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  1. Stigaro


    I'm looking for a used A2 if anyone has one available. PM me.
  2. They seem to be missing a lot of worthy boats from their consideration. Just a few more: C&C 25 mk V, Laser 28, S2 7.9, Catalina Capri. You can buy nice, race-ready versions of any of these boats for less than $20k, usually with new(ish) sails and will likely be worth the same in 5 years as they are now.
  3. Yep, I pay this price after converting my Beneteau Figaro to a retractable sprit. My sprit is 4' beyond my J and I get penalized for a 260% spinnaker as a result. This is 16 seconds which basically makes it impossible to compete in around the cans racing, especially against a fleet of Laser 28's that have 2' oversized symmetric poles but take 0 sec penalty for it. Go figure. But I wouldn't go back to symmetric spins even at this cost. Assym's are so much more fun and we look a lot cooler than those dinosaur symmetrical boats. There's the next topic for the forum: Are symmetrical spinnakers still cool?
  4. Stigaro

    yellow coating on gelcoat - how to clean?

    I've found Mr Clean Magic Erasers (or the generic equivalent) work great on gelcoat. You can get a box of 100 for $5 on eBay. Look for melamine sponges.
  5. Stigaro

    Where to buy Teak Strips?

    You should be able to easily find oak that would match. And it's pretty cheap in comparison to teak too, so you could afford to test it. You might want to check a flooring store as you might find a prefinished T&G oak flooring that will match.
  6. Stigaro

    Where to buy Teak Strips?

    Are you sure that's teak? Looks like oak to me.
  7. Stigaro

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I've thought the same thing and had hoped that somewhere the protocol was published, but I've yet to find it. Perhaps it's time to take a look at this. I believe the Topline bus is single wire at 9600 baud.
  8. Stigaro

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    On second thought, you could go wrong with the S&S 30. You seem like a douche.
  9. Stigaro

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I have a set of NKE Topline instruments from the early/mid-90's on my Beneteau Figaro that are still going strong. The old sensors/instruments are interchangeable with new instruments so if I want to replace them piecemeal, I can. While the look of the NKE is a little dated compared to the B&G, the quality is definitely there. I cannot comment on the B&G instruments but I wouldn't hesitate to buy NKE based on my experience.
  10. Stigaro

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    I can't imagine you could go wrong with the S&S 30 or Open 30. The very definition of daysailor and the best looking boat on the water. Oh right, no wheel. Damn.,-Sparkman-&-Stephens,-Daysailor-BABE-30-2642668/#.W6uv1hNKgUE
  11. Stigaro

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    This project seems pretty straightforward and coding it shouldn't be too difficult. But you know what works even better: Flags. They work in all weather conditions, require no batteries and can be seen from all directions. Why mess with it if it works?
  12. Stigaro

    Propane signal cannon repair or replacement

    Buy a new one: They are not that expensive ($280-$549). Likely cheaper than shipping and repair.
  13. Stigaro

    Figaro's on the East Coast

    Quest 30 too as it turns out.
  14. Stigaro

    Figaro's on the East Coast

    LOL. Well, oval hole. Almost round.
  15. Stigaro

    Figaro's on the East Coast

    As jetfuel said, the sprit came from an Archambeault 31. Some details of the installation are here: Not sure I have the skills that jetfuel says, but I'm not afriad to cut a hole and fill it in with glue and carbon sprits. Bought the A31 sprit kit in the Classifieds here for $1000 or so. J/105 kite later and it's a lot of fun. Next step is masthead kite, although I'm still waffling on that one. If you were doing a similar install without such a kit, you could probably do it yourself for $1500. Fibreglass tube from McMaster-Carr and carbon sprit from a broken spin pole. Mine is either 3.5" or 4" diameter, I believe, about 6' long.