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    Sailing, mountaineering and classic French cars
  1. I made may yearly YouTube, this one of my 2017 summer Trip: A 23 day, 1800 miles singlehanded sailing trip with Marsvin Sunday. From IJmuiden to Faeroer and Shetland and then back via Shetland to the Netherlands again.
  2. Block with carbon sheave

    Here you see a young girl showing all details of a pulley rotating on a rope axle. This YouTube was posted in October 2013
  3. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    Navionics is junk: meant for leisure fishers. No nmea over WIFI, no AIS overlay, foolish (even dangerous?) autoroute function, foolish (even Dangerous?) crowd-sourced depth contours. serious stuff for fishermen, much bigger market..
  4. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Here a picture of an optional 3D printed part in PA Carbon, which I intend to make for RAB80; 100; 125 and 160 (number for mm dis of sheave)
  5. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Here pictures of my current development. RAB100; 5AB60: RAB 60; 50 ;45;
  6. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Rasputin, I don’t exactly understand your question.. I “think” it is not possible to download the file from the link, but if you can: feel free to do so. Still I think de model there is only a render of my original stl file, a visual representation, isn’t it?
  7. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Yes indeed: 3D print in SLS polyamide with UV coating for the “house”, al7075 with ptfe impregnated hard anodized and crazy strong dyneema loop
  8. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Both do have the “V” shape
  9. Rotary cutters

    I used a heavy duty rotary cutter on plexiglass (polymethylmetacrylate) successfully for a project which needed cutting lots of cuben-fiber laminate, which is composed of dyneema laminated to Mylar and difficult to cut with scissors
  10. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Yes; research. The V-shape showed by far more efficient. The U-shape tends to have more friction with increased loads, as opposed to the U-shape which retains a very good effiency, especially so with high loads. Interestingly the B.L. of this kind of use of combination of loop with LFR is mainly caused b’y the B.L. of the dyneema loop. the last months I designed for my own use (and hobby) a series of contraptions which I call “Rope Axle Blocks”, or RAB’s, comprising of blocks with 45, 50, 60, 80 and 100 mm diameter sheaves. As a joke I also made a one-off with a 160mm sheave. here a link to a 3D-render of “Rab100”, which has a calculated B.L. of mulch more than 5000DaN: http://a360.co/2ym91uc
  11. Block with carbon sheave

    I agree! Watch this topic the weeks weeks
  12. Block with carbon sheave

    Can you elaborate on that?
  13. Block with carbon sheave

    And another: Upffront: https://info.upffront.com/blog/running-rigging-sailing-blocks-introducing-the-morph-block
  14. Block with carbon sheave

    Another picture, published by Colligo Marine in their catalogues from 2012 and still on their website: clearly and at least suggesting a low friction ring being used dynamically (rotating):
  15. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    A lot of work indeed. I used 8mm SK78 heattreated Dyneema.