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  1. Cairns and FNQ has a very strong Cat fleet, sail all year round, mainly F18 Nacras are the strongest fleet but A-class are coming along and there a quite a few arrow cats getting around. Several regattas all year round.
  2. Try to get the thread back on track, with only 4 days stick to Cairns if that is where you have to fly into, it is a 7hr - 8hr drive or a shit ton of money to fly to the whitsundays from Cairns. You generally have to fly back to Brisbane then up to Hamo or Proserpine airport, this in its self can take up to 5 hours with a good connection. Depending on the time of year do not be planning to be frolicking in the shallow water at the beach, google box jellyfish. Better to see yourself in the resort pools. For a reef trip Cairns is going to be just fine, Green Island is the most affordable and family friendly but you can only go up from there in regards to dive quality and price. Yes there is some bleaching of our reefs, but good operators are still making a living and people are still diving on the reef out of Cairns and having the postcard moment they all dream of.
  3. (727): :(. i have vodka in a fire extinguisher. that solves all problems. except fires. it would actually make that worse.
  4. (+27): A stripper choked me last night. Then I choked her. Now we're going on a date this Saturday.
  5. (623): We need a rematch, I think my pussy was on vacation the other night. Fav 0 12 2
  6. scottmax

    Darwin Candidate: World Record

    Believe it or not it the way we are taught as refrigeration mechanics on how to empty flammable gases from refrigeration systems. These are obviously smaller commercial and domestic systems but we attach a bunsen burner style burner and light the gas coming out. When the flame stops it is ready to work on such as using a oxy acetylene torch to remove pipe work to remove compressors.
  7. scottmax

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Anyone got a link to a betting agency who will take a bet on the race, I live in Australia and cannot fine a single betting house with odds.
  8. scottmax

    F1 2016

    Shit luck? When the other Mercedes engines are coming home and his are the ones that pop I would say that maybe they need to look a little further than the engine for the fault! They may want to see if the connection between the steering wheel and the driver seat is faulty. +1 on this observation
  9. scottmax

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    2 years after re-launch hows is it all going?
  10. scottmax

    My Daughter just turned 14

    There is a lot of good advice in the above, some we do some is very good food for thought. Thank-you for a well rounded reply to my post. My wife and I are both well and truly strapped in for the ride ahead. It has been interesting so far to say the least.
  11. scottmax

    My Daughter just turned 14

    Funny to read some of the comments above, I can relate to most of it. The guiding to the "right crowd" is the hardest. I want my daughter to make good decisions, but she also needs to fall down to learn as well. The problem is not letting her fall to far. She is a good girl and we do have a strong bond, she sails and enjoys it, she has even asked me to force her to go when she is being unreasonable before the event. She is a absolute delight after she goes sailing and she does not sail with me but with a group of adults on a local yacht. She also sails on a 125 dingy once a month or so so she gets to go out on trapeze every now and then. The next 3-6 years cannot come and go fast enough, but there is only one way to get to the end and that is one day at a time. My son is 13 and it is a different set of issues but much easier to deal with. Social media is the modern devil. The improvement in both my kids attitudes when the social media is turned off is hard to believe. I know they also need it every now and then but we are now down to no social media at all during school week, all homework and assignments to be done out on the kitchen table. They have the social only on week-ends for limited amount of times if they have both behaved themselves during the week. Maybe overkill to some but it is amazing the different kids mine are when they have to communicate by using words not a key board. We even make them call their friends during the week on the telephone! How old fashioned is that! Keep the comments coming its been a interesting read.
  12. scottmax

    My Daughter just turned 14

    How bad is this really going to be? Keep the totally perverted stuff to yourselves. Just not interested.
  13. scottmax

    Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Not a single mention of the drivel released these days - "5 Seconds of Summer" WTF is that crap! Kayne West now lets talk overrated, this guy is the king. The Beatles stopped touring and went to the studio because they saw no point in playing to a crowd of screaming people who did not hear the music anyway, they figured they could achieve more in the studio, which I think they did. By now way are the Beatles overrated, they where the leaders in change for the music industry.
  14. scottmax

    Sled Driver - Blackbird Stories

    thank for posting, it was worth the 50 minutes to watch.
  15. scottmax

    Last Voyage

    So sad, a heavy heart for your loss, one of only a handful who I always enjoyed reading on these boards. My sincerest condolences to your family.