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  1. evenflow

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Great video, the Ed / Owner looks older than they should. Try this out. https://www.grecian-formula.com/
  2. evenflow

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Yeah, did one this summer 26’ vs 38’, i congratulated the winner before the race started.
  3. evenflow

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Good for your crew Scot. Now do you still think your PHRF rating is wrong?
  4. evenflow

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    A mere 14.2 averaged over 20 sec in a J/80 in 28kts.
  5. evenflow

    what is happening?

    New hull for the J/666?
  6. evenflow

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Who actually watches the corrupt and drug laden olympics anyways?
  7. evenflow

    Survivor story

    Very happy for this lucky guy! I keep thinking ice fishing hut.
  8. evenflow

    what is it?

    Winglet stolen from a 737?
  9. evenflow

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    Rob Butler’s J88. Sold and the wrapping removed - the beaver hanging on the mast on the main was cool too. YES pink is a great colour and those that mock it shall be banished to sailing non-Glenn Henderson designed Hunters.
  10. evenflow

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    Yeah. Buying in bulk the Ed’s crew shirts, nice try Scot. We will get our own crew shirts thank you! As for pink - trying to appeal to potential new crew members or is it the closest colour to dayglo they had for when the Feds come to bust you for the Lobesterfest and your crew all bail overboard?
  11. evenflow

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    There are just fine. They did cheap out two years ago and stopped providing them for regattas and races on Lake Ontario, so we stopped buying their rum. We drink Pussers now and we keep getting ask where those hats came from. They are becoming valued up here - strange. They will lose an entire generation of rum drinkers soon.
  12. evenflow


    Navy is heading out to sea, hopefully they can rescue these folks.
  13. evenflow

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Terrible. Looks like a fine pre-scrimp hull lost. Maybe the owner should sue the crap out of fool and get a J/111? Shame! Hopefully no one was injured.
  14. evenflow

    J80 - Harken 32.2A WInch replacement

    I have some Antal rings, etc. But their winches are fairly rare here. I wish Pontos made the compacts that worked for the class rules.
  15. evenflow

    J80 PHRF setup

    I race class legal OD sails all the time. Our PHRF adjustments are fair and it works out just fine at 126. We’d rate 116 with a 155% here. The polars give a 155% a very small bit of extra speed not much more than 0.1-0.2 knots at best upwind, it seems not to make sense to use one in PHRF. Spinnaker wise you could go big but my class legal A2 65m2 - 700 Sq Ft is a big sail to manage, the North MR-5 AP is 60m2 is much easier to use probably because it’s PU Coated. I’d go that route and then keep the code 0 and find an A3. Last thing - Main use a bolt rope, slugs waste speed.