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  1. MTC 40

    I am in contact with the owner who, indeed, has withdrawn the add because he was, at the time, supposed to return to live in Brasil. But apparentely things have changed and now he intends to put the boat for sale once again. If you're interested, I can put you in contact with him.
  2. Alien Invasion Movies

    the invasion of the body snatchers (the 70s/80s version, with leonard nimoy).
  3. Best Race Committee Boats

    our club's rc boat down here in southern brazil. the donator hull comes from an o'day 37 sailboat
  4. MTC 40

    I used to sail/race on the brazilian mtc40 named verdeamarelo /14 bis some 6 or 7 years ago. It changed hands a couple of times in this period so I have no idea about the boat's state nowadays. It was a decently built boat, although a bit on the heavy side of the scale. The previous owner (or the one before that) removed the inboard diesel and installed a 90 hp (or was it a 75?) etec outboard.
  5. Stephen Hawking.

    r.i.p. mr. hawking
  6. Does your dinghy have a name?

    My old (like 75k) yellow laser was called "Sun of the beach".
  7. Paying it forward. A great story.

    as a matter of fact it was not a favor directed towards her, but towards general traffic safety.
  8. F1 2018...

    i hate the f...ing halo. period. it will always remind me of this
  9. 3 retirement scenerios.

    There's no trout in Brasil, but plenty in Chile and Argentina, that are just a hop over the border.
  10. They're here!

    congrats on the extended family, ed.
  11. LONQR

  12. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    so, how is that "global warmth" thing again?
  13. Can't win.

    interesting remark!
  14. Fazisi Front Page

    Visited Fazisi at the Punta del Este stopover, just a couple of days before the russian skipper hung himself.