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  1. We may have been a bit lower than some but as a 7.2m boat we beat the T8 by 5 minutes, Shaw 650 by 19 minutes and overtook the Stealth 8 before she pulled out! So our VMG was not too bad upwind. The boat performed the same upwind in the ASBA nationals in a breeze with 4 on the rail as she did with three of us in HCW with one on trap. Just as the JS30 did not have to declare that they had 6 crew with their feet on the gunwale at full stretch on their hiking racks their was no requirement in the SIs for us to declare that we had a trapeze!
  2. Trap was just for HCW. The gusts knocked a lot off our speed and M32 would be a lot quicker in the light air out of Wangi etc
  3. We are still sorting the rig out on REO Speedwagon but happy with 7.5 to 7.8 knots upwind. Top speed downwind was 18.4 with 17.6 knots 10 second average. Fourth over line in one lap dash just behind JS30 who got us on the leg across from Belmont to Toronto when we could not set the kite as the block for the pole launch had blown up. Second on handicap behind a TS, not too bad for the third time in the water for the boat.
  4. 25 knots, masthead kite (ASBA Regatta), 8 foot seas. The bow didn't come up that much. A short amusing clip!
  5. Good looking but a bit too much on in a little boat with the canting keel. It only finished one race out of four in the European sports boat champs in hardly any breeze. It was entered for Cowes week but did not make it too the finish line in any race!
  6. Video of four VX One from Sydney sailing 15 nautical miles down the coast fro Pittwater to Sydney Harbour. Guest helmsman was Iain Murray sailing AUS 155 with the white kite. It was an awesome trip!
  7. I don't know why you say that it should be rightable by one person. The boat is so wide that she is very stable upside down and unless you have waves that will help right her one person is never going to get her up. I have righted my VX One off Sydney Heads in the ocean with a 2 man crew in 25 knots and on Sydney Harbour with a three person crew in 40 knots. If you want to sail a VX One in SF Bay I would recommend a three person crew of at least 480lbs. With more weight on board she is more managable, does not get pushed around by the waves so much. You will find there is a massive difference in the amount of control you have with 480lbs onboard compared to 440lbs. One of the biggest differences between a VX and any other sportsboat is that when the breeze increases she becomes more stable like a skiff. With the wide transom, chines and minimal rocker it is like she is on rails. One thing you have to get use to is how little you have to steer to turn her.
  8. I have had plenty of experience in knock downs and capsizes in my early VX One days and some more recent than I would like to admit. In 20 knots or less the VX will stay on its side until you douse the kite. She will then self right. In 25 knots or more she will blow upside down as there is so much windage with her floating so high. If this happens you need to make sure that the kite is in the boat. Then one person holds onto the keel bulb and the other holds onto their waist while standing on the hull to deck join. Do this on the leeward side so that the leeway the boat is making will help the rig come to the surface. If possible get someone on the top of the keel as the rig gets to the surface so they have some chance of jumping in when she rights. The keel will usually stop her capsizing to leeward like a dinghy. The first thing to do when onboard is to furl the jib and them pull some mainsheet on so the boat will feather into the wind. For anyone left in the water the easiest way aboard is through the transom.
  9. VX One single handed in 20 knots. Including flying with the kite up, 16.7 knots boatspeed single handed!
  10. VX One single handed in 20 knots with jib and kite up!
  11. No need to speculate any more. This is the official press release from Brian Bennett today. Bennett Yachting Inc. teams up with Ovington Boats (UK) and MacKay Boats (New Zealand) for International VX ONE class drive. Brian Bennett, CEO of Bennett Yachting, Inc and Lead Designer of the state-of-the-art One Design VX ONE announces a collaboration that will bring the VX ONE firmly onto the international stage and provide high quality, tightly controlled production of this multi award-winning design by two of the world’s best production small boat builders. The VX ONE was the unanimous winner of the 2012 Sailing World “Overall Boat of the Year” and “Best One Design” as well as Sail magazine’s 2012 “Best Boat” award. The VX is a robust, easy to sail high performance 19’ “ballast assisted” dinghy that is highly responsive and powerful, with the conveniences of furling and self-tacking jib. On an ideal day, speeds in excess of 24 knots have been recorded. The class association is professionally run and backed by an executive committee of owners with considerable One Design experience. Class rules are written to ISAF guidelines for easy crossover in the next few years. The VX One is supported by three established brands with decades of experience, Ovington Boats, MacKay Boats and Bennett Yachting, Inc.. With fleets growing throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, this collaboration will further set the VX One on a firm platform for significant international growth. Both Ovington and MacKay are world renown for their high quality Olympic and world championship race boats - Mackay for their 470’s, 49ers and 420’s, and Ovington for their 49er, 29er, 505, Flying Fifteen, I-14, and Musto Performance skiff. “Ovington and MacKay are ideal partners in this project. While they compete on the 49er, there is a lot of quality collaboration and exchange of information that is hard to find elsewhere. Both are thoroughly established, experienced, and proven in the field of international classes and their development” notes designer Brian Bennett. Production ramp-up will be under way in Ovington’s Newcastle, UK, factory in July, in time for deliveries to the US North Americans in November and a major European launch this winter. MacKay will follow suit, with deliveries targeted for later in 2013. Bennett Yachting (BY) will focus on full-scale support of the growing NA VX ONE fleet, with a major Gold Cup style circuit planned for 2014. BY will oversee and coordinate international marketing and quality control as well as maintenance of measurement procedures. As a licensed dealer, BY will also market and distribute the highly regarded International Musto Performance Skiff throughout North America. The all-new www.Bennettyachting.com website will be launched mid-August, revealing comprehensive information on the VX ONE and Musto Performance Skiff. The new site will also debut advanced and sustainable regatta support systems that will revolutionize the way we sail, travel and compete. Bennett Yachting can now move as many as six VX ONE’s, or 16 Musto skiffs utilizing a new 48’ event trailer, with on-board spares, service, rigging, and customer support to every event. This will pave the way for a new standard in affordable grand prix sailing, giving time back to the sailors and providing an energy-efficient solution with one truck and trailer doing the work of as many as 15 vehicles, plus countless hours of driving. Brian Bennett