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  1. So what is in store for Long Island Sound the rest of this labor day weekend? Racing yesterday was excellent with a 1 - 2 foot wave action we always see in Easterlies and 10 - 15 knots. Just gorgeous. I'm thinking Monday will be blown out and rained out.
  2. You are right! But it is freshwater at Pitsford Reservoir, all be it very cold - there was snow there a few weeks earlier. The outing was only 3 reaches zig-zagging down the lake. The full first reach blowout vid is here, check out how viciously the gust hits at 1:01! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWKRiolcExI Chunky reports; 'It is a different technique slightly to what I have been used to because if you don't use both the rear toe straps you tend to be angled back too far and get spat out the back. After my first debacle I ended up going to the back straps and hiking straight out. This also enabled a bit more steering control as you aren't hanging out the back of the boat as much. Amazing what you learn in stupid stuff like that eh?' The boat seemed to turtle really quickly. Is this normal behavior for the boat or is it more a function of this specific capsize?
  3. Except they used that fucking Sail song, again.
  4. Still torn but might get an Aero if budget allows in the Spring. Good to see one being sailed at my local YC!!
  5. I think we were there on this weekend. If only I had known Marc was going to be sailing an Aero I would have stuck around until the fleet came back in. I did find the writeup, thanks for pointing it out. Very informative!
  6. With the kinds of winds they apparently get this is very good advice. Those of us who live in light wind areas would kill for the kinds of reliable and high winds like they get there... skipping across the water at mach speeds, able to turn the board with your feet like a snowboard or skateboard is absolutely the best kind of sailing in my book. Loved it. Gave it up because there is no wind here.
  7. Can you do a V15 with just the main? I always through the jib wire was what kept the rig up from falling over.
  8. Nope. Too hard to transport, too hard to store, too hard to setup just to go sailing (stayed mast). Except for being fast it has none of the virtues of a Laser or Aero that I can see.
  9. I hadn't considered giving windsurfing another go, mostly because it is such a light wind area around here and I hated waiting on the beach to go sailing. But honestly in my quest for high speed short boarding I lost sight of the enjoyment that was just poking around on a longboard... any time on long board going slow with a sail has to be a hell of a lot more fun than a SUP! edit: but holy shit, $6800 for a freaking windsurfer? And we complain about how a Laser can't possibly cost $6,500 to build and sell.
  10. I sail out of a yacht club in Connecticut that is a collecting point for off-season Laser sailing, basically anyone that races within 20 or 30 miles of this yacht club comes here to go racing Lasers before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. I've always felt that the Laser class looks like a really good time but that the boat is so old and outdated that I'll probably bore myself stiff especially coming from windsurfing and kitesurfing... plus I'm not in fantastic shape so can't really get the most out of the boat by keeping it flat. So I was looking into the RS Aero for the typical reasons... up to date rig, open cockpit, better righting moment, better sail (though that is marginal since it is still dacron), faster. The decision seems to come down to whether I like sailing alone or racing in a fleet, and that choice of boat will depend upon which I'd prefer to do better. I honestly don't know at this point. Any other considerations?
  11. Most definitely yes. Usually when it is really windy on an overpowered big boat with flogging sails, there is something about flogging sails during a tack that usually gets me thinking the worst like that I'll get a winch override or I can't release the main and over we go (this is in a big boat that will swamp if it goes over too far). In a dinghy it is no problem. I still don't like the sound of flogging sails even in a Laser but mostly because I know the damage the flogging is doing to the sail. I'm confident enough in a dinghy that I can pretty much get out of anything except broken gear, and even then I'm usually close enough to shore to float to safety... I won't usually go sailing in an offshore breeze unless there are rescue boats nearby.
  12. Check out the comment on the USCG site1 this site with USCG related news @ http://coastguardnews.com/coast-guard-rescues-5-people-from-sinking-sailing-boat-off-the-coast-of-monterey/2015/02/01/ So does that mean there were 5 plus 1 potential person rescued? How crazy were they to do this with a mom-to-be aboard? 1I fucked up my attribution. Thanks to MaxHeadroom for the correction.
  13. and I can't even complete a planing gybe:
  14. I read that the wind on the bay this weekend was ripping along. One anemometer was showing 42+ knots of breeze. If this houseboat has held together through all of that, I'm afraid it has proven that this forum knows fuck-all about boat construction.
  15. I seriously like the idea here of a non-hiking but quick boat like this. I've been looking at it for a few years and think it has a place even among non-racing recreational boaters. Given the very light winds here (Northeast US) in the summer, I'm better that the kite will be a great option. Is it possible to fit at adult and a child on board in case I want to take one of the kids for a ride on a light wind day? I can do it in a Laser or even a Sunfish as long as we're willing to get a bit wet.