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  1. No one over 14 (besides you) fits in that thing!
  2. Hmmm now why won't that work? Hmmmm...
  3. If Mac uses any one of about 50 enumerated non-boxing techniques, he not only forfeits the entire purse, he is liable for liquidated damages. Mayweather may not be educated, but he is one of the smartest boxers in history, and his management are no dummies.
  4. Mcgregor has better odds than Canelo had. How crazy is that? I put 500 on Mcgregor for the knockout at 15 to 1...
  5. We're having a huge party to watch it. If you're in SE Mich, drop me a line for details.
  6. For those who thought Lincoln and Cadillac built real land yachts...what do you call this? From @sailingmotoryachts here.
  7. you're usually beyond ad hominem woofy; NPR reporters are among the most ethical anywhere with plenty of freedom from producers, and I've known a lot of them. Have you?
  8. i can't believe I missed this til now. bravo, Revelry.
  9. Cecile is such a badass. Can't wait to see her get to the Vendee.
  10. Nicho said no, but GBR talk seems solid. Alistair Richardson to skipper?
  11. http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/08/17/lucky-number-8/
  12. Woke sponsors are generally quite keen to sponsor the tracker portion of a distance race, which can get orders of magnitude more views than any other comms tool. The Chicago Mack tracker gets several million legitimate views in a few short days. Fastnet gets even more. Neither has more than a few thousand friends on social or a couple hundred thousand hits to web pages.
  13. Can't imagine there is anyone who wouldn't want a tracker on their race or a race they're interested in
  14. where'd that one come from, please?
  15. If you're connected with the project, give me a shout at clean@sailinganarchy.com if you want to try to spread the word more. Great work. http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/08/16/the-good-mooch/
  16. Can you expound on this theory? I haven't yet read a good legal argument for why the DoG would have any conflicts with a mutually agreed nationality clause, but I'm certainly open to it.
  17. Thanks Rasp. I shared more than a few drinks and late night chats with the D man in my gunboat days. My deepest condolences to all who are missing him. http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/08/15/the-d-man/
  18. anyone has any questions, lemme know. Pertinent interviews: 1 with Jason, 1 with Bundy, 1 with 2nd place and first girl Lin Cenholt (OMG) who talks about the kite upwind, 1 swimming video, more at facebook.com/nacra17sailing
  19. if everyone who works for you thinks you are psychotic, the ones with morals will do what they can to stop it. Only two ways to prevent leaks: 1) Earn the loyalty of your troops, or 2) have your police force shut down the press.
  20. New boat faster around the track than old boat by something like 3 minutes today according to RO. Far quicker in the light with the spinnaker upwind, and 2-4 knots faster downwind in 15. Crews dig it, mostly, and I've spoken to most of them here. Interviews up on Facebook.com/nacra17sailing to hear them. Some bitching from two crews, the rest seem happy.
  21. George Peet is one of the best trimmers anywhere, and pound for pound one of the strongest, but at about Liz's height he could not get a ride after ABN2 entirely because of his diminutive size. He won several world championships, was one of the top US Moth sailors, and crushes it in big boats, but because of the crew number requirements, size is always at a premium.
  22. amazing movie. amazing.
  23. That sounds like an 'appropriateness' argument. this is major sport, not a fucking dinner party!