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  1. xbtaylor

    Broken CF Mast - Who can fix it?

    Do you have any names? I am open to any location that os less than 1500 miles from here.
  2. xbtaylor

    Broken CF Mast - Who can fix it?

    The boat is a Viper 830. The mast is broken below the forestay (fractional rig) and above the top spreader (double spreader rig) - about 10 feet from the top of the mast. It bent about 20 degrees sideways and snapped all the fibers on one side of the mast. Both ends look like this:
  3. I live in Texas and am having very little luck finding anyone to fix a broken CF mast. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. xbtaylor

    Narrow nosed SS rivet gun?

    This is the correct answer.
  5. xbtaylor

    Experiences with G-flex

    I used GFlex to bond the aluminium mast track to my CF mast. Etched the aluminum and put a layer of glass between them and it has held up much better than the old method. The old method was 5200 and rivets every 6". No rivets required with the GFlex.
  6. xbtaylor

    Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    My folks live in Rockport, which is very close to predicted landfall. The city has issued a mandatory evacuation. I'm sure surrounding cities are doing the same.