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    VA Democrats and the National Popular Vote

    And as soon as it became a tool for populists to ride to power, people started figuring out a way to fix it. As soon as the US passes a constitutional amendment requiring proportional EC voting of all states, the NPV compact will be moot. If you want to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, put all that energy you were going to use to recall Levine and use it to push for a constitutional amendment. Maybe your liberty loving state will lead the charge with your help?

    VA Democrats and the National Popular Vote

    You're starting to understand our current political situation. That's good.

    Disaster in Iowa

    Yeah those Mississippi and Louisiana coastal elites must be hating it.

    VA Democrats and the National Popular Vote

    too late. have to fight fire with fire. GOP got a head start but Dems are finally rolling out the response, ten years later.


    That looks like 0.14% mortality rate. That's about 1/20th as deadly as nCoV.
  6. And I didn't use the word 'cum' but you knew what i was talking about
  7. It's not a question, it is rhetoric. Dog is not asking any question. He is simply offering his opinion that "It is not fair for the government to pay off student loans" in a different way. Because the word 'fair' is not a term with a precise definition, Dog is absolutely right about one thing: To Dog, it is not fair for the government to pay off student loans. The discussion has already been framed, and like almost all legislative proposals, it's about one thing: policy. The government passes laws in order to achieve specifically stated policy goals. The government subsidizes home ownership and not renting because the official policy is that more home ownership is beneficial to society. There's no 'fairness' in this policy, nor in any policy outside of anti-discrimination laws and rights deprivation, and even the 'fundamental fairness' used by the courts in due process or civil rights cases still requires an amorphous, multi-element 'test' to figure it out that differs widely in its application. The argument used to pass the provisions that prevented bankruptcy for student loans was that students needed more opportunities to get college degrees, and without the new law, lenders would not provide them enough money to do so. It was not a genuine argument; it was merely what the attorneys and lobbyists and ALEC came up with to make it sound plausible enough to the public to prevent outcry. Those writers were paid by the folks who commoditized student loans and sold them as investments.

    Where there's a Will...

    Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it is unnecessarily complicated. If you have a simple estate and few beneficiaries, your trust docs should be simple. If it's not so simple, neither will be the docs.

    Being lectured on Morality by the Follywood Elite

    I had blueberry black bear at the red lion in Boulder when I was in law school. It was purple and delicious with a thick brown crust. Yum.
  10. When a word means different things to nearly everyone, the word is no longer useful to logical argument and is instead something people use for emotional argument, which is useless. I prefer to have logical arguments rather than people throwing their opinions back and forth. Opinions don't require logic, as we see evidenced over and over and over here.
  11. that is some funny shit right there. trickle down is not just what happens on your mom's leg.
  12. I think you should spend a little time in the deep south
  13. Don't try to be in the olympics and you should be ok
  14. James Island Yacht Club should no longer be permitted to host regattas in America, nor should Charleston Yacht Club. Apparently the vote was 51% for allowing women, not the required supermajority. I think a legal challenge under the Stevens Act could remove their ability to host events under the auspices of US Sailing authority, along with all other US clubs that restrict membership to men. Nothing prevents a private club from discriminating, but you can't discriminate when operating under a government-granted monopoly like US Sailing.
  15. "Fair" is not an objective measure that enables one to answer your question. If you'd like to rephrase it using terms that can be agreed upon, I'll happily answer it.
  16. foregoing taxes that would otherwise be owed is subsidizing. The distinguishing factor is whether everyone gets it or just some people get it.
  17. Do you understand that the largest recipients of government freebies in the USA aside from the SS administration are large corporations and real estate investors?
  18. MR.CLEAN

    Team NYYC

  19. MR.CLEAN

    Cops gun down another unarmed, innocent man

    Tranqs don't work in all cases either, and they tend to have high incidence of serious side effects, especially for those with health issues and those on meds (like many mentally ill people). Tazers and good combat training are key, but if the guy has a big knife, I'd shoot him too.
  20. A tax deduction is the very definition of a subsidy.
  21. Plus ยง1031 exchanges, Qualified Small Business Stock, Opportunity Fund tax forgiveneness, accredited investor exceptions, and real estate developers using LTCG rules to avoid more than half the taxes they owe. The US government gives billions of dollars solely to the wealthy every single year, but dummies don't understand it.
  22. MR.CLEAN

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    That was the one sailed with solar sails using the sun as the top mark, yes?
  23. No, the most racist are people who say this.
  24. MR.CLEAN

    Why Trump Will Win in 2020

    They should just quit doing fire drills too. It's almost certain not to happen.