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  1. And a Mumm 36 will smack a Northshore 369
  2. I have a recent message from Andy Dovell advising that a new keel for a Sydney 47 - total weight around 3 tonnes, cost around $65K for a cast and milled iron fin and lead bulb, to top end specifications. In andy's view you scale it roughly on weight to get a cost for a smaller boat. A lower spec - hand finished instead of milled - would be cheaper. We are budgeting around $40K for a 40 footer I am working with on considering keel options. Strength requirements for keel floors are driven by the keel weight and CG. For the same RM a lighter deeper keel puts a similar load on the keel floors, go deeper with the same keel weight and you do need to consider the strength of the structure. Also consider target wind range, if the boat is generally sailing at low hull speeds keel drag is less of a factor. At high hull and planing speeds it becomes more significant. Optimum answer depends in part on your prevailing weather, the type of racing you do and how your handicap systems treats the keel in question.
  3. About Time's bowman is 54...
  4. I sail said boat from time to time. Rather fun. Would be much better with a lighter rig but it's sweet as is.
  5. Custom MBD 62 built in 1999 by Sydney Yachts
  6. looks like she's haingin' in there...
  7. Is Bumblebee V
  8. Asshole! I thought we had a deal...! We're cutting WOXI up the middle and splicing in bits of Loyal, then bolting on the Indian's rig...
  9. I'll grant you that but I doubt he'd want his toys chained to the dock in the current circumstances, wouldn't it be a bit unlikely he'd be buying a shiny new one? But what do I know? He's a structurer by trade so perhaps he can but a new one and have it positioned safe from claims... That said he never spent much on Loyal, just the bare minimum $ to do Hobart each season and the very occasonal race between so stepping up to the big Indian would be a stretch I'd imagine.
  10. Not sure that's relevant, wouldn't have expected AB would be in the market for something 5x more expensive right now...unless of course he was looking for somewhere to park a pile of cash for some reason...
  11. Didn;t one or both of those get written off in a boatyard fire a little while back? Is this a resurrection?
  12. That's a very fat target AWA but for an older style boat I guess that makes sense. J122 / C&C 115 style boats will sail at around 24-25 degrees AWA assuming their sails are in reasonable shape. A J122 would sail around 0.75 knots faster than those numbers. Don;t drive to the telltales, rive to a boat sped. Get the speed right and as long as sail trim is right the AWA will be right. Get teh speed right n dthe keel will be generating the right amount of lift and those ORCi polars porbably don;t anticipate teh drag from a bimini and a crew not hiking. Hike Bitches!!!
  13. Completely different
  14. Someone who knows tells me Azzurro's blooper was hand cut and involved significant input from an old time sailmaker.
  15. AFAIK CBTF boats had several different steering "modes". Upwind the the two rudders would both be turned the same way, trailing edges to leeward, and would generate lift to windward offsetting sideforce from the rig and reducing leeway. "Height" in terms of AWA is essentially limited by sail technology, and at high boat speeds TWA has to open up to maintain a given AWA - its' all about vectors. For a boat like BJ/WOXI upwing AWA is probably around 21-23 degrees at best. This effect was demonstrated in the recent Americas cup where the boat speeds upwind were so high that at a given AWA (around 16 degrees for the wing sails) the TWA was relatively broad, mostly well over 50 degrees. However I believe lift from the foils created lift to reduce leeway on the cats so tacking angle over ground wasn't as fat as TWA suggested it might be.