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  1. This is the rational for Fastnet TSS and was for the 2015 race with the South Scillies TSS but I don't buy it with this race, the Concise track is clearly around the bottom corners of the South TSS and in any case 95% the outbound boats are either going around Lands End inside of the Lands End TSS or around the bottom of that TSS and North between it and the Scilly Islands. This is probably the reason for not including the South Scillies TSS as a mark of the course for this years race in that there's plenty enough separation without the need for the multi's to leave it to Port.
  2. Can anyone come up with an explanation as to why on the return leg Concise went to the South of the South Scillies TSS and every other multihull ( and every other boat so far for that matter) has left the West Scillies TSS to Port? I reckon they made a mistake and were using the course from 2015 when the South Scillies TSS was a mark of the course for the multi's..... Or am I missing something?
  3. Anyone got the a link to or a copy of the 2017 SIs please?
  4. Interesting bit of kit, great find
  5. Very neat. How did you finish the other end of the dyneema? Does knotting pairs of the dyneema together work there too?
  6. Next RBR is 2018 Jason, get her up here and give it a go. Some good multi's lining up for the start of what is an awesome race... Likewise any other multihull / short handed sailing nutters - it's an experience you're unlikely to forget in a hurry I'm going to have another crack at it http://rwyc.org/rbandi/ Spirit was never a Formula 40 btw.
  7. What configuration have you plumbed for in the end? Any comments on the NKE wifi box 90-60-538? For what it's worth my friends with Zues3 have loads of issues with the GoFree nmea wifi out. Am planning to upgrade my trimaran's NKE system to include some chart plotters like Zues at the outboard helm positions - have you been able to integrate them ok? Currently has 3 x Gyropilot graphic with remote + Madmanmarine wifi box which has been great. Cheers
  8. MOCRA rating rule changed fairly recently so all good with electrically adjusted foils '14.7 RRS 52, Manual Power, shall not apply. This Rule may be amended by the Notice of Race.'
  9. There are different correct factors depending on configuration i.e. 14.0 Keel, Centreboard, Rudder and Foils 14.1 Full details of a boat's keel, rudder and other appendages shall be supplied to the MOCRA Racing Committee at the time of rating application. 14.2 Keel Factor (AF) for daggerboards or centreboards = 1.0 Keel Factor for fixed keels = 0.980 14.3 Keel Factor for foils in outer hulls of constant curvature in the transverse plane = 1.015 14.4 Keel factor for rudders with winglets = 1.005 14.5 Keel factor for boats with foils described in 14.3 and 14.4 = 1.020 14.6 Keel Factor for Foils capable of flying all hulls clear of water surface = 1.04 So Maserati has the 14.6 correction factor applied
  10. The MODs have hydraulics to control mast cant but they're powered by the grinders AFAIK so if the Maserati 'Manta ' foil is indeed hydraulic then it's manually powered in the same way.
  11. The difference is mostly down to the foil correction factor for Maserati
  12. Thanks REW. So for instance the Caribbean 600 is raced under MOCRA which has no provision for modification of RRS 52 AFAIK, presumably then there's no way to enter a boat with these type of systems?
  13. Throw in the difference in MOCRA ratings - Maserati TCF is 2.023, Phaedo3 is 1.98 and it's not looking like Maserati will be in the prizes short of another error from Phaedo3. Which is somewhat unlikely. +1 on the Morticia disappointment
  14. Does Morticia have 2 sets of boards? Have seen pictures with GC 32 etc style J boards but these are different again?
  15. Given almost all races are run under the RRS with the manual power clause RRS Section 4, 52 MANUAL POWER A boat’s standing rigging, running rigging, spars and movable hull appendages shall be adjusted and operated only by the power provided by the crew. With the electrically adjusted foil and rudder foil AoA on this boat (and also the F4 I think) how is that going to work out?