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    Balance The Courts?

    And you have to add so many judges that the process takes years to repeat next time control of white house+senate flips.

    Balance The Courts?

    If you can have 9, you can have 90. No difference legislatively.
  3. Can you point us to anywhere in the world where that has occurred without the rapid rise in hospitalizations thereafter?
  4. well obviously if you have jared kushner running the testing program

    Balance The Courts?

    There does not have to be a legitimate reason, and non-partisan lawmaking is a quaint idea from the past. It's already a done deal.
  6. It's not an alternative, it's NaziTwitter and proud of it.

    AC 75 foils legal (shit)storm?

    Boy this is gonna be an expensive fight.
  8. Even then, Christianity is far, far more deadly and far more unethical. Can't really argue the evidence 500 years later. Careful, Chuso, your indoctrination is showing.

    "Is the LP Laser gonna make it?"

    you were also told that the a city is going to sue ILCA for laser performance shutting their factory, weren't you? Same source?
  10. Are you a sucker? Maybe don't believe the bullshit. What do you think they did to the indigenes to convert them? Ask nicely? They forbade the maltreatment of the indigenous people and endorsed their conversion to Catholicism
  11. MR.CLEAN

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Go to a rally, trumpers! He needs your support!!!
  12. MR.CLEAN

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Miss Lindsay at least seems unhappy about Citizens United these days.
  13. What, girl? Is Timmy stuck in the well again?>
  14. MR.CLEAN

    Am I Missing Something? Hospitalization Rates

    Also TX, FL, GA, SC, AL, MI, MO, IN, and so on and so on and so on. Takes a lot of work to undercount by 30+%
  15. MR.CLEAN

    Am I Missing Something? Hospitalization Rates

    Not at all. The point is that the data you are posting are not 'good data' for determining what is going on in america right now. If you are looking to help people understand what is happening, post county or city data. We are more balkanized as the balkans right now.
  16. MR.CLEAN

    Bidens Laptop

    Quaint that you think passing laws is easier than a giant ten year clusterfuck of litigation.
  17. the very dumb part or just the dumb part?
  18. MR.CLEAN

    Am I Missing Something? Hospitalization Rates

    Point is george that when you post national numbers for a pandemic that is not being managed or controlled nationally, the data you post is highly misleading and it leads one to believe that you have an interest in posting numbers you can find that show the pandemic as far less dangerous than it is. There are areas all over the country where hospitals are completely overloaded as we speak and getting worse.
  19. MR.CLEAN

    60 Minutes interview

    Why would you watch something that you find stinkier and more polluted than your own shit? Do you enjoy stewing in it?
  20. The 'students' of many of those schools were sent out to murder and kill natives who wouldn't convert. Later, when murder was slightly more frowned upon, those schools sent students out to beat the shit out of natives for speaking their own language. good times.
  21. MR.CLEAN

    Bidens Laptop

    They are so fucking exposed on this issue, but nobody seems to wanna take the risk. Just like big tobacco until Scott vs. American Tobacco opened the floodgates. plaintiffs were terrified of taking on big tobacco because RJR etc. would just run up the legal bills to incredible levels. 50 law firms kicked in $1M each into a litigation fund to solve the problem. It worked. Incidentally, that's where a bunch of the Decision boats came from. Murray Law Firm was one of the leads.
  22. MR.CLEAN

    The F1 2020 thread

    in other words, as usual, you are completely ignorant and always bitter. At least you are consistent.
  23. MR.CLEAN

    European Travel Guesses?

    most of the 2nd and 3rd world apparently has a far better medical system and government than the USA, which is why their economies are not tanking nearly as bad as ours, and why they haven't had to ride out a storm for a year with no income. My Burmese, Chinese, and Vietnamese clients are busier now than pre-pandemic. I sure am grateful to have left the boating biz when I did.
  24. MR.CLEAN

    INEOS Team GB

    INEOS will be fine with pressure. Historically that is not Ben's issue. Luna Rossa on the other hand tends to explode with pressure, plus their crew selections often do not operate purely on merit.