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  1. SySunday

    Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    I made this one: carbon, titanium and some stuff:
  2. SySunday

    Low Friction Rings and Sheaves Anarchy

    I've had a quantity of low friction rings made for a project som 2-3 years ago. Machined from AL7075 T6 and hard-teflon anodized. Anodize color "bronze-ish" and black. the shape is somewhat different from the classic LFR; that is because I used these rings in several more creative ways. For anyone interested I have some quantity available still. sizes/ price 80x17mm for 13mm line: $18 60x14mm for 11mm line: $14 52x11mm for 8mm line: $11 45x9mm for 7mm line: $10
  3. SySunday

    Buying rigging-quality low diameter dyneema?

    Buy from Europe: around $0,35 per feet fo 3mm DM20:
  4. SySunday

    3D Printing Anarchy

    I've been doing a lot of 3d designs for my boat. All on iPad with "Shapr3D". Very easy to use. Al parts I have SLS printed in PA12, sometimes glass filled, sometimes in Alumide. Printning with a specialized printing company in Netherlands, bigger series in Italy price reasons. Currently I'm in the process of designing navigation lights; first prototypes are ready. In the past I made a 2000gr windvane selfsteering totally 3d printed.
  5. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    No other than just some more in-harbour tests, I had to reposition my solarpanel and the way it is adjusted, and so many more small details. Next week first sailing!
  6. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    All parts mounted On My boat:
  7. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Very similar to the white one in the picture.
  8. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Received a box full of 3D printed parts: To be installed on/around the rudderhead: And on the rudder:
  9. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Today I finished 2 windvanes: one foam-cored Carbon of 60cm and one polycarbonate of 70cm. Surprisingly the carbon weighs 275 and the PA 325grms. Finished in fluo paint and decorated with glow in the dark strips: i also finished the trimtab: foam cored with carbon, now in anti fouling and to be polished: Now that I have almost finished all components and I can calculate the finished weight: this will be below 2000gr, some 500gr less than the “design brief”
  10. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    I use the iPad pro (12.9) also as my plotter. just recently Shapr3D increased their subscription rate. As an early adapter I still pay their starting subscription. Btw: three workspaces are free for testing.
  11. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    All Made exclusively on iPad, with Shapr3D: i never learned anything about 3d design software, but, with quite a lot of time, trial and error, that Shapr3D allows me to make these designs now.
  12. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    This is the design for the small 6cm radius quadrant to be mounted on the rudder axle. I will use a large 78mm dia ceramic bearing on which the quadrant will rotate in max plus or minus 24 degrees of angle. Together it will look like this:
  13. SySunday

    Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    Thanks for the comments. And: Jan Alkema is alive, I spoke to him 2 weeks ago and received his mail 3 days ago.