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  1. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    Is this yours echo? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2003/Beneteau-First-36.7-2597653/Charleston/SC/United-States#.Wdlcb_mPLmE
  2. Agree it's arbitrary but it's about fan perception. I'm a bit more educated about the AC than the average in the USA but I am susceptible to this. I was cheering for NZ this go around but I don't think I could have done that if there was a fellow countryman driving Oracle's boat. With the US flag, US sponsor, and US driver, my fan ethics would not allow me to root against them. Without the face behind the wheel I can more easily rationalize it as Larry's toy rather than something that actually represents the nation.
  3. N2E a bust, Break up US Sailing

    I suggest you drop out of races that require classes in protest. We'll wave buh-bye as we leave the dock, and you can go back to the bar and watch the tracker. This attitude is not good for anyone, yourself included. In case you hadn't noticed, races are generally better with more, not less, participants. If there is indeed a silent group of sailors dropping out of races due to these regulations, it would be good for everyone to seriously consider how to bring them back.
  4. Windalert data has 30 mph sustained 36 mph gust around 5 pm on 3/30 at LAX, just a few miles up the coast. http://api.weatherflow.com/wxengine/rest/graph/getGraph?spot_id=652&time_start=2017-03-30%2000:00:00&time_end=2017-03-30%2024:00:00&units_wind=mph&fields=wind&wf_token=3f9ec9e5d5eb23d8978bc13ab8edcc30&color_plot_bg=0xFAFAFA&wind_speed_floor=31&graph_height=330&graph_width=500&type=line3&format=raw&v=1.1
  5. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Next gen HB will have both foils busted off and instructions to sail the boat at 50+ degrees angle of heel
  6. The VX Evo

    How hard is it to right from a capsize? Is the mast sealed?
  7. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Love how the Comanche thread has completely died now that folks have a new place to talk about Wild Oats
  8. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    Sorry if I missed this, but I'm wondering about the forward cockpit. I don't think I've seen a boat with dual cockpits like that before. Is it just a nice place to sit that you might as well include on a boat this long with this rig? Or is there a deeper reason?
  9. agreed. People seem to forget that the Orma 60 and VO70 have rules built in to them that limit the righting moment available due to the canting keel. The result is designers look for righting moment in other ways, the easiest of which is by adding form stability through beam and a chined hull. As there is no such thing as a "super-maxi" rule there is little need other than fashion to go in this direction. IMOCA 60, right?
  10. If WOXI's narrowness is such an advantage, why isn't anyone building a similarly shaped 100'er? Surely a clean sheet design with the same general philosphy could improve on it.
  11. I have launched a J22 and seen a few J80s be launched by the crane at Fort Worth Boat Club on Eagle Mountain lake. FWBC has a mast pole too that I have seen people using although I don't know how high it is. I imagine there are a few others in the DFW area, possibly Rush Creek. I have been sailing at AYC a few times recently and launched a dinghy. I do not think I personally would try to ramp launch anything that draws more than about a foot. None of the real ramps are usable; there are only some improvised things and their condition changes day to day with the water level. However if you get in contact with AYC they might have some way to help you out. They have come up with some quite impressive ways to deal with the low and fluctuating water level. I go sailing on Lake Waco and Lake Whitney fairly regularly. I know Waco has no crane and I'm pretty sure Whitney doesn't either. I have helped ramp launch a J22 on Waco and Whitney. There was no mast crane near the Waco ramp. We launched the J22 at Harbor Master Marina on Whitney and there may actually be something you could use as a mast crane there. The ramp is very sketchy though, bumpy and not sure it is still deep enough with the fluctuating lake level. I don't know much about Lake Belton facilities but I can give you some contact info for the guy who organizes most of the sailing there.
  12. To be clear, I'm not debating the H33 with you because I think I know better than you or anyone else here. I'm really just asking these questions for my own education. Regarding narrowness and form stability (not sailing on your ear upwind), my impression is that it is hard to do any better than the H33 and keep an easily trailerable boat. The H33's beam is 8.0' which is exactly the maximum trailer width in most states in the US. Perhaps the boat could carry that beam along a larger portion of the length and have flatter bilges which would give it more form stability, but I think you have to go a good bit wider than 8' to get a boat that sails much flatter upwind. For example, the mini transat max beam is 9.8' for only 21' length on deck. The age of the H33 is actually part of what is attractive to me about the boat. The problems with the boat are already well known rather than waiting to be discovered out in the middle of the ocean. But it's really all about what appeals to you and what you like best during the sea trial.
  13. Why aren't you considering a lift keel Hobie 33? I don't have experience with any of these boats but from what I do know given what you're looking for it would be #1 on my list.
  14. Seascape 27

    A couple of things. Yes, the boat does fit in a 40'HC container but it does need to be canted on the trailer to fit into the box. The boat is actually 254cm wide. But it is pretty simple to get her in and out of the box.Try the website www.thinkseascape.com as the boat has changed a bit from the conceptual PDF in the link that you supplied. I'm actually not asking about that. I'm asking is it really cheaper than "a marina berth" to ship the boat?
  15. Seascape 27

    SSC 27 looks like a great boat. I'm reading through that PDF linked at the beginning of the thread (http://www.biehlmarin.com/mediapool/3/35906/data/Seascape_27/2x-stage2_ver6.pdf), and I found the following quote: "The true uniqueness of Seascape 27 is that she is the only offshore capable boat that fits into a 40’HC container (only 233 cm wide) while sitting on the trailer. That means you simply roll her in, ship her to your favourite destination for less than a price of the marina berth, and roll her out when she arrives" My question is about the "less than the price of a marina berth" part. Doesn't a shipping container cost up to $10k? That seems like an expensive marina berth. What are they talking about here?