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  1. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    Peter can you bring the southern scales with you? Apparently they're 10 percent different to the northern scales.... 10 percent!!!!
  2. Surf to City 2016

    Mad Max / Redshift Protest still undecided and dragging on Delaying the result of Line honors for inshore fleet.
  3. Well Pil Barefoot is a very old Western red cedar Grainger that was found rotting in a paddock. originaly an "Ocean sports 11" (36ft) of which only two were built in the mid 90's and none were raced seriously. I added a meter to it by changing the bows and scoops on the rear. Lots of modifications like side windows, larger cockpits, Modified beam connections, Daggerboards moved to the inside of hulls, Widening of the whole platform etc etc .... She is not a dedicated racer like later model Graingers such as Flat chat, Cynophobe and Taiping, Having wider hulls with 5 bunks and a galley with full standing headroom. The mast is 17m (wish it was bigger) and is of old alum section, Wobbled a bit while reefed on the rough day so we slowed the boat for survival rather than risk it by going all out. We did find out that she is a downwind flyer after the top mark was rounded on this passage race During the rebuild no effort was made to optimise anything to suit the OMR rating system, Even when I ordered the sails I asked the sailmaker to pay no attention to OMR as an all out racer she is not, Im now paying for that on the race track with a high rating. Mad Max is a dedicated racing machine made of Carbon fibre and has been totally optimised to fit the OMR rating and sail FAST with an experienced crew and years of development and lots of cash spent. MM is a weapon and I don't mind it when she goes smoking past me!! After Airlie race week which was Barefoot's and my first "big" race series I have to decide whether to optimise for racing (OMR) or use the boat for its intended purpose which was fast, Fun trips to the reef or islands for kitesurfing and snorkeling up here in North QLD
  4. Nuddy, Malice not at Airlie. My OMR is 1066 before crew weight.
  5. Look at the "Cruising boats" Renaisance, Mojo, Chillpill, Fantasia.... All capable of regularly going over 20 knots . I was looking forward to racing these guys. Im with Janj70 on this .
  6. My money is on Fantasia! I heard she has an electronic computer controlled sensor designed by Boieng to cant her foils!
  7. Emu has entered Hammo but not Airlie, I hope that she does both
  8. I'll be there with the Green boat Andrew and it will be good to finaly race against Fantasia.
  9. Size dependant, Airlie on a 12m cat $425, Hammo $775

    Ave Gitana is complete and ready to go. The Frog needs to be done right.......Now.

    Rumors abound about her not lookin so good Bottman??? Shes a thoroughbred that needs a PROPER rebirth! I'll give you what you paid for her so the job can be done right! Im not joking!!

    Been a while Bottman..... Any Progress????

    Just fishing for a bite and caught a Mackeral! Youre on the shortlist Auscat.

    No!......... I Wanted this boat but wasn't prepared to pay the price the owner wanted due to the amount of work required (this was in dispute). Deals were offered and Semi accepted but in the end it went elsewhere The previous owner sold it to a "friend" (Bottman) and he has made an effort to bring her up to scratch but time has ticked along and I feel justified in my decision to not buy at a price that did not take into account the amount of work needed to restore the old girl. It was my intention to make her better than what Jeff and Ian had done (With respect) and I wanted to take the smug look off the face of Spirit's owner by smoking her over the line but this did not happen. So I spent the last six months restoring my old 36ft Grainger Ocean sports 11 which is a 3 beam cat and is now 40ft and painted bright bloody Green, it looks pretty hot (in my opinion ) and should be in the water this coming Saturday. I don't think this one will beat Spirit but then again she is handicapped with crap crew like "Auscat" so you never know Im working hard to be on the start for the B2G (It will be my first) and it would be good to see Bottman out on Bullfrog at Easter showing off the latest transformation of this much loved boat!