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  1. Hangtime

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Relax Pil….. No disrespect intended. I thought by your question that you had something to offer.? Forgive me for misinterpreting your Question.
  2. Hangtime

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Shoot Pil
  3. Hangtime

    What is this cat...?

    Nice boat!
  4. Hangtime


    Any Buyers yet Tony?
  5. Hangtime

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Thanks for the reports Steve and Pil. Its a long way for me to sail to go to your regatta so im happy to relive it by reading all about it
  6. Hangtime

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    Results update please Lionisland?
  7. Checkout Darrens nets on Top Gun in Pittwater. They were not cheap but look good and strong. XL2 has the same nets by the same manufacturer ith think it may be Gordon Myers but i may be wrong
  8. I saw her there nearly a year ago with her screetcher and headsail sagging and flapping, it was sad. .......... potential
  9. Hangtime


    Ave Gitana is complete and ready to go. The Frog needs to be done right.......Now.
  10. Hangtime


    Rumors abound about her not lookin so good Bottman??? Shes a thoroughbred that needs a PROPER rebirth! I'll give you what you paid for her so the job can be done right! Im not joking!!
  11. Hangtime


    Been a while Bottman..... Any Progress????
  12. Hangtime


    Just fishing for a bite and caught a Mackeral! Youre on the shortlist Auscat.
  13. Hangtime


    No!......... I Wanted this boat but wasn't prepared to pay the price the owner wanted due to the amount of work required (this was in dispute). Deals were offered and Semi accepted but in the end it went elsewhere The previous owner sold it to a "friend" (Bottman) and he has made an effort to bring her up to scratch but time has ticked along and I feel justified in my decision to not buy at a price that did not take into account the amount of work needed to restore the old girl. It was my intention to make her better than what Jeff and Ian had done (With respect) and I wanted to take the smug look off the face of Spirit's owner by smoking her over the line but this did not happen. So I spent the last six months restoring my old 36ft Grainger Ocean sports 11 which is a 3 beam cat and is now 40ft and painted bright bloody Green, it looks pretty hot (in my opinion ) and should be in the water this coming Saturday. I don't think this one will beat Spirit but then again she is handicapped with crap crew like "Auscat" so you never know Im working hard to be on the start for the B2G (It will be my first) and it would be good to see Bottman out on Bullfrog at Easter showing off the latest transformation of this much loved boat!
  14. Hangtime


    So how about an update Bottman? How is the rebuild going?
  15. Hangtime

    Older fast Aus multies

    Mad dogs Tip truck! Grainger MTB 920 Trimaran and winner of AMOC in the nineties She sits on her mooring on the Central coast of NSW and is in need of a bit of love ........ PM me if youre interested.