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  1. So, hmmm? Chainlocker's supposed deep inside information and crystal ball a bit cloudy? No USA youth team at all? Going to be interesting explaining to the audience why there is no USA team and why "Team USA" is supporting the Bermuda youth. And before these two posts he said he knew for a fact that it was part of OR's "firm plans" to support a USA youth team.
  2. Hey Allen, I was very sorry to hear about you being run down and losing your mast. Really shitty. But I was even more disappointed by your seeming to be given a run around by the insurance companies and protest committees and USSailing - this is exactly when those organizations should be stepping up to get you back sailing. I don't have much to say/recommend about the protest committees, and I do not know the details of your Allstate policy/coverage . . . .but I do have some insight into boat insurance that might be useful for your (1) the California regulations are very aggressive at protecting consumers and the insurance companies will do most anything to avoid getting any black marks with the department of insurance regulators. So just mentioning that you are unhappy and considering going to the state regulators might well ease negotiations along in your direction. and (2) Again, I do not know the details of your allstate coverage, but they are obligated to investigate your claim, and pay you what your policy covers within a pretty short time frame. They then can recover whatever amount from the other party's insurance company. They can ask you to talk to the other insurance company yourself, but they cannot tell you you must, and if you do and are unhappy with what is offered they must then settle with you themselves again in a pretty rapid time frame. And again mentioning you are unhappy and might complain to the department of insurance would probably move things along in your direction. Again I am sorry for your situation - you are one of the good guys and it is a shame to see you treated this way.
  3. ** I believe there would have been potential 'clearance' issues with a stop at Bolivar. - ah I see RK mention's this above.
  4. Jimmy Spithill (AUS), skipper of ORACLE TEAM USA, which is sponsoring Bermuda youth (and not USA youth) Jimmy has an american wife - would have been relatively easy to and he could at least have gotten dual passports Would have been nice if "Team USA" had supported USA youth rather than or in addition to Bermuda.
  5. ^^ +1 objection is not about the possible legal technicalities of the AC deed, which in any case no one will challenge because none of the current challengers want to take LE to court. objection is about disrespect - they chose to abandon the country in essentially every way they possibly could. That is their choice, fine . . . but if so, they should also chose to not wrap themselves in the flag and name team USA. Those who actually did represent and those who did serve the country find that disrespectful.
  6. I edited the post before I saw yours. And correcting a post (of a minor and pretty unimportant point) is somehow evil in your mind? And you are trying to misdirect - that's a trick I guess you have picked up from Stinger. You still have not answered the question: And again - so Kim Jong-un manages to buy some small underfunded NZ YC - you good with them calling the team 'team NZ' - despite NK team, NK training, NK defense, NK boat building, NK youth team support, etc? really you good with that???????
  7. My understanding was NOT - that there was just a loan (and not from oracle, from a LE shell) - you have evidence that Oracle corp actually owns formally the YC? And really it does not matter. Yes, GGYC is in the USA. So, what. It is a total sham relationship at this point. They are just a rented postal drop. And again - so Kim Jong-un manages to buy some small underfunded NZ YC - you good with them calling the team 'team NZ' - despite NK team, NK training, NK defense, NK boat building, NK youth team support, etc? really you good with that??????? In the deed the YC is suppose to be the controlling party, not the team; and if that was the case, probably they would have chosen to actually represent the country - defend in the USA and support a US youth team, ect. But that part of the deed has been broken by several rich assholes. The whole 'trustee of the cup' aspect has been 'rendered quaint' by these guys lawyers and money. That's a topic for another thread - here I am merely saying I don't like the marketing lie and find it disrespectful.
  8. OR = Oracle Racing, of course. You don't need the "T" if there is no country added on Oracle Team USA. It make no difference what they are called, so long as they are not mis- represented as team USA. Call them LE's flying circus mercenaries, that would be most accurate. So, you are saying that if Kim Jong-un managed to snag one NZ based company as a sponsor (but still with NK team, NK training, NK boat building, defending in NK, supporting NK youth, etc) that you would be good with his team being called 'team NZ'? I don't think it makes much difference in this discussion, but I believe formally they only have a sponsorship arrangement with Oracle. They formally are not a subsidiary. I believe they are owned by one of LE's personal shell companies - which I believe is not US domiciled (but not 100% sure on that). The point, again, is that LE's flying circus mercenaries have gone out of their way to NOT do ANYTHING to represent the USA. And it thus pisses me off to see them described as representing the USA. As it is just purely a marketing lie and is disrespectful of all who have actually worked hard to represent the USA.
  9. Thanks . . .that is a really useful contribution. (you are a brit so I presume you understand sarcasm) Look. As I said this is simple. (1) It is a sham and disrespectful to say that OR represents USA. They have instead gone out of their way to do essentially everything possible NOT to represent the USA. Maxmini seems to think if Kim Jong-un fielded a team of North Koreans, building their boat in NK, training in NK, supporting a NK youth team, paid their ACEA entry from a US bank account in US dollars that it would be fine to call them 'team USA'. I do not. Technically I believe it is more accurate to say that Kim Jong-un would have to give a loan a small near-bankrupt US YC, and then threaten them with closure if they don't accept everything the north Korean team wants to do. Even having bought a sham relationship with a US YC, I still don't think they should be called 'team USA'. I still think it disrespectful to those who truly represent the country. and (2) Yes, I am powerless to get OR (or ACEA) to change the official team name. Just as we here are all powerless to change anything to do with the official circus. But we do still dicsuss them and voice our opinions - its a discussion forum after all. and (3) But we here can certainly refer to them as OR, rather than the disrespectful OR-USA. And media folks do read these forums and they can also refer to them as OR in their writing. It is just a marketing lie to call them team USA - we should stop pandering to that lie. I have worn a country uniform in sports and in a more serious endeavor, and it pisses me off that these asses pretend to represent the country and prance around in their country uniforms.
  10. So, 'someone' should change how they are listed. Just take the USA off and replace it with OR.
  11. "USA" - who's that? No team that I know of is representing, defending, training in, boat building in, or supporting the youth of the USA. There is of course a Bermuda team, perhaps you mean that one.This is the Americas cup . The team is from whatever country the checks clear . Get over it . No, I will not 'get over it'. This is simple. They f&*king abandoned the USA and they should simply stop using the USA in their name. They can be OR, or OR-BER all they want. It is sham and disrespectful to be pretending to represent the USA.
  12. "USA" - who's that? No team that I know of is representing, defending, training in, boat building in, or supporting the youth of the USA. There is of course a Bermuda team, perhaps you mean that one.
  13. Without a team's support (eg OR) they will be under-coached and under-trained and (probably) under-resourced - it will be Amateur hour vs pro efforts and most likely just a waste of time - perhaps good for a little PR and some egos.
  14. is alpha currently building a boat? anyone know?