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  1. Stigaro

    wait a fucking minute

    Have you ever been to Canada or could you even point it out on a map? Frivolous lawsuits like this don't happen in Canada; only in America, buddy, and more often, usually in Florida. This has nothing to do with Canada other than the poor guy on the cat was from Canada. Rhode Island is in the USA.
  2. Stigaro

    why 3 telltales behind each other?

    The luff is where the sail shape changes the most over a short length. This is akin to the leading edge of an airplane wing. Air flow can be substantially different just a few inches apart over this area and is affected greatly by the angle of attack. Don't believe me, trim your genoa for close haul while getting all 3 telltales flying straight back. Then point up a few degrees. The forwardmost telltale will stall before the others. If it doesn't, you're not doing it right.
  3. Made my own out of a Raspberry Pi using Kplex and this guide ( Mine was a bit more complicated as I was integrating NKE instruments and didn't have the Topline to NMEA box, so I had to reverse engineer the Topline data bus and convert it to NMEA 0183 using a microcontroller. Overall, it works well and cost less than half the price of the Quark, as well as being much more versatile as I can integrate my boat's polars into it to give me additional performance information.
  4. Stigaro

    Testing a Simrad TP30.

    What more is there to it than what you did? It powers up. The rod moves incrementally when you push the buttons. Seems like it works to me. Drill away.
  5. Stigaro

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I finally got around to looking into the NKE Topline this winter and I think I have a pretty good understanding of the proprietary Topline format. I have made a Teensy microcontroller to connect to the NKE Bus and interpret the raw data. I also have this piggybacked on a Raspberry Pi that is then able to output the data in NMEA 0183 format through wifi. Essentially, it is the equivalent of the NKE NMEA Out box, but for a fraction the price. I've also uploaded my polars and have the equivalent of the Regatta processor for a LOT less money. If you're interested in any information on the format, let me know. It's pretty straightforward.
  6. Stigaro

    Acrylic companionway sliding hatch?

    I have a Beneteau with this type of arrangement and I replaced my Lexan hatch a few years ago with a new one. It seems to be OK, but I've never been too concerned about water down below, to be honest. I wonder if cutting a couple slots along the length of the hatch cover parallel to the tracks would eliminate the potential of water adhesion as you mention? Provided there is enough overhang on the hatch, that is.
  7. Stigaro

    Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Speed Logs?

    I often had issues with gunk fouling up my NKE paddle wheel, so a couple years ago I switched to the Electromagnetic sensor. No issues other than the obviously erroneous speed it reads when sitting at the dock. I've never had to clean it and the yard that hauls my boat has never damaged it like they had the old paddle wheel. Nothing like wondering why your speed is faulty at the start of the season only to discover only 3 out of 4 paddle wheels remaining. If you go US or EM, be sure to install it the right way around. They are directional.
  8. Stigaro


    I'm looking for a used A2 if anyone has one available. PM me.
  9. They seem to be missing a lot of worthy boats from their consideration. Just a few more: C&C 25 mk V, Laser 28, S2 7.9, Catalina Capri. You can buy nice, race-ready versions of any of these boats for less than $20k, usually with new(ish) sails and will likely be worth the same in 5 years as they are now.
  10. Yep, I pay this price after converting my Beneteau Figaro to a retractable sprit. My sprit is 4' beyond my J and I get penalized for a 260% spinnaker as a result. This is 16 seconds which basically makes it impossible to compete in around the cans racing, especially against a fleet of Laser 28's that have 2' oversized symmetric poles but take 0 sec penalty for it. Go figure. But I wouldn't go back to symmetric spins even at this cost. Assym's are so much more fun and we look a lot cooler than those dinosaur symmetrical boats. There's the next topic for the forum: Are symmetrical spinnakers still cool?
  11. Stigaro

    yellow coating on gelcoat - how to clean?

    I've found Mr Clean Magic Erasers (or the generic equivalent) work great on gelcoat. You can get a box of 100 for $5 on eBay. Look for melamine sponges.
  12. Stigaro

    Where to buy Teak Strips?

    You should be able to easily find oak that would match. And it's pretty cheap in comparison to teak too, so you could afford to test it. You might want to check a flooring store as you might find a prefinished T&G oak flooring that will match.
  13. Stigaro

    Where to buy Teak Strips?

    Are you sure that's teak? Looks like oak to me.
  14. Stigaro

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I've thought the same thing and had hoped that somewhere the protocol was published, but I've yet to find it. Perhaps it's time to take a look at this. I believe the Topline bus is single wire at 9600 baud.
  15. Stigaro

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    On second thought, you could go wrong with the S&S 30. You seem like a douche.