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  1. http://www.yachtingworld.com/features/volvo-boats-tricky-beasts-sail-say-volvo-ocean-race-crews-61245 "In the past a stronger breeze simply meant sailing deeper. Now crews try to generate as much righting moment as they can with the lighter keel bulb and allow the boat to heel more. The stack above and below decks is crucial as it represents a greater proportion of overall righting moment, and its fore and aft position is also more critical as the 65s have more hull rocker and so trim more readily. The additional heel means that the keel fin is closer to the water surface and more prone to ventilation, all of which adds up to a more twitchy boat that is sailing on her ear at speed." https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/24-content/august-2013/134-leading-edge - 2013 vintage Technical Feature on the VOR 65 with a Farr Design wonk explaining the whole keel theory... "An inclined keel pin axis has a number of positive effects on performance. First, it creates a large vertical lift force on the keel fin which reduces the effective displacement of the yacht, which in turn reduces the wetted surface and drag of the entire yacht system. Second, even when canted and heeled, the keel fin creates a positive side force which reduces leeway angle. This is a significant factor for high beam to draft hull forms such as this one, because they present a very asymmetric shape to the water as they heel. As leeway is reduced the amount of asymmetry also reduces, providing a substantial associated reduction in form and residuary resistance." And an even more nerdy version: http://www.sname.org/HigherLogic/System/DownloadDocumentFile.ashx?DocumentFileKey=8ddb6944-8a58-4c8a-977b-6b3636705a97
  2. Believe that's so. It's an interesting development, and a complex equation. One thing that struck me is the large heel angles the crews sail the VOR65s at - I suspect these are larger than the designers envisaged. I do wonder if the lift-generating keel is part reason for this. The canting keel creates lift with a tilted axis but in doing so actually decreases righting moment. I guess the theory is that the drag reduction caused through reducing displacement via the keel lift outweights the loss of power caused by reduced RM. This is the exact opposite of what's happening on the AC Catamarans where they are angling the windward rudder the other way to actually increase RM - but with a foiling boat it's a whole different equation as dispacement changes barely change drag once foiling. To me tilting the keel axis that way is counter-intuitive as the lift created by the keel foil operates well to windward of the lateral centre of buoyancy (especially on a wide boat with a chine like an IMOCA 60 or VOR 65) and hence would tend to heel the boat by rolling it around LCB as much as lifting it. Compare that with a DSS or IMOCA-style foil which creates its lift to leeward of the Lateral Centre of Buoyancy and hence both reduces displacement and increases power and RM. My intuition says tilt the canting keel axis the other way to actually increase apparent displacement, RM and power (increased displacement means more wave drag but form drag may reduce through sailing the boat flatter to offset that), but no doubt the designers have modelled the tradeoffs to get to the angles they are actually implementing.
  3. I think I do recall design features saying it was designed to produce lift. IIRC the keel rotation axis on VOR65s is tilted a few degrees - maybe 4?
  4. email Peter Shipway and ask if you can play.
  5. Crewed non-stop (of any decent duration) may make limited sense in 60 footers as you have to pack stores for each crew member for the duration, that's a lotta stuff for any decent sized crew. On top of that you also need the industrial grade water making capabilities VOR boats have now. Eben in 110 foot trimarans they sail relatively shorthanded RTW to limit the weight of stores.
  6. That'll be fun. I'm working on mobilising an ex Admirals Cupper for the event
  7. LB I suggest you visit Kings Cross. You sound about 10 years out of date...speaking as someone who lived there from 1992 - 2013 and raised a couple of kids in the area...
  8. I live around there. Major convenience, good schools, close to harbour and airport and not far to beaches. Property purchase and rental prices insane, which by Sydney standards is cheap.
  9. Great for Platoon to win the regatta without a bullet - pure consistency under pressure. Amazing curl up and die effort from Q Racing in race 8, just goes to show that at this level the margins for error are miniscule and psychology matters. Their speed looked fine, they just didn't get it together on the line or upwind. Allowed themselves to get caught to leeward of Platoon unable to tack away for a large slice of the first leg. Will be interesting to see how T Hutch reports this one in Seahorse, and a great learning opportunity for everyone if he's frank about what went screwy on the day. Awesome effort from Ran to take a penalty on the start line then finish 3rd in that hot a fleet, Gladiator also looked like making an epic comeback from a disastrous start until a tack line clip gave way at the hoist on the final leg.
  10. Is a Wittless team more or less likely to make mistakes than a Witty team?
  11. It's farly intuitive that VOR and the Americas Cup might consider a similar multi platform - essentially having two pinnacle events joining - even if just to the extent that they use the same inshore racing class. You mentioned that VOR aimed to have have action happining each and every year - that's an AC ambition too. Are we likely to see an announcement of coopertaion/integration between VOR and AC?
  12. Has that smell to it
  13. Possibly not if it is deemed that they retired due to the imminent hearing. Might make it worse for them under 69. If it is true that Scallywag is a soon to be announced VOR participant an adverse rule 69 finding would be more than a little awkward for both them and the VOR organisers...
  14. That's a useful traveller setup. I'd just stiffen the boom around the take-off with a sleeve or some carbon laminate. And do same at the vang take-off for good measure. IMHO would screw up the ergonomics to move it aft to a bridle even if it might be tempting to lose the track across the cockpit for better crew movement.