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  1. What configuration have you plumbed for in the end? Any comments on the NKE wifi box 90-60-538? For what it's worth my friends with Zues3 have loads of issues with the GoFree nmea wifi out. Am planning to upgrade my trimaran's NKE system to include some chart plotters like Zues at the outboard helm positions - have you been able to integrate them ok? Currently has 3 x Gyropilot graphic with remote + Madmanmarine wifi box which has been great. Cheers
  2. MOCRA rating rule changed fairly recently so all good with electrically adjusted foils '14.7 RRS 52, Manual Power, shall not apply. This Rule may be amended by the Notice of Race.'
  3. There are different correct factors depending on configuration i.e. 14.0 Keel, Centreboard, Rudder and Foils 14.1 Full details of a boat's keel, rudder and other appendages shall be supplied to the MOCRA Racing Committee at the time of rating application. 14.2 Keel Factor (AF) for daggerboards or centreboards = 1.0 Keel Factor for fixed keels = 0.980 14.3 Keel Factor for foils in outer hulls of constant curvature in the transverse plane = 1.015 14.4 Keel factor for rudders with winglets = 1.005 14.5 Keel factor for boats with foils described in 14.3 and 14.4 = 1.020 14.6 Keel Factor for Foils capable of flying all hulls clear of water surface = 1.04 So Maserati has the 14.6 correction factor applied
  4. The MODs have hydraulics to control mast cant but they're powered by the grinders AFAIK so if the Maserati 'Manta ' foil is indeed hydraulic then it's manually powered in the same way.
  5. The difference is mostly down to the foil correction factor for Maserati
  6. Thanks REW. So for instance the Caribbean 600 is raced under MOCRA which has no provision for modification of RRS 52 AFAIK, presumably then there's no way to enter a boat with these type of systems?
  7. Throw in the difference in MOCRA ratings - Maserati TCF is 2.023, Phaedo3 is 1.98 and it's not looking like Maserati will be in the prizes short of another error from Phaedo3. Which is somewhat unlikely. +1 on the Morticia disappointment
  8. Does Morticia have 2 sets of boards? Have seen pictures with GC 32 etc style J boards but these are different again?
  9. Given almost all races are run under the RRS with the manual power clause RRS Section 4, 52 MANUAL POWER A boat’s standing rigging, running rigging, spars and movable hull appendages shall be adjusted and operated only by the power provided by the crew. With the electrically adjusted foil and rudder foil AoA on this boat (and also the F4 I think) how is that going to work out?
  10. I told you we shouldn't let Alex take the boat...
  11. Wind assist tankers still don't work
  12. Neosil have another product 'Neoprop' that sounds very similar to Propspeed. Mode of action - fouling release - is the same. Whether Propspeed is a Silicon based product I don't know http://www.dutchdurablecoatings.com/neoprop/ Re cost am still waiting to hear back from DDC with a quote
  13. Interesting stuff. Neosil is silicon based too of course but looks to be easier to apply than Intersleek - epoxy primer substrate and on it goes by the looks of it, doesn't seem too intolerant of temp / humidity - just need the right film thickness. The guys here with Copperbot are getting it to a ~320 grit DA sander finish - it's a good, hard surface that's fairly rugged and abrasion proof - tolerates drying out on mud pretty well although it seems to foul more once exposed to the creek mud around here.
  14. Several of the multi's around here use Copperbot type products with reasonable results - as you say they still need regular scrubbing but it certainly performs better than conventional antifoul paint. Rubbing it down with fine grit each season would appear to give the best results so Neosil wins over that system. I've got a hi-vis Teflon type product on the rudders and dagger board - it's possibly better than the hard racing but still fouls too easily and is faded after 6 months in the water As far the FRC releasing goes we've got the speed - 22+ knots is OK for us - might still be the way ahead
  15. Thanks Zonker, seems I'd still be going in and scrubbing the boat on a regular basis but that it would be an easier job than at present and not having to redo every year is a big draw. It's either something like Neosil or a CopperBot type product I guess. Jury's still out