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  1. jsaronson

    Waterproof socks?

    Thanks guys!
  2. jsaronson

    Waterproof socks?

    Has anyone found waterproof socks that are really waterproof?
  3. jsaronson

    Inflatable PFD for women?

    There is a lightweight Spinlock with a harness. Not sure of the name. Wife has a Crewsaver and hates it! She is short, so hers is shorter than mine but wider.
  4. jsaronson

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    J 33. Bendy rig is a complete PIA to sail well.
  5. jsaronson

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Ajax, I love Nantucket except for the prices. Before the fast ferry there were no day-trippers, so crowds were manageable. No fast food, no chain stores, but last I checked a mooring was $75 a night, and there is no place to anchor.
  6. jsaronson

    Ethanol and outboard carbs

    https://www.pure-gas.org/ for a list of places selling ethanol free gas.
  7. jsaronson

    Fico RG1222 Cheek Block Replacement

    Check with Holland Marine in Toronto. They bought all the Fico stock and still have lots of it!
  8. jsaronson

    new halyards

    Bacon Sails has improved their line selection. Prices are good too.
  9. jsaronson

    Maryland Open (sort of)

    That is still the rule.
  10. jsaronson

    Boats leaving USVI

    Quetzal, John Kretchmer's boat, is bound for the Chesapeake.
  11. jsaronson

    Maryland Open (sort of)

    He would have to motor all the way up South River. after sailing down the river.
  12. jsaronson

    Maryland Open (sort of)

    Bastard probably saw the forecast high for Saturday is in the 40s! Ajax, your cousin is here and available to sail this afternoon!
  13. Love my Hylas! If a new 48 showed up in my slip I,d claim it!
  14. jsaronson

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    Make sure your fishing license is current. I plan to stick a rod in the rod holder.
  15. jsaronson

    The Rant

    Great message, even if the delivery may have been a little unpolished.