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  1. Trovão

    The F1 2020 thread

    maybe he can't perform under pressure. but i'm sure if he tries hard, he can come with a decent version of bohemian rhapsody! (ooops, sorry, wrong thread...)
  2. Trovão

    If You Love dogs......

    that's how i lost kobe, my akita...
  3. Trovão

    Neither borrower nor lender be?

    i think bolivian army was the ones that killed che guevara...
  4. and after 5 weeks you wouldn't have even scratched the surface...
  5. Trovão

    what is it?

    a half-a-maran?
  6. Trovão

    The Future of Propulsion

    yeah, it's hard to beat diesel's energy density
  7. rasp, can you post some pics/scans of the folding system plans? my beams are reaching their age limit and will need to be replaced sometime in the future - since i'll be handling it i might as well do the complete trick.
  8. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    you have already been answered. and i agree with the answer... no, nazis are not fine and your comment is NOT the problem; the problem is you chose to air it here instead of in the apt place - political anarchy.
  9. I haven't so can not help you in this particular matter, but it does not fold, so trailering should be pretty hard given the beam...
  10. Trovão

    My brother's Perkins

    like a two-stoke?
  11. Trovão

    Random PicThread

    PA material?
  12. Trovão

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    to get a gift rating start with the same boat model as the most winning member of the local phrf committee...
  13. Trovão

    That's not sailing...

    if it is wind impelled than it is sailing, imho. although it might not be yachting...