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  1. monsters inc

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    This is what I am trying to build. Without a backstay, and with a gnav. It was lifted from the viper640 class rules. The adjustable legs allow some latitude for wind strength, however , I haven't put in the boat yet. What type of cleats ? Cam cleat is only rated to 300 lbs., any suggestions?
  2. monsters inc


    Plenty of wind here, dig out carbon offset and take her for a rip, eh!
  3. monsters inc

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    I dove into the project a few nights ago. I wanted 48" legs on the bridal, so made an 96" around ,eye. Followed the YouTube videos on eye splicing measured , marked, tapered etc. It all went pretty easily , until I was bringing the core back into the cover at the point where it meets itself inside the cover . At that point , the fid got stuck. 2 lessons came out of that. Use as small a fid as possible and the fid had a hook on the end to hold the core. The hook came through the tape that I eased to smooth out the bottom of the fid/core and then snagged the outer braid.managed to crochet the outer braid out of the way, but it was time consuming. In the end the rest of the splice was okay after getting the ends adjusted and bring the cover down over them . I sewed and whipped the fork, and up the splice where the cover was buried, for insurance. Thanks for all the info. I will be leaving the legs adjustable as noted in several comments above. Cheers
  4. monsters inc

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    Thanks, I will try that !
  5. monsters inc

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    I would be interested in splicing a split mainsheet , but have not had much luck finding information on how to make the splice. There is one YouTube video,( from Rooster Sailing ) that talks about a twin core rope to accomplish the two tails. Anyone tried this before with a single core? The splice with the double core gets tapered to run through the last block on the boom. Not sure how common the dual core line is , but suspect it is harder to find than regular single cored double braid. I may end up trying a spliced eye and two shackles for simplicity. The boat is an 18 foot sport boat , so loads on the sheet won't be anywhere near breaking strength . Any advice is appreciated, cheers.
  6. monsters inc

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    I suspect you have never tried the tape trick. Your knee jerk reply gives me 2/ 10 on the give a shit factor . Acetone? bye bye paint. On the other hand, it may help with the old paint removal, which probably will need doing soon anyhow. Good luck pjmsj21
  7. monsters inc

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    Warm up the goo. Tear off a fresh piece of duct tape. Dab at the goo with the duct tape. Goo sticks to the tape. Not your cabin top. No chemicals needed.
  8. monsters inc

    Engin oil expiration date

    It's actually a couple million years old. I would use it up without worrying if it was sealed in the container.
  9. monsters inc

    Race flag ownership

    Is Fiasco leaving? I hope the new owners take care of it... Fun boat to race against... Cheers
  10. monsters inc


    the 550 thread has been quiet for a while. Here is a shot of mine, out for a wash and to check the fit on the trailer bunks.
  11. monsters inc

    Aluminium Fin Repair to Trailable Yacht

    Can you just remove the corrosion, and fair down the foil in a smooth taper to the bulb? There may be no need to weld it if enough material is left. Only certain aluminum alloys are weldable, so that may not be an option depending on the alloy. E.G the 70xx series have zinc in them, high strength when cast and machined, poor corrosion resistance, non weldable.
  12. monsters inc

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    So is Snaggletooth going to chime in on what to use?
  13. I have been up to no good lately around here.... I have been chumming the water with sea lion bits to attract Cow Sharks. Just in case your trip wasn't going to be interesting enuf......
  14. I think Lock has been sailing one of the PDX i550 boats as long as Gladiator. Part of the original group of builders there. Correct me if I am wrong. I know Couch has the carbon offset up for sale, and Gladiator may have sold his boat as well. Sounds like wind strength will be the deciding factor. Shoebox couch? Sorry it isn't a mini scow....
  15. Every sail and rig is a different choice. So are the foils and rudders, for that matter... I think the laser would out point the 550, downwind the 550 has more sail area. Let us know how it turns out!