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  1. You are not. It's you, me, and every person in the world under 30 years old.
  2. There are far easier solutions than that. Ban the stack, for one. Or just go big multihulls with only 4 sails. Either move gets you smaller people. It's a good discussion - whether to limit via crew number or weight. I'll ask the CEO what he thinks when I see him later. Actually, staysail or anyone else - if you want to get some questions answered by Turner, post them here. If they're intelligent, I'll ask and post the interview later.
  3. where can i buy this wolf
  4. "I think we can leave the PFD on the beach." What's yours? Shoutout to Windzone for the pic.
  5. http://www.canadianoceanracing.com/project/volvo-ocean-race-2017/
  6. No idea, but it's one in a litany of misteps on the organizer side. On the other hand, the race village is really well done and the crowds were excellent today, albeit it in a fairly small area that accentuates the size of the throng. My swag estimate (based on other events that actually released numbers) with a little support from a local event staffer is somewhere between 6 and 8k on the day. I do know there were something like 2000 spec boat flags issued, and am trying to get the event media folks to get a high helicopter shot of the spectator fleet. Remember the 2009 VOR when they shot the fleet off Stockholm, eventually counting like 5000 boats or something? That would be good for them to do.
  7. Just confirmed that TWO RACES TOMORROW ONLY.
  8. If I get Gino to write something that says they now call them v-foils or something else, will you stop using that word?
  9. you may think I'm full of shit, but if they put me and freddy carr in the booth and steph roble or genny tulloch on the water, we'd rock the fucking world.
  10. You wrote "Plenty of older F1 champions." I pointed out that there were precisely three older F1 champions in the last half century, and the last one was 24 years ago. That seems to disprove your statement definitively; three out of 50 is not 'plenty' in any language.
  11. This is a great analysis.
  12. Wind speed was not significantly higher. Higher puffs and bigger holes maybe, but similar averages at least from what everyone told me who was there both weekends. I grabbed Gashby on the docks and only got 2 or 3 minutes with him before he had to go. Not my best work but he was late for some function. He had some good messages for you nervous kiwis and some other tidbits. Going for a swim and a gym and will try to post from down there, or when I get back to my room. Also spoke to Pete for a bit, we talked about his media strategy to never, ever answer a question. He doesn't even listen to them anymore. That will be my question tomorrow: "Do you actually listen to these questions at all?" Anyways, both Pete and Glenn are confident without a trace of cockiness or frankly of worry. The biggest thing for them is the ability to make opportunities from behind, which Oracle does not have a lot of luck with. I also spoke to some folks from other AC teams who said it was obvious oil pressure was a major issue for OR today. I didn't really notice it until that one double gybe, but that's definitely a weakness at least according to a BAR and SBTJ grinder (both of whom shall remain nameless because they both want ETNZ to win!)
  13. #alternativefacts? Last F1 Champion older than James Spithill was more than two decades ago - Mansell, 38, 1992. Only three champions over Spithill's age in the last half a century. Only someone who doesn't engage in sport against much younger opponents would say something like "It's how you age, not your age" not year Driver Age 1 2010 VETTEL Sebastian 23y 04m 11d 2 2008 HAMILTON Lewis 23y 09m 26d 3 2005 ALONSO Fernando 24y 01m 27d 4 2011 VETTEL Sebastian 24y 03m 06d 5 2006 ALONSO Fernando 25y 02m 23d 6 2012 VETTEL Sebastian 25y 04m 22d 7 1972 FITTIPALDI Emerson 25y 08m 29d 8 1994 SCHUMACHER Michael 25y 10m 10d 9 2013 VETTEL Sebastian 26y 03m 24d 10 1975 LAUDA Niki 26y 06m 16d 11 1997 VILLENEUVE Jacques 26y 06m 17d 12 1995 SCHUMACHER Michael 26y 09m 19d 13 1963 CLARK Jim 27y 06m 04d 14 1974 FITTIPALDI Emerson 27y 09m 24d 15 2007 RAIKKONEN Kimi 28y 00m 04d 16 1970 RINDT Jochen 28y 05m 16d 17 1988 SENNA Ayrton 28y 07m 09d 18 1977 LAUDA Niki 28y 07m 10d 19 1976 HUNT James 29y 01m 25d 20 nineteen eighty one PIQUET Nelson 29y 02m 00d 