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  1. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    The fixed keel was designed by Farr
  2. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    Yep, what I guessed! Very impressive boat and team by the look of things. That said, gotta wonder if IRC will come after it at some point to address the bandit handicap. Maybe not as there don't seem to be too many of them racing seriously.
  3. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    I did, that's clearly a well-sorted program. I'd also previously checked out the other J/133s around the world rated on ORCi and IRC. Great quality program aside, that design really does look a bit of a handicap bandit at present.
  4. DickDastardly

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Given HB hit something hard ("sunfish") and tore a rudder out. No question of structural failure as there was in Showtime's case so nothing to launch an enquiry about really.
  5. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    I was amazed at how fast that thing was going, and how low it rates. Perhaps the design is a bit of an IRC bandit at present given that other result you wrote of. A 43 footer rating less than a Cookson 12 ... Que?
  6. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    To be honest I don't believe switching to ORCi would make any difference. ORCi racing uses a single TCF as does IRC and in most cases, race results scored under the two systems are pretty much identical. some slight nuance maybe when the offshore vs inshore ORCi TCF is used, but it's marginal IMHO. The real issue is mixed fleets - scoring boats with widely differing performance profiles using a single number handicap. Much of the time the weather and course will determine which type of boat wins and the skill factor determines which actual boat. As to Hicko's success with Wild Rose - there's no doubt he optimised and sailed it really well, but his success with that boat pretty much predates the rise of the TP52 as an IRC Killer
  7. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    A very well set up and sailed boat (I know the team well) but blown home in every case.
  8. DickDastardly

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    Under IRC it comes down to the type of racing, the fleet mix and weather windows. As Jono says, the lightweight stripped out TP52 and similar types are currently hard to beat as they get up and plane reaching and downwind in around 12 knots of breeze and outsail their TCF by a big margin. Upwind in breeze they are fast too as they are relatively stiff. ORCi deltas are a little smaller as it has two TCFs - one for W/L and one for offshore. The offshore TCF reflects the TP52 performance envelope a little better than IRC's single TCF does. Any old-style displacement boat will struggle against these types in any good amount of breeze in an offshore course. In W/L short courses the delta is smaller, especially in light-medium airs as older style displacement boats sailing with Sym spinnakers sail shorter distances downwind. Typically old-style IOR boats are penalised as they are less likely to plane and surf - think pintail IOR Half Tonners etc. More pronounced at small sizes and fir earlier generation IOR boats. That said, IRC handicaps relatively homogeneous fleets of these types really well.
  9. DickDastardly

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Yep, high numbers of fatigue cycles - even just bobbing around in the dock, plus a highly corrosive environment where minute surface imperfections can easily initiate stress cracks. Carbon fibre and mixed metals are also a pretty interesting galvanic proposition as I understand it.
  10. Great news story in general despite a seriously bad accident. Surprising about the inability to extract the life raft - but easy to overreact on that I guess, I guess the random position of the broken mast and spreader impeding access is a 1:10000 sorta thing. I doubt there's any way the rule-makers could make it totally foolproof But given today's construction methods and some simple changes to design requirements it ought to be relatively straightforward to make a Class 40 essentially unsinkable and that might be something useful for rule-makers to consider. Ditto IMOCA.
  11. Says they got pooped by a big wave out of the blue while a drop in wind speed and shift in wind direction had them sailing low and slow (the autopilot's wind mode being out of action, they were sailing in compass mode). Surprised that the boat filled up so quickly unless the cockpit floor or some other structural member failed and a torrent poured in. There's a lot of volume inside these boats.
  12. DickDastardly

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Might'a had other priorities...like survival. I understand the insurers weren't planning to go look for it.
  13. DickDastardly

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I was thinking that as I contemplated the position of our own liferaft as Showtime flipped about 15 miles ahead of us. I believe the Mini 6.50s and/or IMOCA 60s require it to be available through the transom so that when the boat is inverted there's no obstacle to extracting the raft
  14. DickDastardly

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    I understand from one of the owners that the insurance company had decided not to go try and find it.
  15. DickDastardly

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Thanks for a measured response Rawhide. Appalling seeing a blame game kicking in from a bunch of uninformed keyboard admirals. I wouldn’t blame Jason for ducking for cover either - IMHO what he writes is reasonable in the absence of any facts about what actually broke. And your response is equally valid, but I’d also note that it’s not proven that McConaghy China built the boat to Jason’s spec either. Let’s hope the hull is recovered but given what’s going on in the field of Fire & Rescue in that part of the world right now sadly this is likely to be a challenge.