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  1. i550

    Definitely an interest - I think that that would be a lot of fun. Some year I'd love to get a OD group at Put-in-Bay as well
  2. i550

    Yes, 381 and its builder make an annual trip to Maine. Winds were a bit light this year, but we had a great time with the boat. With all the talk about racing, people might not know that the i550 is an excellent recreational boat. We had as many as six adults on-board. It rides pretty low with that big of a crowd, but there are lots of comfortable places to sit including the cockpit side decks, the cockpit floor, leaning against the cabin with your legs out, etc. When the wind comes up, it still moves along.
  3. i550

    My Dwyer DM4 mast and DM5 boom together cost a bit under $800 picked up at the factory. I have maybe $150 into the CF spreaders and $300 into the prod and prod receiver all of which I built myself. So with the standing and running rigging, maybe there is $1,500 there. I stopped tracking these things when I blew way past the original all-in estimate that I gave to the capital appropriations committee (my wife). I would have gone with Dacron for the main except that I got a really good deal on my sails.
  4. i550

    For what it's worth, if I had it to do over again I would go with the male mold approach (similar to the video). I think that it would have saved a substantial amount of time, aggravation, and fairing compound. Building a base to hold the frames upside down isn't that much harder than building a decent cradle. I also loved the gimbal for rotating the boat in the video.
  5. i550

    Every sailboat that I've ever been on wants to round up with increasing heal and load on the main sail. Quite frankly, that's what they are designed to do and what you want them to do as a safety measure. I do not find any unusual weather helm on my i550 and I don't believe that the chine has any significant effect. On any sailboat, as the center of lateral resistance moves forward (with heal and forward drive from the sails), you need to either counter the force with weather helm or by easing off on the main. I don't have a lot of hours on my boat yet, but so far when I found myself yanking on the tiller too much, I've let off a bit of traveler or put some twist in the main, and the boat has stayed nice and straight.
  6. i550

    Sail number 381 is on the water