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  1. COR

    Google trans of Luca Bontempelli's interview with ernesto argues no, but he'll be racing...see below The number 1 Alinghi: "The Cup is part of my life, but for now I will not say anything. I think the Challenger of Record will do Luna Rossa. You can not go back to monohulls. The Cup needs Italy. The genius of the kiwi. The pride of the relationships that I built " 4     JUNE 21, 2017 - MILAN Cap and Alinghi watch in a great mood, smiling, Ernesto Bertarelli is back in his element, water, or rather the America's Cup. He enjoys talking with everyone. "The other night I was having dinner at the home of Russell Coutts I had a long chat, talking about everything. Except sailing ... But the beauty of Bermuda that I realized that he had nothing against anyone. Life is too short to waste it in some bickering. In fact the thing I'm most proud of my years of America's Cup is the personal relationships that I built. From pilot to rafts to the most important person in the Cup I had a lot of testimonies of affection. This for me has great value. " Normal imbalances that do not at this stage, but it was more than once in the base with kiwi. "They showed me the base, I tried their simulator, have spoken. But I tell you that I am not the Challenger of Record (the official challenger of the Cup, ed). What I will do Patrizio Bertelli Luna Rossa, as long as the Kiwis win ... you really do not put around the news that I am ... ". You can not say, you can not tip the balance, but there is no doubt that the Cup is one of his interests, and that underneath is working to return soon. Immediately ... "If I think the thing that you should work is to increase the team. There they want more: we should give advantage to the teams that want to enter in order to build a base of 8/10 challengers. And of course to keep the same boat ". ADVERTISING We talk of the rule of Nationality. "I would not be so hard, but something I would do. Speaking as the Swiss say that after years of Alinghi now a generation of sailors who grew up are ready to enter the Cup, so I do not see many problems. " Any other ideas? "Do not expect four years for the next edition, but three at the most and in the meantime put on the plates of the intermediate act. The TV show seems to me that there is, now we have to develop the product. We always talk about the comparison with Formula 1, but it is a net return and clear that we still do not see. You have to give something concrete to the sponsors who want to enter. And of course aim to have more nations including Italy ... That's always been a great engine for the Cup. I say this even by Italian ... ". Americans pondered redemption What do you think of the Cup up to here? "I really like boats, are fascinating and I see great potential in the future. I was invited on board the French cat, thanks to Frank Cammas, and it really shows that they still have a lot of potential to be expressed. With a few tweaks plumbing can become really fascinating boats ". Kiwi are the genes of the sail for Bertarelli Surprised to see so much speed difference between American and kiwi challenger defender? "Yes, I think we are all a bit 'surprised by what we have seen in these first days of the America's Cup. It must be said that once again the New Zealanders have shown to have a sailing genius. Only the look is more beautiful than the American. Now we have to wait, though, we see that conditions at the weekend, with a 15 knots weather can change everything. Recall that the hull does not count, all the difference is the wings under the boat. You can not even say anything for sure. " Feast on board New Zealand Bertarelli is a talent scout Peter Burling is the new Russell Coutts? "He's just the" killer eyes ". It 'a real talent. It will make a great career in America's Cup ". The question that many people do now if he wins New Zealand will return to monohulls? "I think that would be a huge mistake. If you want to make a modern monohull you always have to add a wing, a foil. Then the boat would become complicated for strength. I personally do not think the monohull. " The then you are missing the Copa America? "For once I'm happy and peaceful. Me I enjoy it a lot, I like racing, they are all nice. I enjoy without anxiety or work. Then it is clear that the America's Cup is part of my life, I'm in my blood .... " Luca Bontempelli Gian Luca Pasini
  2. COR

    is he still alive?
  3. COR

    similar info, but multhull decision not yet made by a long shot.
  4. If it stays in cats, I'd expect the following to be part of the process helping develop the next event and rule. Ernie B (SUI) Dona B (FRA) Patricio B arrives tonight I hear (ITA) John B (AUS) BAR (UK) Groupama (FR) A Chinese entry (CHI) Japan? No idea. Sweden? No idea.
  5. It is hot as balls! Decent crowds, the majority seem to be out of towners. Race village is lily white, but looks good, very nicely set up.
  6. Love it. For a real story, check this out: Some 8 months ago, Russell flicked Jimmy from the helm for Slingers. Jimmy is said to have gone immediately over his head to Larry and gotten his job back. This set up some serious friction between Tom and Jimmy, which certainly hasn't helped matters much. Ran into several OTUSA team members last night as well; none of them seem all that bothered, strangely. It almost seems like they're cool with a Kiwi win. Weird.
  7. 7-9 knots, Oracle has shaved down quite a bit off its AP foils, not much else to report. Hot and sticky here, and fairly empty in the village as of 1200 local time.
  8. Will be interviewing Fish today, and Bernie Wilson, Chris Clarey are going to be guests on the SA podcast this week. Fish will tell it like it is. He is in the media center. Speaking of banned, 10 minutes after that story went up I got an email telling me my accreditation was approved.
  9. Fire alarm just triggered in the hotel where ETNZ and OTUSA crews and staff are staying. Nobody has left the breakfast room, the alarm just keeps buzzing. Breeze is not buzzing.
  10. take a fucking number!
  11. thx. I imagine we could put Dee and staysail in a gym together and see who deadlifts more
  12. If any of you have the graphic skills to turn Don Quixote's shadow into a foiling trimaran outline, let me know. It would make a great response to Doug's posts!
  13. Quite a bit, and with a bunch of ACEA media team people and malcolm gosling. Lots of dark n stormies!
  14. yeah they go and make half a mill a year sailing superyachts in palma and porto cervo. they dont like it much, but it don't suck!