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    Sailing, mountaineering and classic French cars
  1. Block with carbon sheave

    I agree! Watch this topic the weeks weeks
  2. Block with carbon sheave

    Can you elaborate on that?
  3. Block with carbon sheave

    And another: Upffront: https://info.upffront.com/blog/running-rigging-sailing-blocks-introducing-the-morph-block
  4. Block with carbon sheave

    Another picture, published by Colligo Marine in their catalogues from 2012 and still on their website: clearly and at least suggesting a low friction ring being used dynamically (rotating):
  5. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    A lot of work indeed. I used 8mm SK78 heattreated Dyneema.
  6. Harken Screecher Furling System

    Make you own anti torsion rope:
  7. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    Now this is something else for anti friction line: 81m long, 200tons breakload: I didn’t have the machinery to make mine...
  8. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    I used 8mm Dyneema which I impregnated with shore70 2C PU (rubber) under high tension (I will not do that again) then I covered the whole thing with stainless steel overbraid: Then I wrapped the whole thing very tightly with 0.6mm dyneema. For the end-termination I made what I call two pcs of “fish”, 6mm dyneema partly covered with stainless overbraid and wrapped with the .6mm dyneema. This approx 50cm fish was then spliced in the 8mm main line covered with the overbraid:: This then looked like this: Then I covered the whole thing with UV resistant heat shrink glue tube: Then both ends received a think UV resistant heat shrink glue tube: That’s all! the result is amazing in function. this winter I will make one more. Will look better because the first is always lots of experimenting. I will not use 8mm dyneema anymore but instead 6mm (enough for my size of boat), but for thickness of end product I will fill this dyneema with a core of thin nylon “hydrolics tube”.
  9. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    Yes, I made my own anti torsion rope, not being satisfied with the performance of the commercially available ones.
  10. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    Here a short YouTube on the bowsprit:
  11. Block with carbon sheave

    For example here in Sailmagazine, November 2012: https://www.sailmagazine.com/gear/low-friction-rings With this picture undeniably showing a rotating LFR:
  12. Block with carbon sheave

    @Thibault: how about the patent you mention? The dynamic (i.e. “rotating) use of low friction rings (LFR’s) is existing as long as they are available as far as I know. Also Ropeye -now with worldwide distribution through Harken’s sales organization- is selling this kind of use with LFR’s as in below pictures:
  13. Failed dyneema rope in backstay cascade

    Merit, what is the source of the graph you show? I know the figures you show in the graph on UV degradation as representing that on filament level. But that means that you cannot extrapolate these values to a rope directly. The degradation for a 5mm rope will be much less!
  14. Block with carbon sheave

  15. Constrictor clutch as REEF lock

    @Max Rockatansky: the BL of the dyneema is some 30kN. Even of the knots halve this ther is still 15kN left, much more then other stoppers. The force on the reef-lines on my small boat will not be more then around 2kN I think.