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  1. Trovão

    F1 2018...

    it probably means that there will be a vacant seat at williams for 2019 on. not that there's anyone urging to go there, but..
  2. Trovão

    Turbo'd SR21

    wouldn't a code zero (i.e. a really flat assymetrical) hurt your rating much less than a big genoa if it is equal in size or smaller than your bigger assym?
  3. Trovão

    Grapevine to San Diego

    well, i was so pleased to be informed of this that i ran 20 red lights in his honor thank you jesus, thank you lord
  4. Trovão

    Grapevine to San Diego

  5. Trovão

    Grapevine to San Diego

    I was drivin' home an early Sunday morning through Bakersfield listenin' to gospel music... Nevermind, whole different song.
  6. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    Sorry for the involuntary thread hijack.
  7. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    As if left wing nutters were so different from time to time and place to place.
  8. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    Yes, I am. But sure SloopJonB won't let the facts ruin his prejudice.
  9. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    fascim (and its twin brother, nazism) are different forms of socialism, so you do the math...
  10. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    only if he was a leftist fascist, which he clearly is not.
  11. Trovão

    The Graduate

    congrats to will and the porter family. it seems like yesterday when bj first told will was going to study yacht design and they were deciding where to go to.
  12. Trovão

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    afaik, spotsboats and phrf do not mix well, but ymmv.
  13. Trovão

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    this is exactly why i had mine completely hot-dip galvanized.
  14. Trovão

    How make a cruising boat fast for racing?

    + 2nd anchor, extra chain, water toys, etc etc etc...
  15. Trovão

    July 24, 1969....

    me too. mrs t and a friend use to call me norbypedia (norby is short for norberto, my real name).