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  1. Nah, just looks like windward rudder fins broke the surface.
  2. Out of boredom, I clocked the maneuver of ETNZ that starts around 10:11 in yesterday's MyIslandHomeBDA Part 4 video: 10:11 - Ashby and 1st Cyclor begin to cross (note Cyclors numbered by order of movement, not position) 10:16 - Ashby in place (total of 5 seconds side to side) 10:19 - 1st Cyclor working on new side (8 seconds) 10:20 - Boat starts turn 10:22 - Boat completes turn, Burling begins to cross 10:23 - 2nd Cyclor begins to cross 10:25 - Burling in place (3-4 seconds) 10:26 - 3rd Cyclor begins to cross 10:28 - 2nd Cyclor in place 10:30 - 3rd Cyclor in place 10:33 - 4th Cyclor begins to cross 10:39 - 4th Cyclor in place Key takeaways: 1) Actual times for a Cyclor to cross the boat and begin work is 7-8 seconds, which seems in line with other teams, perhaps a second slower at most 2) At no time does ETNZ have fewer than 2 Cyclors working 3) For all but 2-3 seconds, ETNZ has at least 3 Cyclors working (10:26 - 10:28)
  3. Would not flying a jib allow them to remove the NS logo from the Southern Cross on crew shirts? :-)
  4. Best thing you could do, if forum software allows, is to restrict newly created profiles from posting for 1 month. Effectively eliminates socks, and probably good policy in general to make people lurk, read and get used to the chatter before handing then a loaded pen.
  5. This is certainly possible, but it would require a method of deploying a foil in a specific known configuration and position. Assuming you know the starting point, then it is a simple matter of learning during training how much input to a specific hydraulic point produces a specific change. Once you know this, then you can string together any number of "changes", all the while keeping track of the foil position relative to the known starting point. For example: Start Point (0), +1, +2, -1, +3, -2, +4, -3 = Finish (+4). Error sources from the above: 1) Accuracy of deployment of foil (i.e. is Start Point exact every time?) 2) Level of uncertainty (p-value) from the learning phase (complexities could include same input producing different results at different speeds or foil angles). 3) Compounding error over time (i.e. the more changes between Start and Finish, the larger the error). Of these, (1) is essentially an engineering problem, (2) is a measurement problem, and (3) is a control accuracy problem. None of these should be insurmountable given enough time and data analysis. Also, since there is a defined upper limit to Time(Finish) - Time (Start) due to course boundaries, the compounding of errors is also containable.
  6. I think you're reading too much into this. He was on the official Artemis chase boat. He therefore, while on that boat, had to obey the "anti-spying" rules that Artemis is subject to... ... or are you suggesting that now that he's been on the boat once, he's "under the tent" and subject to the rules from now on?
  7. No, that is explained by the fact that Oracle wasn't foiling. Once they were, the speeds equalized until AR took their wind (you can see OR's windward hull drop).
  8. Seems there are many on here that need a refresher on parallax and telephoto effects.
  9. I'm not totally up to speed on all this, so forgive me if this is a newbie error ... but given the amount of lift on offer from the foil designs in play, does it make sense to have two cyclists, one on either hull, who remain in place at all times (essentially a 3/1 split)? So only two cyclists would move side to side ... benefits of this would be that you're able to have 50% of the cycle crew being prof. cyclists who don't have to learn to cross the boat (just handle heel), and you can maintain 50%+ effort DURING a tack/gybe. Downside is + 80-90kg on the leeward hull.
  10. Cleveland Race Week is approaching fast and promises great racing and great parties. Register now -- the early registration deadline is June 1st at NOON. Follow the links below to register for all the CRW race events: One Design Regatta This year, we are hosting the J/70 Great Lakes Championship and the Tartan Ten Lake Erie Championship over three days from June 13-15. Additional one-design classes, including J/105, J/22, J/24, Ensign, Highlander, Dragon, and Jet-14, are participating over two days (June 14-15). Wristbands are good for all three days including an awesome Regatta Party on Friday evening, and the traditional Blender Party on Saturday. Register here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/7779 Radio Controlled Race Evening Cleveland Race Week is once again hosting CR-914 and Soling 1M radio-controlled boats for a fun evening of racing in the Edgewater basin. Registration for this event is FREE and light snacks will be provided. If you've got a radio controlled boat, or are interested in building one, this is the place to be Monday evening! Register here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/8551 Women's and Double Handed Race This year we are running this evening as a fun random-leg race of approximately 90 minutes duration. FREE beer will be flowing once competitors are back on shore, and best of all, registration is just $15! Register here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/8552 Junior Regatta Once again, CRW plays host to a leg of the I-LYA Junior Traveler series. Racing for Optimists, Lasers, Club-420s and Thistles, and a special ice-cream bar following racing. Register here: http://www.noticeofrace.net/eventpage.aspx?&ID=300 Offshore Regatta For the ultimate CRW finale, join PHRF, JAM and one-design offshore fleets for two evenings and two days of fantastic racing. Events kick off the evening of Thursday June 19th with a fun random leg race. Friday evening, we have a very special race planned which will finish in Cleveland Harbor off the William H. Mather. This is a race you do NOT want to miss! Saturday and Sunday see racing on multiple circles, and of course great parties. Register here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/7777 On-Water Volunteer Opportunities Not able to sail in one of these events? You can still participate in all the fun by volunteering on the water. We are capturing all volunteer information online, so even if you've already talked to someone about volunteering, please take two minutes to register as a volunteer: http://www.eycvolunteer.com/water/volunteer-for-on-water/