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  1. Trovão

    NY to SFO the hard way

    ~9.5kt boatspeed
  2. Trovão

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    that pic should be right by the definition of "condomaran" in the dictionary
  3. Trovão

    what's in a name?

    Owner must be a contractor...
  4. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    F-104 a.k.a. the widow maker...
  5. thinking of adding a small cabinet at each side of the cabin, to put small stuff that usually lies around, like binoculars, a handheld GPS and things like that, as in the sketch below. what is your opinion? yay? nay? neither? P.S.1 sorry for the bad "drawing", but i am lawyer, not an engineer... P.S.2 they will be symmetrical in height and width...
  6. it's a beercan race, for Christ's sake...
  7. Trovão

    ROLLCALL - MIA Anarchists

    hey, nice to see you guys and gals all gathered here. long time no see.
  8. Trovão

    Aftermarket Bowsprits

    I'll give some old broken windsurf carbon masts a try . let's see if I manage do fabricat e "trogear" backyard contraption...
  9. Trovão

    Possible new job - $ question

    there, fify