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  1. DickDastardly

    what is it?

    You get a blooper, I'm coming down for a ride - worth a couple of weeks quarantine...
  2. DickDastardly

    That's not sailing...

    I found that article a little disappointing. I was led to believe the autopilots were already way more sophisticated than what that article reported - measuring boat attitude and acceleration down waves, for example, and correcting accordingly to pre-empt the boat. Maybe there's more to it than they are letting on. Sailing a range of heel angles x a range of wind angles isn't much more complex than to the adaptive cruise control in my VW. Remember that the pilot's effectiveness will always be limited by sail trim - the range of angles the pilot can work with is limited by the range of angles the sail plan at that moment can deal with without losing drive. It is noticeable that the trim the filing IMOCAs use these days is very twisted - presumably to allow good drive from the rig over a reasonable range of AWA. In theory, you could easily enough build in automated trim adjustment too, with sensors measuring drive force. Then we really are in new territory.
  3. DickDastardly

    SCOTW: Granny?

    Being a multiple world champion that's hardly surprising
  4. DickDastardly

    SCOTW: Granny?

    Duds is awesome, I've known her for 45 years or so. She'd be in her early 60s now.
  5. DickDastardly


    Easy mistake...
  6. DickDastardly


    Interesting foil setup .... suspect the 3D graphics guy wasn't a sailor...
  7. DickDastardly

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Except for the hairdryer norwester beforehand...
  8. DickDastardly

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    character building is always good.
  9. DickDastardly

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Can't wait...
  10. DickDastardly

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Hmmmm. Maybe but that’s max sea breeze season so a high probability of extended Railmeat action.
  11. DickDastardly

    what is it?

    Hugh and Ian were rank punters ...
  12. DickDastardly

    Uncle Larry's Flying Circus Just Jumped the Rails

    I agree with you though I doubt this cancellation clinches it. I think there are still true believers out there trying to make sailing a spectator sport that turns a buck, and Russell Coutts is still one of them.
  13. DickDastardly

    Help identify this old BOC (?) boat

    Looks like a 50 not a 60
  14. DickDastardly

    Vintage Wine: Whitbread 89/90 movie

    For me, an obsessed Aussie based in Amsterdam and then London over the course of the race, my abiding memory is jumping on to the fax machine as soon as I got into the office, then once or twice more a day to dial the official server to get the latest position reports - can't recall how often, maybe 6 or 12 hourly?. I think I even went in one Saturday to pick up a position report.
  15. DickDastardly

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    Gorgeous, I recall seeing it sitting little used at Southport many moons ago. IIRC it wasn't even created to be an AC challenger. Baron Bich got Britt chance to design him a boat, then had it built by Herman Egger in Switzerland - hence the name. Under the nationality rules at the time it was never going to be eligible to sail for France. It was used as a design input to Bich's first 12, France 1.