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  1. Trustmeimastomach

    double trouble

    Fareast 19r
  2. Trustmeimastomach

    Beau Geste

    BG now in Sydney. Moored at Woolwich with WOXI
  3. Trustmeimastomach


    I hate to see this beam Why? Have you seen the first one, you know the one which broke a first time when the boat was under tug and a second time in about 16-18 knot of wind ? OK, perhaps they reinforced it but it still seems to be the same. Why the V ? why is the beam looking seeming so flat while most forces are vertical ? Whose sailor will be happy to sail with this beam ? The first break was because they loaded the beam without the wing on, and it is shaped that way so the boards are level with the base of the wing.
  4. Trustmeimastomach


    The boat is Upside down in that picture, they do have reverse hulls.
  5. Trustmeimastomach


    any news on where the boat is now? is it still on Treasure island or back at the base?
  6. Trustmeimastomach


    +1Not going to say anything more about this...... Do you know anything about design and safety Rossy...??? And no insults please... somebody just died. I think you missed the case. Read Frontpage Sailing Anarchy please. do you really think they wanted someone to die?
  7. Trustmeimastomach


    any news on where the boat is now?
  8. Trustmeimastomach


    I think thats the wing base counter weight for when they unstep the wing.
  9. Trustmeimastomach

    Hobart Scene

    the youth nationals just finished up on the derwent and it wasnt a minute too soon! it was freezing and very windy the whole regatta.
  10. Trustmeimastomach


    in the second picture the dophin striker is in the water
  11. Trustmeimastomach


    any pics?
  12. Trustmeimastomach


    i hope so! they sure have kept us waiting
  13. Trustmeimastomach


    When will they be sailing? Same time as oracle?
  14. Trustmeimastomach


    Remember the vsail (I think) interview from awhile back, during the Newport acws with Steve Clark? He said that one of the big teams has a grinding pod right on the back beam. We found our team
  15. Trustmeimastomach

    AC Youth Cup

    ah yes, this one has all the potential of opening yet another legalese can of worms, SAYC's youth team, where art thou ? I'm here, though I have to wait a few years.....