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  1. Arrogance is in the eye of the beholder. When you label someone arrogant you have stopped trying to understand where that person is coming from. It is your right to decide not to spend more time understanding the "arrogant" person but it is advisable to tell yourself it is because you do not have the energy. Maybe next time you have more energy this person might eventually buy/sell a design from/to you. I have conversed with a number of designers, some of which were already branded as being arrogant. Each and everyone was on the contrary very informative and generous with their time and much more so than I ever would be with difficult people like myself. Some may have been shorter in their response than warranted once in a while but most often this even helped understanding the issue. Maybe I should start offering marine relationship consultation services ;-)
  2. I just learned that Kleen Breeze is being fitted out for charter. I guess that would be the perfect boat to charter out and get the hang of shunting with the schooner masts and double bidirectional rudders while waiting for the delivery of the newest C60 Harryproa (with hull #1 being built at Ballotta) as it shares the same basic configuration.
  3. Video of 360° view of the deck showing the general layout.
  4. Kleen Breeze, a 60+ foot Harryproa, is doing its first sea trials. It features a novel combination of unstayed wing masts in schooner configuration and two bidirectional Speer foil rudder boards. Looking very promising so far.
  5. Do you mean less yawing? I can translate from French if that's easier.
  6. There are very few 70 foot proa's. Ollier's fatefull Rosières is the only one that I know of. Any references?
  7. Looking at the better pictures in http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/multihulls/2017-everglades-challenge-57377.html it looks like it does rotate 360° with sail raised. I am not convinced that the mastwing was meant to stay up just like any other mast. Even when freely feathering the wind has its ways with wings with significant cross sections like this one. Even with the relatively short chord of the Chris White's Mastfoil I have not found a discussion to dispel the thought that this may have been the prime cause for the mast fail.
  8. I reckon the middle hull will atrophy down to a lightweather displacement accommodation module in the future. Less WSA and more leeward hull LWL for a given displacement...... ultimately morphing into a harryproa?
  9. Maybe infrared may be a better bet for small craft.
  10. I am curious too. Please, Charter it to find out and write all about it here ;-)
  11. Proas are one of the rare examples of a unique engineering solution that clashes with the innate expectation of our paleolithic mind that moving things have a head and a tail. It is much like the sci-fi movies adding sound to spaceships zipping through empty space. It makes no physical sense but only nerds would watch movies without that "special effect". It also goes to show that homo sapiens did not evolve while sailing and is genetically a newbie to that form of locomotion. Another hundred thousand of years of Darwinian selection and everybody will sail proas. Those with a HP60 have a head start ;-)
  12. Nice clean cats indeed. If you want to add better helm location (wheel cants inside or outside), dagger boards (/rudders combo), rotating masts and not pay more for all that the Harryproa cruiser 60 slotted for build in Peru sure is attractive.
  13. It is not because there have not been occasions to have comparable settings that HP's have not performed well. Enough have been built and sailed. The BL is simple enough to understand that one does not go out on a limb claiming that it will sail very well. The proof of the pudding is in the eating but when I see a picture of a ball I know it will roll down the hill. With other more contorted designs it may not be that straightforward to predict performance. The BL is designed for bare basic charter racing sophisticated only in its lack of esoterics and complication.
  14. As the OP I appreciate everyone's effort to keep this thread as civil as possible. The original topic was the Bucket List. The original issue was the self righting mechanism. The R2AK understandably crossed this thread but I would propose to leave out the issues that have already been debated at length in previous threads on various forums and have remained without resolution, despite. The participation of the Bieker proa in the R2AK merits the attention and discussion in its own thread. Thank you again.
  15. The HP cruiser line rudder system looks much like in the photo's of the Luca Antara. Retractable spade rudders can be housed in the sailing hull. However, high in the SOR's are hassle free clearing weeds and simple low maintenance built. Without the horizontal wheels as in the previous system, the new rudder system should be low spray.