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  1. jsaronson

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    Make sure your fishing license is current. I plan to stick a rod in the rod holder.
  2. jsaronson

    The Rant

    Great message, even if the delivery may have been a little unpolished.
  3. Skip the J30. Rates 144 and requires rail meat to sail to that rating. I'd look for an asym boat for shorthanded racing.
  4. jsaronson

    What company is selling these?

    Nautos sells them for a reasonable price.
  5. jsaronson

    Liferaft life cycle cost

    I ordered a 6 person offshore at the boat show for $2200. 3 year service interval. $700 for the first, $1,000 for the second, and repeat the sequence.
  6. Buzzards Bay would be my last choice. Lots of short chop. Cuttyhunk, Newport, Nantucket yes.
  7. jsaronson

    E-ink and sailracer.net + 12v low power monitor

    I use a 12 volt TV and a small form Dell similar to the Stick to run OPENCpn. Maxsea should do fine.
  8. jsaronson

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    I don't ask crew to pay for entry fees, sails etc. They do bring their own safety gear, including AIS MOB and we share the cost of food for ocean races. At least one skipper I know 'charges' his crew for the privilege of racing from Annapolis to Newport or Bermuda even though he has no CG license.
  9. jsaronson

    Which soft shackles are in vogue?

    I buy them from Nautos or on Amazon. For the price (less than $10) it isn't worth my time to make them.
  10. jsaronson


    Agreed. might need a second application and a light scrape, then clean with paint thinner.
  11. jsaronson

    Good source for VPC line?

    The splicers are now working for Bacon's. You'll have to call for line prices. Not on the website.
  12. jsaronson

    Foul Weather Gear - Annapolis Show

    Helly has opened a second store on Main street 2 doors down from the main store just for the show. Their stuff is usually 1/2 price, but I didn't check the prices this year. Musto is usually about 35% off
  13. jsaronson

    OpenCPN for a tablet? Other option?

    I've done GRIBS on the Windows version. No issues.
  14. jsaronson

    Rainman Watermakers

    No direct experience. John Kretschmer was happy with his last time I saw him.
  15. jsaronson

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Good point about the traffic! Offer to help still stands. Joel