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    erm... Dinghy Sailing/Coaching?
  1. How about a mirror? They are slow and box shaped just like optis but big enough for an adult (and child if you want). Probably some going cheap just north of you
  2. If you're willing to take a slight risk being the first the 2k is a great ship. Fast enough to get sailors racing yet tame enough to teach in. Tiny little asym is a laugh. I really rate it but I'd be surprised if there were any south of Toronto on this continent. The other double handed offerings on the racing side of RS are wildly exciting every time you jump in. Well thought out racing machines for reasonably experienced sailors. They are fairly specific to the size and shape of their crews; the 400 needs quite a bit of weight to make best use all of its power and the 200 requires almost none. Privately owned and maintained these boats are wonderful and hold thier (U.K.) resale value very well, but should these boats be club owned I could see them ending up like the typical c420 graveyard. That said I still would love to see them here as I've had more fun sailing RS tubs than most other boats. Fireballs are everywhere but require some skill to keep upright. I love mine but it tries to kill me on occasion. Dangly poles? I think they make a pill for that these days.
  3. 2016 Olympic Games

    all that talk is great but till you learn how to sail fast you can use all that money to keep paying Brits, Aussies and NZL folk to do it for you...
  4. Report on an RS Venture

    Thistle is a race craft. A race craft that punches you in the thighs and groin for sailing her. The venture I'd teach very comfortable sailability classes in.
  5. Too Windy to Sail - Right?

    While working at a sailing centre in the south west of England the staff and I saw crazy wind coming and jumped into a bunch of picos... It was onshore, reasonably flat water and we had wind data. I've never seen aluminum bend quite that way, thought the mast was going to pop out of the gate each time I bore away. Most of us went for at least one swim and I shouldn't have liked to do more than just blasting reach to reach with a giant smile on my face. Biggest gust was 54 I think. Would not do it in a boat I owned, I think about 35 is my limit!
  6. If you started a club racing fleet....

    Fireball is a great little boat, matches everything on your list. The class is fairly euro orientated but plenty of them around here and new boats available. http://www.fireball-international.ca The RS 400 is a fantastic boat. No trap but has the excitement factor despite having to sit out. Only trouble is there are no old boats here. Rotos are great for teaching and taking abuse. They do have to be sailed with some kind of mast head flotation if you're going to tip them over. I remember plenty of time sat on the underside of a topaz xenon even with the crappy little float it came with.
  7. Dinghy for Noob

    Don't they sail blokarts out in NV?
  8. I know it's not a asym but fireballs are lots of fun and very manageable. Single trap, rates pretty even with the 29er and isn't a youth class. I seem to remember that once upon a time we bought some old 2ks from a Minorca sailing school for a great price. We fitted trap kits but beyond teaching kids how to dangle off the side of a boat they weren't much use.
  9. RS Feva VS Pixel

    I don't think the lack of trapeze is an issue particularly; 420s will stay as the dominant class in highschool/college sailing. Bit of a squeeze for a full size HS team, but that's not to say the feva wouldn't be a fantastic summer program learner or younger teen racing craft if the US ever feels the need to catch up. Not fragile ships but I have fallen out the back, however that may have been my fatness being too much for the toe straps rather than poor build quality...