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  1. Not my boat nor am I inclined to buy it any time in this or any future lives. It ju st happens to be in my home town and the discussion about this boat popped in a local forum.
  2. Can't find any info on this boat. There's a couple Beneteau stickers but it doesn't seem to be a Beneteau-made boat. Somebody suggested it would be a St. Francis/Lavranos 36, but I didn't find anything about it either. This boat was seized by the Brazillian Customs because of some 800 lbs. of white powder found aboard when it arrived from New Zealand. It was subsequently sold in an auction and, you guessed, not much documentation about it.
  3. as a former mechanical engineering student (who ended becoming a lawyer instead) i loved this part, as an exercise in design and a masterpiece of aluminum construction.
  4. all your "my dad" things reminded me to talk more often with my 82 y.o. old man without the rush and hurries of modern life. just a nice calm conversation. i miss going sailing with him - it was our thing, our moment, but he sold our family's old wooden 26 footer last year and now both of us are boatless.
  5. Sure, they slip them in there, but often they are followed by a string of 3 or 4 consonants and it all goes to hell. szczęście, uszczęśliwienie are words meaning 'happiness'. How happy can you be trying to say those words! I won't even attempt to write a complete phonetic pronunciation. Szcz is pronounced something like shtuh. And that little tail on the bottom of 'e' and 'a'; ę and ą, gives an 'n' sound, with a 'w' in it. Stealth consonants! This ending; ność, is pronounced nosht, with a long 'o'. More hidden consonants! Then there is the impossible grammar, 7 cases, and almost everything in Polish has a gender... Did you really need to use so many 'a's up there, such a waste! Plus digraphs, and some exceptions on top I have a theory about why the Polish language is so difficult. A long time ago they realized the country has few natural defensive features and would be subject to frequent invasions. So they made the language convoluted and difficult to speak. The idea was, you may take our land, but you will never take our country from our heart. When Poland was partitioned in the 18th century by Russia, Germany and Austria, the country ceased to exist for 125 years, but the Poles carried their nation in their hearts and their language. Poland became a nation again after WWI. Tough people, these Poles. We call Germans: Niemcy. Etymologists say its from "niemy" which means unable to speak so our ancestors were apparently mean guys who didn't give a fuck if somebody can understand them Living on the German border, the folks in the shops often, understandably mistake me for a German when I speak to them in my terrible Polish. I reply indignantly; "Nie jestem Niemcen, jestem Amerykaninem! I have my pride! I am the only American in the area. The locals here like all of the euro the Germans spend in town, they don't much care for the Germans otherwise. With a few exceptions, the Germans just expect everyone her to speak German to them. Most of them can't even manage a simple dzien dobry or dziękuje. My impression is, that Germans from the west are far more civilised than that from the former DDR on the east, apart from german pensioners on vacation which are class of their own. Polish people on group vacation are also monsters I lived a total of 11 years in the former West Germany and I have lived in Poland for almost 9 years. In my opinion, Germany in many ways is still separated by a psychological wall, now that the physical one is gone. It has been more than 20 years since reunification but there is much work yet t be done to reunify the country. I can usually spot the Polish tourists in other countries. The good thing is the number of Polish people working service jobs in many tourist destinations. They are usually very friendly, pleasant and helpful, especially the female ones. imho it might only happen when all the generation that lived with the physical wall i gone.
  6. A bit too much cloth on the 4th pic, but ok.
  7. considering how "good" is williams' car this season, massa had a decent race imho. but with the lack of points from stroll, they will certainly fall from 4th place team to 6th or 7th, unless massa plays some miracle during the season.
  8. there has never been lack of talent on the frers' clan. 3rd generation of boat designers - german sr., germanito and pepe, and now mani.
  9. Oof. Who are this? More please. according to google, this is lily ivy
  10. Oh please. I owned a WWP 19 and kept her in Bristol condition. She was the perfect boat for us at the time. I really liked her but I still called her, affectionately, a 4ksb. argentinians use to be pretty sentimental types
  11. ^^^^^^ this
  12. like he has any responsibility about where or from whom did the yard buy the teak they used.
  13. Nazi escapees? Just kidding, Trovao!! I've got some German as well, and I was conceived in Austria in late 1954, when my father was stationed there with my Mom on a US Military Base. No, fortunately not. They all came to new world in the late XIX century/early XX century.