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    Sailing, mountaineering and classic French cars
  1. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    I use the iPad pro (12.9) also as my plotter. just recently Shapr3D increased their subscription rate. As an early adapter I still pay their starting subscription. Btw: three workspaces are free for testing.
  2. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    All Made exclusively on iPad, with Shapr3D: https://shapr3d.com/ i never learned anything about 3d design software, but, with quite a lot of time, trial and error, that Shapr3D allows me to make these designs now.
  3. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    This is the design for the small 6cm radius quadrant to be mounted on the rudder axle. I will use a large 78mm dia ceramic bearing on which the quadrant will rotate in max plus or minus 24 degrees of angle. Together it will look like this:
  4. Not mellow yellow

    “We don’t know much about this Dutch ORC/IRC beauty but god damn if it isn’t one sexy thing… We are getting one – the little model one!” Further to this entry on SA: read the translated article form “clubracer.be”: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.clubracer.be%2F2018%2F3%2F15%2Ferik-vuuren-over-zijn-w36-worlds-edition-project-doel-goud-winnen-tijdens-het-wk
  5. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Thanks for the comments. And: Jan Alkema is alive, I spoke to him 2 weeks ago and received his mail 3 days ago.
  6. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Feedback schematic drawing now in development:
  7. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    buoyancy of trimtab: I have thought about giving it positive buoyancy and have a conical bearing at its upper part.
  8. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Cables and titanium spanner + handle
  9. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    That is for a counterweight / elastic combination
  10. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    A shortened view of the vane-pole. Direction marks will be filled with glow-in-the-dark epoxy. Cool! 3d model: https://webapp.machineresearch.com/#/shareview/?file=1UwI4i6sWZ0IAEDUPCjR/VaanCompleet3.hwf
  11. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Weight now is 422gr
  12. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Nah, wish I could pay that, in titanium!... ;-) 3 parts are polyamide PA12, smallest part is Glass filled PA12. Printed in 3D SLS machine.
  13. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Printed parts are ready and painted
  14. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    i've had the mrVee Y@B on my boat, didn't get it to work. I'm in contact with Jan Alkema (shown in picture above) and he advised me on how to get the proper rudder feedback. That will be no problem. Weight of 2500 seems still very well possible: I'll keep this topic informed.