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  1. jsaronson

    Resource for bottom feeders

  2. jsaronson

    nap solvent resistant roller

    Jamestown Distributors sells them. Don't remember the brand. Not bullet-proof, but better than what you have.
  3. jsaronson

    Source for rope hangers?

    These: https://www.amazon.com/Barton-Marine-52001-Tamer-White/dp/B00A6XEGD8
  4. jsaronson

    Regatta Starting App / Timer IPhone IOS

  5. jsaronson

    Chesapeake 2019

    Awesome photo!
  6. jsaronson

    Needing good shoes

    Bought the Adidas Climacools based on this thread and used them for NOODS. Very grippy, but could use more arch support. I use leather topsiders with 3 eyelets for casual sailing. Usually don't stink, but if they do, I leave them in the sun for a couple hours to kill the bacteria.
  7. That's not what the label on the cans say. i read them at Bacon's this morning. No idea which is correct.
  8. SR is 65% copper, no igarol. Pro is 60% copper, 2% igarol
  9. jsaronson

    painting formica

    Rustoleam sells a paint for Formica. Lowes sells it. Never used it, but their products are usually good.
  10. jsaronson

    Chesapeake 2019

    Got out on a J30 yesterday in Naptown. Saw a few other boats, plus a fleet of Lasers from SSA. Frostbites start Sunday!
  11. jsaronson

    SiriusXM Weather Receiver for PC

    As far as I know, it only connects to an MFD. Unless you have a Volvo boat budget for broadband sat communication there is nothing else out there.
  12. jsaronson

    Carbon lifeline covers/roller

    The white plastic shroud covers work well. They are split, so you just work them over the lifeline.
  13. jsaronson

    Coast Guard Training HUGE Waves

    Oregon Inlet is named after a ship = The Oregon.
  14. jsaronson

    Un-tweaking a hatch

    I've got scrap PVC sheet and possible some G10 you are welcome to.
  15. jsaronson

    Mold in the wood?

    Lysol wipes work great too.