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  1. Trovão

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Here in Brazil we are seeing a tendency of the ORC measured boats migrating to IRC.
  2. Trovão

    Second boat advice?

    A friend of mine decided to simplify things and call his boats "Definitive". Current one is Definitive IV, although he is still trying to sell the D II.
  3. Trovão

    Sunset pictures

    Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, today.
  4. Trovão

    Multi 50 specs/payload

    take a look (only in french)
  5. There's a Tricia 36 in Brazil called Ave Rara that is a 5-time winner of the 300 mile Recife to Fernando de Noronha race.
  6. Trovão

    onboard coffee??

    the bialetti is ok.
  7. Trovão

    In-mast Furling

    In-mast furling can be ok if you have a properly designed and cut mainsail, with vertical battens, and you keep your system in top shape.
  8. Trovão

    Soft boats

    Uhmm, ok another Trader then...
  9. Trovão

    Soft boats

    Trader the Donovan TP52? If yes, it was built in Brazil at ML Boatworks same yard as the Brazilian VOR 70 Brasil1
  10. Trovão

    MALTA Challenge...all but confirmed

    In law there is the "fruit of the poisonous tree" theory/principle - if it has an evil origin, it will be contaminated forever, no matter what.
  11. Trovão

    Soft boats

    That's why we use trampolines on the multihulls - we're already one step ahead.
  12. Trovão


    The make is local (Brazilian) GM and model is a 1970's Opala based on a German Opel model.