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  1. monsters inc

    Gorilla Tape great for temp fix

    No. Just no.
  2. monsters inc

    Farymann Charging

    I am thinking my old Harley Sportster used the same style voltage regulator. You may find a few of those for sale if look in the right places. The permanent magnets in the clutch basket put out 50 volts from the two wire plug, then the regulator took that down to 14 v dc. Just pointing out some options, hope it works out for you
  3. monsters inc

    Mega high SA/D's - How high?

    Go the Cone
  4. monsters inc

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    Worst place for a sailor? The USA. No Bullrails. Fixed it for you lol.
  5. monsters inc

    Peterson 35 Ganbare Identification and Revival

    Ghallager, a Peterson 35, is alive and well on Cowichan Bay. We still race around the Gulf Islands from time to time. Great for cruising, we sail with a furling number 2 head sail. The tiller is hands off for the most part. Great boat.
  6. monsters inc

    Cost Of Custom Race Boats

    Mr. Sloop, I think the closest thing you are going to find in a modern setting would be the Left Coast Dart. Not sure how far north of 100 K the 5 boats produced are fetching right now. Having looked into Ogopogo from the wrong side of the bull rails, it looks like a comfortable compromise between racing , and being able to sleep aboard at a regatta. They are plenty quick on the water, too. It will be interesting what remains around in the next 2 decades. Hoping it's not all J70s in ten years...
  7. monsters inc


    If you have to use a screw clamp look for these
  8. monsters inc


    Engine hoses, yes. Bilge lines I might use Also consider the type of material being clamped. Silicone hoses versus the harder rubber types, in any case the clamp should exert even pressure all the way around the fitting .
  9. monsters inc


    Ok, I am currently working for a highway maintenance contractor. Road brine is normally around 24 % salt. The truck has a fair bit of plumbing, the best being held together with tee bolt stainless clamps, but the key is replacement, nothing lasts more than a season. Surprisingly, the spring clamps seem to last the longest. Your results may vary.
  10. monsters inc

    Can you Dye (color) Rope?

    What about your boat deck. Did the sheets bleed Color onto your deck?
  11. monsters inc


    At the risk of assassination, the spring clamps used in the auto sector are far superior to tha screw clamps. Only 30 years of experience with engines.. Argue all you want, lol
  12. monsters inc

    How to fix a ripped out mast base on Catalina 25

    Ok , remove the remaining screws. Drill em out a little. Get a bit of neat epoxy and inject it in the holes with a syringe. Most of it will magically disappear. Then add high density filler to the remains of your epoxy. Put that in the holes. Relax and enjoy a beer. Take the mast base to your vice, and with a little bit of hammer, crescent wrench and unbridled violence restore the metal to its original shape. Pilot drill the holes through the mast base into the deck top and put new screws in place. Have another beverage. The mast will only stress things if you hit another tree, so a quality chainsaw may be in order. I prefer Stihl. GET STUCK IN TO IT, your season is short. Cheers
  13. monsters inc

    whats the plastic ring of a bowsprit made of?

    This is my as yet untried bowsprit end . Uhmw plastic. Difficult to machine, and I hope it doesn't melt from the tackline running over it. Cheers
  14. monsters inc

    Saving Sailing (Done Right)

    It appears as if they are sailing backwards!.?
  15. monsters inc

    Used Sails loft in Sidney, B.C.?

    You wouldn't happen to know the luff and foot dimensions. That sail is famous