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  1. Tink

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I need to clarify my sentence ‘I am hearing that two boats at the trails are keeping boat repairs busy. I have at no point mentioned which two.’ I am nothing to do with the trials or a manufacture or class. The sentence is, in hindsight misleading, my comments are about two classes of the boats in general not specifically anything to do with the trials. Sorry if my poor sentence construction implied anything different. I was recently considering buying a boat of the same class as boats on trial. I am not going to elaborate anymore to protect the guy who was kind enough to provide information that helped decide which class I might want to move into, he had nothing to do with any manufacture at the trails but in a position to have a valid and unbiased opinion. I will say I recently pressed the decks of (seating area) four Aeros and one deck had more movement that the other decks. I also at the weekend saw a D-Zero that had the gunwale area repaired for delamination, estimate it was a boat from 2015. The point I am making is that the robustness of all the boats at the trial has to be considered for the reasons I made before
  2. Tink

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    As I said above it is in the manufactures and owners to keep it hush hush. I am hearing that two boats at the trails are keeping boat repairs busy. I have at no point mentioned which two. The Aero does however stand out at being extremely light and isn’t using particularly new technology, however RS have a lot of experience which they can build on. Kilograms per meter it is 30% lighter than the D-zero and half the kg/m of a Solution - a relatively modern foam sandwich boat. I am not saying anyone is building boats cheaply just very lightly compared with industry standards without any technology changing. This is not just another boat launch it is a very high stakes game which impacts a lot of very serious athletes. I don’t like the Laser personally but the availability of a vast range of second hand boats makes it very assessable, that is what this is all about. If you can’t pick up good second hand boats of the selected class in the years ahead it will not be good for the sport.
  3. Tink

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Please don’t insult us a light looking sailor over a few hours isn’t going to damage anything. Continued use of a top weight range sailor and continued flexing of the structure is however likely to fatigue a boat structure. It is very easy replicated this in the lab The aero only uses carbon in high stress areas
  4. Tink

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    The reliability of the boats has to be serious considered. It is difficult to get to the bottom of it, manufactures will not comment and owners and class associations have money tied up in there boats and would loose a bundle if a boat had a reputation for reliability issues. People off the record in a position to know have expressed their concerns over two of the boats. The selected boat will get considerably more use and abuse than the current population of boats do, there will be issues.
  5. Tink

    Laser C5 Rig

    Spot on. Tax sugar with a ten percent year on year increase and use money raised to subsidise veggies and whole food. Increase corporation tax on Coke a Cola, Krispy Kreme etc. So much fuss about terrorists when crap food corporations are killing people in their 100s of thousands
  6. Tink

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    What are those funny black things on the gunwales on the zero? have been considering two of the boats in the trials, dug deep, wouldn’t touch either of them with someone else’s barge pole. A boat repair I contacted is kept very busy with repairing delaminating hulls of two of them and heard similar reports via a third party. Saw evidence of delimitation repairs on a relatively new one of them at the weekend. Technology hasn’t moved that far that you can go too light without downsides. Aesthics the Melges, our side of the Atlantic we have very different taste, as clearly the US likes or you won’t have imported Johnny Ives to help you with Apple. Use a French curve or a compass not a ruler.
  7. Tink

    what are they?

    Completely irrelevant to what real people sail. If all the effort that went into these vanity projects went into promoting real sailing the sport would be much healthier. January here in England, cold and windy, 40 plus dinghies out today and not a trapeze let alone a foiler, lots of people having a great time mind.
  8. Tink

    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

    Hypocrites, this site survives because it rejoices it big white plastic emperors new clothes boats that are an environmental time boom and you criticise the industry that feeds your whims, shame on you.
  9. Tink

    what is it?

  10. Tink

    what is it?

    A proper boat rather than the usual stuff you feature
  11. Tink

    caption contest

    Sailing isn’t expensive, this only cost me a hundred bucks
  12. Tink

    caption contest

    Because Optimist are awesome boats for kids and these cheap roto plastic ones are indistructable and being heavy more stable for kids to learn in
  13. Tink

    caption contest

    Bloody kids took my boat, well two can play that game
  14. Think I am with Mr Cockerel on this one “I guess its not surprising that ex competitive Laser® sailors like the D zero whereas the the Aero meets many of the requirements of the club sailor fleets.”