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    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    So I'm the old guy organizing crew in Newport for a 3 day regatta a few years back. After the first day of racing one of my old buddies decides he can keep up with the 20 somethings on a pub crawl. He could in the old days and what's a few years... Boat call the next morning, a few hangovers, more stories and a missing old buddy. I ask the bowman, where'd you leave "Joe"? It seems that he passed out and they left him on the dinghy dock at Perrotti Park. Mad scramble ensues as I'm worried that he might have rolled over and fallen in. Motor by his C&C 40 on the way out to the course and old buddy is alive (barely) but won't be joining us for the day.
  2. Splash49

    not all heros wear capes

    Add 1/2 lb of thick cut bacon cut into 1/4" chunks, fry with chopped onion and then follow Huron's sprout recipe adding bacon and onion mixture over the top.
  3. Splash49

    Maritime Lawyers in New England

    Normally you'd go through your insurer who'd subrogate with the tanker, tugs and pilot. I've had success in the past with J C Mazzola https://www.messner.com/jean-claude-j-c-mazzola who is an admiralty specialist. Good team of responsive folks who actually understand sailboats Good luck
  4. Splash49

    Random PicThread

    Could be this guy? https://winstonchurchill.hillsdale.edu/william-courtenay/ Smithsonian channel has some of his films and still photos of WW II and post war Japan. I'm certain Hobot has it all organized for our education and enjoyment. I can't say thank you enough
  5. Splash49

    Irish Hiking this May

    Freak is spot on. Enjoy your trip I'm jealous. 3 suggestions all on the west coast. The Burren in County Clare think of a hike in a lunar landscape. Twelve Bens in Connemara and then up to Donegal for Errigal, Slieve League and Glencolumbkille