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  1. Nevermind. i found the answer at the end of the other thread.
  2. The 2018 boat model showed T-foils forward but the 2019 boat build features C-foils. Are there any video's showing the boat foiling, particularly at the claimed 30 knots top speed?
  3. Thank you - this is what happened (in German)
  4. That looks more like a proa of about 8m long doesn't it ?
  5. lucdekeyser

    Over the horizon

    I don't understand that you have not been contacted by the marketing/communications guy of a vendor of performance cruisers to loan you their latest for a year or so for free on the condition that you make video's about famous racer taking family on world tour. This should be easier for you than for some that already have such a sweet deal.
  6. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    Apparently KB has been released administratively some weeks ago and is since then available for sale. There was mention that some interested parties had presented themselves.
  7. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    It must be the anchored KB in the distance in this short drone shot at 12:12 of the vlog of this couple sailing by.
  8. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    This new incarnation of Sidecar is interesting enough to warrant its own thread ;-)
  9. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    I am not sure Jzerro is very relevant to KB. This does not detract from the pride for Jzerro's win, though. But much of unproductive discussion is due to a lack of focus on the requirements of use. KB is meant as a family ocean cruiser. Robin chose to build her not as an investment but as a testament of what he considered the best combination of technical choices. So these choices should be considered against the intended use. What stands out with KB are the unstayed wingmasts in combination with the bidirectional rudder/boards pair. My personal priority in viewing a family ocean cruiser is safety. This issue touches on a broad variety of aspects of designing, building and operating a boat. It is sadly ironic that at least one easy to solve aspect of safety was not (yet?) taken care of in KB. One interesting safety aspect of a proa in general for amateur cruising is its ability to stop and reverse. I feel a case can be made that this is more important than fast tacking, although not in all situations of course. If one would want to discuss the safety aspect of proa configurations per se then comparing KB to Gaiasdream (GD) would be more to the point as their intended use is comparable. GD's rig was rebuilt last summer so also for this boat we are awaiting reports on her performances.
  10. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    This reminds me of this short footage showing the beauty of jzerro sailing.
  11. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    The boat sailed well balanced in more than 10 knots of wind. That is not spectacular except for those who predicted she would not be sailable at all. And as any one off built, she cannot prove to be capable to cross the oceans before she does. Predictions about her chances will vary according to engineering school. Robin was an engineer. He must have believed her chances were good enough to build her the way he did. And he is not alone. Let us hope somebody knowledgeable enough picks her up and shows us.
  12. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    The situation is even more complicated than that: 1/ I expect a heavy taxation on the inheritance based on an official estimate and due sometimes before a fire sale brings in the necessary cash 2/ the inheritance is also shared with the children if any. Disagreements among the heirs can lock up a situation for a long time. Any deal before the title is assigned should then be signed by every one of the heirs and any one of them could contest the execution of the contract once the title is assigned.
  13. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    bistros, you are quite right but it must be said that Solarbri invited Russell to comment and ProaSailor obliged.
  14. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    bistros is so right. If prices for legal advice in Portugal are similar to where I live 10K does not buy much unless you have a guarantee from a local lawyer. And I have not known lawyers who would give such guarantees. The best is to have a local lawyer already answer your questions above. These answers will cost already but they will spell out your risks more clearly. Legal advice on this forum is worth what you pay for it. It seems more practical to forget about the title which eventually will be assigned to the heirs and make a contract with them, as current guardians but not owners of the boat, that you take care of the boat as a "good father" would and have the full use of the boat under the agreement that you pick up all costs of maintenance and running it until the issue of the title is resolved at which time you could invoke a first right of refusal to buy it for its market price minus the necessary investments you made in the boat. This will help the heirs not being slapped by bills that eventually the boat will generate and protect the investment against accelerated deterioration. By my estimate the responsible upkeep of the boat may cost more than 10K per year.
  15. lucdekeyser

    Kleen Breeze

    Please remember this is the dream boat of the owner and he had it actually built ready to sail. He was convinced of his choices. He knew about the discussions and accepted the risks. Its performance is of interest to many so that each of us can improve our own choices for our own dream boat. No more, no less.