanks for the laugh. Well done on the design, I hope it goes gang busters.
  11. scottmax

    Australian Steriotype

    No shit about these F@#kers! They are a direct descendant of the raptor, have a claw that can literally disembowel you. They are located in a small pocket around Cairns, they are also found in the PNG rainforest. Pretty as hell to look art though.
  12. scottmax

    Arrgh! You scalawags are slipping!

    We had a entire day at our sailing club- Even a pirate ship ride!
  13. scottmax

    Australian Steriotype

    Drop Bears, don't forget the drop bears.
  14. scottmax

    MK1 Sprint 750 #17

    I sail one of these with a friend of mine her in Aus Dave, I steer for him mainly and found the boat had a truck load of weather helm. I am a mono sailor at heart so a steep learning curve has been had over the last couple of years. We found pulling traveller up and easing a bit of main for a lot of twist removed nearly all of the weather helm. We have sailed it in everything from 0-30knots and the boat is a blast. As long as you have a competent person on the kite down wind drive it as hard as you like, a small ease of the kite generally gets you out of any trouble. I set and forget the main down wind and just run off the kite. I have found the boat generally tops out at 16-17 knots boat speed in any breeze but I have had these speed in as little at 10-15knots wind speed at the right angle. I have never reefed the main either. Probably should have on one or two occasions but was all to hard by the time we needed to. Just sailed gently to get home. The boat is a blast, you are going to have a great time I have no doubt. I would love to get the boat on a flat lake as the sea state here were I sail i feel sometimes limits what the boat can do. Just recently we had to drop the kite in 20-25 knots of wind because we just kept on running into the back of the swells and dumping kite, it was a waste of time having it up. Frustrating!!
  15. scottmax

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    2 years after re-launch hows is it all going?