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    The rise of the KAREN

    So did he work to prevent advertising in general or just misleading advertising?

    Battle for Hong Kong

    Sorry, thought you knew how to use the intarwebs. Their obligations end in 2047.

    The rise of the KAREN

    I don't know what 'shake down the Brokers at the closing' means. If he was a buyer's attorney and the buyer asked him to try to renegotiate the deal at the closing, he was doing what the law requires of him. If he was trying to get legal fees out of it by screwing brokers out of commissions, that's pretty fucking unethical! Like every business, law has shady characters. And like every business, those who break white collar laws must be prosecuted by the government. In contrast, those who break ethical rules are meant to be investigated and disciplined by their state's Bar Association. Few of them do a good job of it. Oh, and sorry Jules. Didn't realize you were female. The rest of my points stand.

    Battle for Hong Kong

    So China has no more obligations?

    Battle for Hong Kong

    that law, and the one that superceded and amended it, allow the US to impose sanctions on China or HK officials. That's all. Oooh, scary.

    Battle for Hong Kong

    No, I think I am agreeing with you. We have no basis for intervention in HK outside of pure adventurism, which I detest. We have enough problems here without worrying about China and the UK's decisions regarding their own treaty obligations. That's what the UN is for. Are we still part of the UN? I can't keep up anymore.

    Battle for Hong Kong

    China is bound to an agreement with the UK. It's none of our fucking business.
  8. They can, though as you know congress has expressly provided that causes of action may still lie when private companies undertake certain proscribed actions.
  9. Can and does. And Trump contributes massively to their profit. MAGA.
  10. "Publicly Traded" still means privately owned.
  11. Consumers discern every day. his function is to do whatever they tell him to do today,. He doesn't have to be transparent, he doesn't have to be honest, and he doesn't have to do anything he is told by the US government. Unless the antitrust suit gets filed. How long the DOJ been working on that?
  12. MR.CLEAN

    Battle for Hong Kong

    It would be a great place to start if the Trump administration actually supported democracy, but a quick look at their policies shows they disfavor democracy over the alternatives.
  13. MR.CLEAN

    Battle for Hong Kong

    nonsequitur says what?
  14. MR.CLEAN

    The rise of the KAREN

    You're a smart guy. Think about why there are ambulance chasers. I'm not saying your dad was a bad person. I'm saying he bought the bullshit. The ethical rules that bind lawyers have prohibited false or misleading communications for a hundred years.The only reason Bar Associations prohibit advertising is because they don't want to do their job, which is regulating lawyers.
  15. MR.CLEAN

    The rise of the KAREN

    So your dad was one of the people who argued that poor people should continue to have shitty access to lawyers in order to preserve some old white man's idea of 'the sanctity of the profession'?