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  1. Yep, called a whipstaff
  2. you could actually put the tiller under the deck and just have an arc shaped slot in the cockpit sole. Much better for moving about in the cockpit. In fact with a bit of cleverness you could just have a straight slot across the cockpit.
  3. Good point on the collision of boxes and one-design constraints, but I'd suggest that the current one-design platforms are already being subjected to stresses that weren't envisaged at their design. As I understand it the whole nose-down attitude is about maximising the righting moment generated by the windward rudder given the fairly tight limits on its rotation about a transverse axis. This trick was discovered by teams testing the AC45 platforms at some point and it seems the rule designers hadn't planned for it. I'd suggest a future platform could be designed to cope with a theoretical righting moment that gives teams plenty of space to innovate, and hence focuses innovation to desired areas, which could change from cup cycle to cup cycle. As a bonus such a platform would then be very durable and could be re-used over several cycles a-la VOR65. Weight would be a bit of a penalty but not a huge one. Or alternately, as you suggest open up certain dependent components such as beams to permit a broader range of innovation. As to the wings, am I right that the aerofoil section and planform are one design, the construction and contol systems aren't?
  4. +1, unless we can man up and make it J Class...
  5. Aerodynamics I'd say
  6. Reality is that in foiling world smaller is better as aerodynamic and hydrodynamic drag are the critical factors at such high speeds. The AC50 cats aren't any slower than the AC72s from the last edition, arguably faster. Chances are that a barely limited DOG boat would be pretty small, have just a single wing and would not be that spectacular to an untrained eye. Crew members would largely be parasitic weight if you consider that dropping the windward foil on a cat and tilting it back as is now done with the rudders could create masses of righting moment and power, far more than the weight of a crew.
  7. Hmmm - I've noticed that too, but i'm 6' and 95kgs. I guess it comes down to the ratio of wave drag caused by moving denser water to wave drag avoided through less hull immersion in denser water.
  8. Variable foil geometry from "normal" to supercavitating and back again would be way cool. Would possibly require some form of controllably deformable flexible material that could then be locked into shape, perhaps via electronic current. Isn't going to happen soon, but it could happen eventually. Computer controlled foils has to be the next big thing. The tech is already on the water - didn't I see a cruising cat featured hereabouts recently with computer controlled foils? Basically a sophisticated multi-sensor autopilot laid on its side with clever predictive algorithms and maybe laser height sensing, intertial inputs and some kick-ass actuation with no hysteresis. Would definitely need stored power to be safe. This one isn't much of a stretch at all. Fresh would be all over it. Computer controlled wing might be another useful avenue to consider. I know the French are playing with electronic telltales already.
  9. It's not a Travel Agent sketch it's the Argument sketch!
  10. It's been a long while since I studied deep hydrodynamics so not sure how significant the impact of salinity / density / viscosity on cavitation would be. My gut says pretty small between fresh and salt water.
  11. I've long wondered why the steering foil hasn't moved to the front, and indeed the lifting foil too. Maybe it's just a matter of time. A successful amateur yacht designer I worked with as a teenager designed a 12 metre concept with both the rudder in the bow and helm station ahead of the forestay back in the late 70s. Wacky, but the logic was impeccable at some levels. Until I pointed out the risk of a bow-on collision and that the helmsman would need a wetsuit and diving mask/snorkel combo and couldn't yell at the crew as he wouldnt be able to see them. As to supercavitating foils, I doubt that will ever happen on a racing boat simply as that type of foil simply hasn't an operating range wide enough to deal with race course realities like starting, mark rounding and tacking/gybing. Given that, it's unlikely we'll see foiling race boats ever go much faster than the high 40s or low 50s when cavitation kicks in. Naturally a record setting specialised "boat" like Sailrocket is another story and I'm sure there's still plenty of room for innovation there.
  12. Here's a basic AWA, AWS and VMG Calculator. Pretty impressive numbers I said it was BASIC!!! So no current, leeway involved! My top recorded speed is 32, in pitch darkness at 1am in the middle of the ocean surfing down a wave in a 40 foot yacht. Might have gone faster on a Tornado catamaran at some point however. BASIC AWA CALCULATOR.xlsx
  13. At the risk of sounding self-satisified, the Australian accents are as often as not found in AC team brain trusts. Just as well, as there's essentially no hope of getting an Australian AC team up these days, the public interest and support simply isn't there and is diluting further every day as Australia becoms more diverse and multicultural. I went through school (literally) and did my early sailing with and against Fresh, Iain Murray, Glen Bourke and Grant Simmer to name a few...yet despite my efforts to get them hooked on sailing my sons are both elite football (as in soccer) players.
  14. Wondering if it'll become a pro-am or even Corinthian race sooner or later? Bye Bye Clipper?
  15. Good point!