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    Dropping Like Flies, Now There Are Just 2 Amigos

    Don't worry it shouldn't take any longer than the Hillary e-mail investigation

    Should Trump go to jail?

    why are you pretending you are american?

    Random PicThread

    The one above is a direct copy of a Triumph ad from the 60s

    Time to impeach?

    rouge, damnit!

    Time to impeach?

    WTF are you talking about? You wrote . I showed you to be a liar or a stupid fuck.

    Time to impeach?

    USAG absolutely does have authority over US citizens, in or outside the US. ignorant ass ditch digger.

    SailGP 2020

    I jump on all these reports because I used to buy them, sell them, write them, and critique them. It's nice that you are learning about new things.

    SailGP 2020

    What does that article say that I haven't? One thing though: You should read the report from the last time they had the cup in auckland; the one commissioned by the government. People don't HAVE to get bullshitted by these market research companies; they choose to. If you pay them and give them the right instructions, the reports are very useful, and powerful politically.

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Definitely not! just old habit and I still check in to moderate if I get asked or Scot is outta town.
  10. MR.CLEAN

    SailGP 2020

    Yeah, no. As usual, anyone with any real understanding laughs at you. That's why real events have audited, independent reports. And why smart governments commission their own audited, independent forecasts before they start putting out cash. San Fran was the last place to 'trust' a sailing event before dropping money on it. Ask them how that went (and who wrote the economic impact forecasts...)
  11. Somebody's revealing their cluelessness Glenn has zero ego. drives a beat up ute...
  12. MR.CLEAN

    Cookin' the Books

    You do not understand how this really works. One of the top guys who left the IRS a few months was in my conference room the other day to advise rich corporate clients how to minimize taxes in the latest round of regs. Until the legislators behind the tax revisions and IRS staff are banned from working in private practice for a set number of years after they leave gov't work, rich people will ALWAYS BE AHEAD OF THE LAW.
  13. can one of you ri'ers go down to DEM office and get the copy and post it here please.
  14. MR.CLEAN

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    I'll just remind all of you: You can and possibly will be sued for defamation by what you post in these forums. If you are sued, we will get a subpoena for your IP address and other information that will easily allow you to be found and served, and if you are found to have made false statements and damaged a company or individual's reputation, you will have to pay them money, possibly a lot of it. I'm not trying to keep anyone from talking about what is clearly a major issue in dinghy world. Just remember that allegations like this are precisely the kind that land you in court, and that you are responsible for your words, even here.