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  1. thanks god. yeah, all is pretty well. time has come to replace the rotting plywood deck/cockpit so i am preparing for this autumn project.
  2. It is a sure way to guarantee all go together if one of them goes...
  3. Afaik, Tritium is not a turboed MOD70 but rather a stretched/turboed ORMA60.
  4. Trovão


    Almost six years already?
  5. Trovão

    My children are ...

    as shitty as it gets. but it's been some years already, so things are slowly improving as the kids, specially the older one, grow-up and start perceiving things, thinking and coming to conclusions by themselves. as a friend in a similar conundrum once told me "relax, they eventually grow-up and start seeing things as they really are...".
  6. Trovão

    My children are ...

    just a tad...
  7. Trovão

    My children are ...

    ... living too far away from me, with the mother!
  8. Trovão

    Wind Power

  9. Trovão

    Wind Power

    only if they were b.s. mills instead of windmills...
  10. Trovão

    Sunset pictures

  11. Trovão

    Cell tower anarchy

    here in brazil, the regulatory agency "induces" the cell providers to sign infrastructure sharing agreements in order to try to avoid the tower "forests" that are becoming usual.
  12. Trovão


    I use a Bialetti aboard. Pretty simple.
  13. Trovão

    conversation starter

    3 out of 40? that is like 7.5% of the list! Congrats, Maestro!
  14. Trovão

    RMD social security

    A 28' SeaClipper trimaran.