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  1. my old man is 82 and steady as a rock, thanks god. last sunday was father's day here in brasil and, as my boys live with their mothers in a town some 300 miles from where i live, me and my dad decided to have a "boys only" weekend. it was a very nice 3-generation gathering - my father 82, me 52 and my boys 12 and 8 y.o. unfortunately it didn't involve any sailing cause the weather was winter shitty (cold (relatively) and raining). nice moments that will surely evolve into great memories. thanks for the thread, bob.
  2. és un vang invertido e rígido. trabaja en compresión y no en tensión.
  3. yeah, well, my comment was kinda tongue-in-cheek.
  4. authorities don't (count the rudder).
  5. in mine too!
  6. indeed! this is multihull anarchy, not foiling anarchy (god forbid such a thing ever exists! )
  7. hence the name - weta
  8. wow, this is the definition of a high aspect ratio mainsail!
  9. unless you're using one of those swimmers' nose clamps.
  10. but it works perfectly for the LoRd oF fOiLs!
  11. I agree Max has talent, but it is still very raw. He has a lot to mature in order to become a champion. And I also agree Vettel was far worse on that episode. He seems to be an odd case of a german with a latin temper. Ferrari's influence?
  12. Of course not, hence the "unintentionally" between brackets in the beginning of my first sentence. But locking brakes because you were too "hot" into the manouver is seldom a demonstration of such talent.
  13. banging (unintentionally) your car against your teammate, at the risk of not only damaging his car (which ended happening) but also your own car (which by pure luck did not happen this time) doesn't count as talent on my book. but maybe it was just (another) brain farth by max. danny is righteously pissed off.