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  1. I have an old EasyBlock branded mainsheet pulley and cam cleat assembly on my 30 yr old yacht in Australia. The cleat has a centre fixed piece so you can run two ropes. The spring on one side of the cleat has let go. Can you get replacement cleats for these, or what could work?
  2. This one? http://elliott59.weebly.com/new-boats.html Or this one? http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=96244 That is my keel I designed for my Elliott 5.9. I used a basic bulb calculator that I downloaded which was designed for model boats. I then drew is up on Solidworks 3D modelling software, had a half CNC'd out of timber, then had a foundry cast a pair out of lead. They are bolted together and through a centre plate and steel upright that goes up the finn. The finn was machined out of timber then a mould was made. Then the two fibreglass sides of the finn were glued/glassed together. The pictures if you want to stare at them too long, may look as though the bulb tail is a bit off. I can guarantee that its all straight to the centreline. When I took the picture, it was only a quick snap.
  3. how is it for noise?
  4. To be honest, ive been doing much more tinkering/building than sailing. After all the mucking around of building and customising I wouldnt recommend buying a boat without all the parts. The headache and time of fitting a 16ft rig to her and getting it right completely outweighs the point of having a boat in the first place...that is, to go sailing. $6k for a complete sailing boat is a bargain in my opinion. That way you can tinker but still use the boat. Biggest problem with the 5.9 is the keel which the lead bulb falls off which happened to my first boat. I actually have a second 5.9 I rescued off a mooring. A couple more years later the steel strut in the keel would have rusted through and the bulb would have been lost. Id be interested in seeing the one you are looking at Skipper and how they joined torpedo bulb to the centreboard.
  5. I have a E5.9 that I would consider if you are seriously interested. Ive had a retractable bow prod installed, completely new keel built which has a modern bulb, new custom trailer. Everything is there to get her sailing..... However the keel fin that I designed was built a bit too wide and hence needs a new case built which I will be tackling shortly. Also needs boat needs a complete paint. There is a sailing 5.9 in brisbane around the $6k mark thats been on the market for a while on www yachthub.com.au
  6. Got details of your old 770? ive been sniffing around the idea....
  7. The one you are thinking about in Mordialloc was for sale a few years ago. It has a lime green hull and is called Tidy Up if I recall and I also recall that the owner is a complete wanker! It was on the market for a while when I was looking for one. I called the wanker owner up and organised a day and rough time and was locked in full knowing that I had to fly to Melb to see it. I purchased 2 flights for myself and father to fly from Sydney to Melb only to get an SMS from the cock suckng wanker owner who cancelled and decided he didnt want to sell it anymore. Top Bloke!
  8. I have also tried to contact Cameron Pryce in the past for some help with an E5.9 keel since he has the moulds. Got no help whatsoever. So I built my own.
  9. I have one in Sydney which will be on the market very soon
  10. Years ago I sailed Elliott 5.9's at the CYCA sailing school and since then I have always wanted one. After years of talking about it, I finally bought a banged up E5.9 that needed some TLC to get her back to her former glory. The previous owner started to fix and modify her as he bought it in a pretty bad state as it had been left to rot as a mooring minder on Sydney Harbour. In this time on the mooring she had lost her lead keel bulb, lost her rudder and stock and the deck surface was ordinary. Apart from that everything else was there to get her sailing. So the previous owner made up a new fixed rudder blade and went about adding some weight to the centreboard. His approach was to extend the c/board length keeping the same foil shape but made this extension out of lead. The extension was about 0.4m which added around 70kgs. Other modifications include ditching the original traveller whiched split the cockpit and rigged up a rope traveller/mainsheet system which spans the aft of the cockpit similar to the Elliott 7 rope traveller bridle system, but this had no adjustment. The mainsheet is then rigged back along the boom to a post anchored to the cockpit floor just aft of the centreboard case The idea works well as it opens up the cockpit . He also fitted a tensioner to the forestay which is adjusted below deck again similar to the Elliott 7 modifications that are done. I have since redone and improved both the rope traveller and the forestay tensioner. We have found the centreboard to be too long and too light weight for what we need. With the added length made it a real mission to raise and lower the mast. This involved firstly lowering the c/board to the ground, raising the mast, raising the c/board, launching the boat, lowering the c/board. The c/board had to be lowered before launched as it was way too tender. This had to be done all again when we were finished for the day. All in all a fair effort especially for the 2 of us. 70kgs is not enough weight on the c/board. However in light breeze <5knots she goes well but above that she just heels over and is way overpowered. This could be counteracted by getting more meat on the rail but we struggle with just the 2 of us. Im in the process of getting a new c/board built with around 175kg bulb fitted. I have read they originally had 200-250kg's down there. Im also in the process of fitting a retractable bow pole to use an asymmetrical spinnaker, desigining and fitting a new rudder and stock and reworking all the control lines, and finally getting a new pint job. I know at the end of all this work she wont be a record breaker but hopefully a fun club racer that is easy to sail and looks the part.