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  1. Hard On The Wind

    The Morality vs Pragmatism of "Assassination"

    If I could go back in time I would have bought Amazon stock in 1997 for $1.50.
  2. Hard On The Wind

    Why Do Liberals Think Trump Supporters Are Stupid?

    Most Fox News viewers are stupid. Most Fox News viewers are Trump supporters. Put that in your Venn diagram.
  3. Hard On The Wind


    Give it a chance.
  4. Hard On The Wind

    Should I turn on CNN?

    Why does Trump allow CNN to continue to exist?
  5. Shucks I missed it. I had the NFL today on.
  6. Meanwhile Captain Bone Spurs is burning the midnight oil crafting a carefully worded tweet for the morning.
  7. What do you think Hannity will do next?
  8. Funny thing is there are MAGA heads on FB copying this content to their own time lines without having a clue.
  9. Speaking of "not too bright"?
  10. Hard On The Wind

    Where will Iran hit first?

    A good attack would be something that drives the price of oil up. Helps Iran's pocket book and hurt's the Orange Orangutan's reelection prospects. To bad for Iran that there aren't any US flagged oil tankers.
  11. Make's a patriotic American's heart flutter. https://tatersgonnatate.com/thousands-of-young-trump-supporters-show-up-at-local-recruiters-to-volunteer-for-duty/
  12. Hard On The Wind

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    This is what a truck should look like. If you can't get a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood on the bed and still be able to close the tailgate then it ain't a truck.