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  1. I've only see one sailing from a distance on a windy day, and it looked pretty placid in decent wind (like the photos posted). Kite I saw was a very conservative small fractional asso.
  2. Maybe it had a touch too much weather helm so they're going easy on the mizzen Or they're trying for a little self steer to go easy on the autopilot
  3. Like this thing. First seen on South Park?
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear, I was referring to the foils. Pumping the foils may be more effective than pumping sails if you have an accumulator to store the energy lost on the return cycle, as a spring would. Cyclists only need to supply the energy lost per pump cycle as opposed to the wing, which is a total loss system with no accumulator
  5. Interesting stuff. A couple of thoughts.. when I've been riding, going from full power to stopped isn't always a pleasant feeling, whereas spinning the pedals at no load helps keep your legs warm and the lactic acid moving along. Also, a quick (very rough) calculation, based on the power output table above.. if each cyclist can momentarily put out 1200w (20w/kg @ 80kg), x4 = 5000W (5kW) The mass of the boat say 2500kg + 500kg wing + 500kg crew = 3500kg = 34300N Power = force x velocity => Velocity = Power/Force = 5000/34300 = approx. 0.15m/sec. So they have the power to lift the boat vertically at 0.15m/sec. Not fast, but interesting nevertheless as in combination with an accumulator etc. it could be enough energy to affect the hull kinetics and bounce it up or some such, a co-ordinated movement with the wing, or good dynamics to provide that little extra during a roll tack. For example, if a tack takes 1 second, 5kW input means you could theoretically be 0.15cm higher on the exit of the tack (assuming you've worked out a way of physically doing this )
  6. I often board my skiff legs first.. grasp a rope or trap ring, legs up over and in, then body in.. arms are already tired from racing but your legs are very strong at holding on. I'd choose a tether anyday.
  7. I've used 3D printing to make some cool little fittings. A great option is white 'strong and flexible' material (Sintered Nylon) from Shapeways.com. Pretty cheap. The parts I've used I have brushed epoxy into the surface to strengthen. I have made some parts that are hollow and thin wall, which I use as tiny formers to laminate carbon fibre over (and therefore avoid yukky stainless steel bolts) And other parts I have printed with grooves and holes around the part, where I have wrapped and threaded carbon fibre tow as reinforcement, sometimes using the plastic as a sliding surface. Both have had successful outcomes. It is very tedious and slow, a long way from a production 'process', but a good way to make cool, complicated lightweight parts.
  8. What kind of terminations are you using and how to attach? Photos would be nice I've seen three main themes: 1/ Thimble (or shackle) with Tow wrapped around it and laminated to the rod in the appropriate way. 7-9 strands of 12k (?) tow. Taper all joins and wrap the last tow in a way to prevent peel stresses. Sailmakers thimbles are probably the best. Stainless fitting (thimble) needs to be strong. Will rust over time. 2/ Glue tapered CF Plate tab onto the end of the rod. Slot is cut the right width to receive the rod. Slot is long enough and plate tapered sufficiently to limit peel + shear stresses. Need to keep line of action of force along Centreline of rod 3/ PBO or unwaxed dyneema or vectran braid - make an eye splice of sorts and slide over the end of the rod. Taper the end of the rod to limit shear stress in the bond. One issue with using a Loos gauge on the carbon rod is that it will impose a high interlaminar shear stress in the stay between the pins and can create a split along the middle of the stay. Hasn't happened to me but I've been warned of it
  9. and another
  10. Like what the actual fux goes on up there anyway!
  11. I've tried the loos gauge on carbon and just roughly matched the previous loos numbers from the wire setup. Understand the calibration issue. The bigger question is, what is the actual need to calibrate anyway? The carbon is stiffer than wire and the rig and hull behave differently. The mast and hull may deflect more than the wire. One suggestion (assume you have a wire forestay for a moment) is to maintain a given forestay tension number and setup for that. Adjust sidestays / lowers to achieve bend targets etc.
  12. Who would go to sea with someone who can't work out how to get the boat, to the sea? Leaving the trailer off is surely a master stroke in saving the lives of stupid people
  13. very good! it's a cherub right? Why not show it a picture of an 12ft skiff fully airborne? Try this first From the age of the OP I assume its been and gone now.. But I have done just this on my 12' skiff mast, not wildly different to a chubby mast, and its working better than ever. Unis ~30mm wide front / rear start with 4 layers at the base, then divide the tip (ie above the hounds) into thirds. Drop the first layer below the hounds at 4/3, then drop a layer at each station after that. If there's a stiff spot due to a sleeve, you could drop a layer early. Try and find Intermediate or high modulus carbon if you can.. I used 150 gsm IM carbon and vac bagged it. Wet layup SM carbon will make your mast so heavy yet still soft you'll want to grind it all off again. It's surprising how much you need to make a difference. I think carbon track is the bomb.. although not everyone agrees.
  14. Holy smokes what's that you have!! Now you need a rear wing and some slick tyres on the front to make a formula car!
  15. Is it an M-class from NZ? http://rayc.co.nz/mclass/