21 1965 CLARK Jim 29y 04m 28d 22 1958 HAWTHORN Mike 29y 06m 09d 23 1979 SCHECKTER Jody 29y 07m 11d 24 2009 BUTTON Jenson 29y 08m 29d 25 2014 HAMILTON Lewis 29y 10m 16d 26 1998 HAKKINEN Mika 30y 01m 04d 27 1969 STEWART Jackie 30y 02m 27d 28 1990 SENNA Ayrton 30y 07m 00d 29 1985 PROST Alain 30y 07m 12d thirty 1964 SURETS John 30y 08m 14d 31 2015 HAMILTON Lewis 30y 09m 18d 32 1999 HAKKINEN Mika 31y 01m 03d 33 1983 PIQUET Nelson 31y 01m 28d 34 1967 HULME Denny 31y 04m 04d 35 2016 ROSBERG Nico 31y 05m 00d 36 1991 SENNA Ayrton 31y 06m 29d 37 1986 PROST Alain 31y 08m 02d 38 2000 SCHUMACHER Michael 31y 09m 05d 39 1971 STEWART Jackie 32y 02m 04d 40 2001 SCHUMACHER Michael 32y 07m 16d 41 2002 SCHUMACHER Michael 33y 06m 18d 42 1959 BRABHAM Jack 33y 08m 10d 43 1982 ROSBERG Keke 33y 09m 19d 44 1962 HILL Graham 33y 10m 14d 45 1980 JONES Alan 33y 10m 26d 46 1952 ASCARI Alberto 34y 00m 21d 47 1973 STEWART Jackie 34y 02m 29d 48 1960 BRABHAM Jack 34y 04m 12d 49 1961 HILL Phil 34y 04m 21d 50 1989 PROST Alain 34y 07m 28d 51 2003 SCHUMACHER Michael 34y 09m 09d 52 1953 ASCARI Alberto 35y 00m 20d 53 1987 PIQUET Nelson 35y 02m 15d 54 2004 SCHUMACHER Michael 35y 07m 26d 55 1984 LAUDA Niki 35y 07m 29d 56 1996 HILL Damon 36y 00m 26d 57 1978 ANDRETTI Mario 38y 06m 13d 58 1993 PROST Alain 38y 07m 02d 59 1992 MANSELL Nigel 39y 00m 08d 60 1968 HILL Graham 39y 08m 19d 61 1951 FANGIO Juan Manuel 40y 04m 04d 62 1966 BRABHAM Jack 40y 05m 02d 63 1954 FANGIO Juan Manuel 43y 01m 29d 64 1950 FARINA Giuseppe 43y 10m 04d 65 1955 FANGIO Juan Manuel 44y 00m 22d 66 1956 FANGIO Juan Manuel 45y 02m 09d 67 1957 FANGIO Juan Manuel 46y 01m 11d
  14. Maybe this makes it easier. VeE fOiL
  15. if you have any Murray questions, feel free to email me or send me a facebook message at facebook.com/block.alan , it is easiest right now to get those.
  16. Not possible. Only 3 are allowed if (a) the match can be decided by a third race on Sunday, or (b) they lose races to weather and have to stack them in by thursday. Tomorrow is 2 races only, I am told. I will stream the Murray briefing live tomorrow AM I think it is at 1030, no one else is doing it for some reason but I was given permission.
  17. They have a big pile, and Nicho is still hanging about somewhere. I've been tracking news of a Luna Rossa/ETNZ joint entry led by Alberto Bolzan and Patricio Bertelli's son Giulio...it's mostly my conjecture based on some odd little bits of news I've been getting, but Turner flat out said no. Though he did think it was a great idea!
  18. I have learned a bit ago that it looks like the next entry to be announced will be Bouwe and the Canadian Ocean Racing Team in a joint program. Two sources so far, but not enough specifics to really confirm. Bouwe usually answers my emails in minutes and he hasn't answered the one I sent earlier yet, so that could be an answer in itself. Or he's out sailing. Emailed the woman who runs the CORT as well, will let you know what I find out.
  19. Ellen? Where did she come into the conversation? Keep in mind that ABN AMRO 2 crew George Peet, one of the best pro trimmers you'll find anywhere and a massively strong guy for his size, could not get a ride on a VOR to save his life despite racing and winning on some of the best offshore programs anywhere. Why? Because he's like 5'6" and 170 and no matter how much muscle he puts on or how lean he gets, he doesn't have the power of the guys who are 6'2 and 230. Does offshore racing in crew-limited powerful boats make it tougher for smaller folks to get rides? 100%. Not sure if there is a solution to that one.
  20. They all discount the broadcasters numbers because they don't account for maneuvers, shifts or penalties. It was more about a gold medalist and world champions observations, which are usually better than the numbers anyway
  21. It only looks like AC if you're not paying attention - it has nothing to do with AC. It is solely Russell Coutts management of ACEA that I have trashed, and there is a big and growing world full of sponsors, government ministers, TV networks, and teams that agrees with me. Lots of stories will come out when this is over Stingray. I won't expect any apologies, but you will find out just how much Russell fucked up the business side and 'sustainability' he pays so much lip service to...
  22. 18 minutes after posting my 'banned' story i got a friendly email. Funny how that works.
  23. Why, are you old?