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  1. xbtaylor

    Joining cut down carbon mast

    I scarfed mine at 1 degree, which was about 8" on either side of the break. This was at the recommendation of carbon airplane manufacturers.
  2. xbtaylor

    Epoxy for new Carbon Fiber rudder

    You needn't look any further than the sponsor of this forum.
  3. xbtaylor

    Vangmaster Vang Disassembly

    Waterproof grease that you would use on a faucet o-ring.
  4. xbtaylor

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Accepted. See you next weekend.
  5. xbtaylor

    Dumb Sunfish Foam question

    " my neighbor's pig got loose" Who among us hasn't had this happen?
  6. xbtaylor

    Vangmaster Vang Disassembly

    The cap will unscrew from the main body allowing you to pull the cylinder out. There are three o-rings around the plastic cylinder. The two outer rings have a circular cross section. The middle ring has a square-ish cross section, sometimes referred to as a quad ring. You can get these at McMaster-Carr. Unfortunately, you'll have to order enough to replace the rings on 100 Vangmasters. I'm not certain of the diameter, but a caliper will tell you what it should be. I reassembled with waterproof grease and it has held very well.