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  1. CA Distress

    J105 NAs coming up

    Agree - top teams seek out pre-scrimp boats, because they know the lite boats are faster with corrector weights centered. Agree - same top teams would likely still do very well in a fleet where ALL boats had even weight distribution. But, it would be a tighter fleet, and the results would NOT be so lopsided if all the boats had even weight distribution. Fundamental question: What is faster? Corrector weights in center of boat ... or corrector weights fore and aft in boat? And if you're not sure of the answer, try sailing upwind with a 200 lb crew sitting on your bow pulpit, and another one sitting on your stern rail. LMK how that works out.
  2. CA Distress

    J105 NAs coming up

    Absolutely. But maybe the gap between pre-scrimp boats and rest of fleet might not be so wide. Just looking for a fair fight.
  3. CA Distress

    J105 NAs coming up

    Right, J24 Class rules are fair, they level the boats, it is a true 1-design class. So why does the J105 Class allow 400 lbs over keel? Doesn't that reduce pitching motion, which in turn reduces pumping motion at top of main, which in turn increases boat speed, particularly in chop??? Most pre-scrimp boats have corrector weights, and they dominate the big regattas. Isn't there a pattern here? Why does the J105 Class not level the boats?
  4. CA Distress

    J105 NAs coming up

    The net weight loss to a tiller from a wheel is actually 47 lbs. But bigger issue - loading 400 lbs of corrector weights in center of boat is just not right for a true 1-design class. I've crewed on J105's and the differences in boat speed are obvious. When will someone call BS on the class rules? Where do J24's require corrector weights be placed?
  5. CA Distress

    J105 NAs coming up

    Top 3 boats are pre-scrimp. Then a 25 point drop down to 4th place. The next 11 out of 12 boats are scrimps. What does that tell you???
  6. CA Distress

    j105 class health?

    In addition to the West Coast, Gulf Coast, Chicago / Midwest, and New England, the Western LIS could have 10 boats for Thurs nights this year. Huntington has 4-5 on Wed nights. NY Harbor has a full fleet, Raritan Bay has a fleet. The J105 as a one design class is relatively healthy. Great boat, the only problem is the pre-scrimp boats are fast because they are light. Yes, most have corrector weights, but the weight is placed mid-ship, giving them an unfair advantage. If all the boats were level, it would strengthen the class. The Class brass should step up and level all the boats.
  7. CA Distress

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Tried reaching them via phone several times over past few weeks ... no luck, VM boxes are full. #badsign
  8. CA Distress

    Race the Case

    That's 1 classy joint. They still allow smoking in the bar?
  9. CA Distress

    AYC Spring Series 2017

    + 1 on the South course too. They were spot on with multiple course changes, square lines, efficient race mgt. No Mooseheads.
  10. CA Distress

    Race the Case

    Yeah, this is usually a well run regatta, until the RC starts cracking open the Rum. That's about when the Mooseheads start licking their chops.
  11. Have been following Rich Wilson's sailing achievements for many years. He represents the best in our sport by being inspirational, educational, courageous, a role model, and IMHO a Hall of Famer.
  12. CA Distress

    AYC Spring Series 2017

    AYC RC are Moosehead's best customer ... year, after year, after year .... But give em credit, they put themselves out there, bound to F'up. Speaking of being out there, whassup with MBYC this year, will they be so bold as to run a Fall weekend series?
  13. CA Distress

    AYC Spring Series 2017

    Numbers seem to be lite, but it's still only Feb, wonder what they were like at this time last year.
  14. CA Distress

    J 105 NAs

    This is old news now but this was a well run regatta. Butch made some good calls re timing and courses. Sat and Sun saw a steady build to 28 sustained gusting over 35, so understandable why he stopped at 3 races on Sat. Damn, those Canadians were untouchable, didn't matter what conditions. Good regatta overall, when you get in 3 days out of 4 on the western LIS, you take it.