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  1. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Hey man no new picks of the finshed motor? Get'er Done!!
  2. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Get that boat done it's time to cruise!!! Looking good man.
  3. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    HB did you get on the boat yesterday after our ride? It only got to 102 here at the house.
  4. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Nice blue paint on that bottom now!!! I still have it on my hands! Looks smooth_______________
  5. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Hell I come over and bring hot dogs and marshmallows and also the fire extinguisher!!!
  6. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Ish...this was a great idea. I finally got a chance to use it, and this is what i did...sorta. First, I removed the nipples with vice grips...once I got them loose, they twisted out pretty easily. The 1/2" hole is perfect for the new marelon thru hull, so I just need to sand the old glass down (the laminate they had going up the nipple) flush to accept my backing plate flush against the hull. I drove a plug in the larger hole and used it as a guide...worked great! As with the other hole, now I just need to clean up the inside of the hull to allow a wood block to go flush with the hull. Moving along but slowly. My re-threader kit is too small (the bolts are larger than 5/8"), and the nut buster is not the size advertised I can only fit it over nuts that have had some material removed...need to return these f$%*#ers and get larger kits. I think I've decided I am simply going to screw in some lag bolts and be done with the keel. I beat on the nuts with cold chisels and once the bad material is removed, they are solid underneath. I can't get a socket on them, but the lag bolts seem a common repair that works, so I'll go with that, to aide the existing bolts, and hold that big lead thingie attached to the boat. Cold and 40 degs here today...glad I took the afternoon off and worked on the boat yesterday! Hiker, There is a cutoff tool we use in aviation called a highspeed. It is an angled (or straight) airtool that takes a mandrel with a fiber disk on it we use to cut sheetmetal for making "custom" replacement parts. If you go to it looks like a dremel mandrel on steriods and should chuck up into a drill or maybe one of those flexible extension things that go into a drill for off off angle hole drilling. I'll try to find you a link. Seems like I saw one at walmart make by campbell hausfeld. Admittedly a high quality one from the yardstore will set you back a few bucks but I use the shit out of mine. Mac tools makes one too. Just a thought... The wheels are about 2 1/2 in diameter. I'm thinking if you cut an "X" on the nut sides then whack it with a blunt chisel the nut will crack. Then you can get a small wire brush and clean 'er up. The lag bolts will work just fine but it would give you much more satisfaction to know it's "all good" down below. Tool is handy for cutting squares out of stuff without having to drill starter holes for whatever with no overlapping lines like you would get with a circular saw... Angle grinder cutoff wheels and mandrel They also make a bunch of shit to chuck up in the tool like rotary files, wire brush wheels et al... I use them to put in hatches and stuff without having such a hassle rounding the corners. They are the shiznit for cutting wire rigging as well!!! In fact, you could have sawn slices on the exterior of the thruhulls then broken the edges off with some pliers and pushed it in. Lastly, they make another mandred that takes 3m abrasive disks which would work well for the inside of the thruhulls especially if you have limited space to work in... My .02 Good luck pal, Mike Sr. Hey HB I do have a angle grinder and wheel cutter in my tool box if you need it. Unless you need to buy one! VS
  7. Vitamin Sea

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Just remember it's all yours!!!!! and we will be cruising in May!!