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  1. North American Mini Fleet

    Libra isn't owned by gregory, he borrowed it form Przemyslaw who raced it in the transpac the previous edition. both great guys!
  2. Good G10 source found

    I have used this stuff from NORVA for several years now - it is great! Best deal out there.
  3. Best way to set my mast straigh

    Align mast to be centered above keel while it is out of the water...knowing this is true center ensure the chainplates are symmetrical. If not, fix those so the pull on the mast is symmetric. I did this on my boat after talking to about 4 smart yard workers and 2 awesome riggers. took me over a year to get my mast after I ordered it.
  4. Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    I loved listening to her on SSB talk about how to pick the best eggs (thickest shells) for passages. And she knew everything about every bird!
  5. Dyneema vs. Heat-set Dyneema for Lifelines

    I spliced the WR2, 8 ends took me on average 28 minutes a piece. I did 4 at home, which took 20 minutes each and 4 on the boat once I ran it through the life lines, each one took a bit longer than 35 minutes. I never spliced any double braided line before doing those - it was tight, but i found the more i used my rubber mallet, the faster it went. I really really liked them, put about 3k miles on them and they looked still looked good.
  6. Amateur SH racing boat for 30k USD

    I love the Olson 30...I have had two and sailed one to Hawaii in the SHTP. Headsail changes were the most stressful part of the whole deal AND the sole cause for my 'near death experiences'. I have nightmares about it - having to change down to a #3 in 20+knots, flowing seas and in the pitch dark, my headlamp gets ripped off my head by a wave and I see it swirling into the depths of the dark scary water. It was a symbolism - I would have the same fate as my headlamp if I didn't get the f off the bow. That said, you could just put a #3 on a roller and hoist a furrled #1 when needed. This would help a lot - but its not 'sexy'
  7. Touchscreen plotters & Wet Boats

    I did the SHTP on an Olson 30 with a Raymarine E7D (touchscreen and turn dial and buttons) mounted right next to the main hatch...it was very wet. the touch screen is awesome, but when it was all wet it didnt work and I used the turn dial and button, this was plenty fine. I would never get just a touchscreen only option on a wet boat.
  8. Removing genoa track

    I had the same issue. I used a hammer and a six pack of beer. Seriously.
  9. First Seascape 27 on the west coast.

    Great duck dodge boat! I will fly up and crew any time Congrats.
  10. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    I bought Enigma back in the late 80's from Alameda, it was dark blue and called Chinese Hedge, so not originally from Seattle (sail no is/was 8344). Owned by a contractor in the area. JM A bit late here. You are right - Enigma was dark blue! - I changed the name to Kato. Kato is on a mooring ball in Hanalei Bay - first boat to finish the 2016 transpac.
  11. Singlehanded Transpac 2016

    That tropical low does not look like fun to me.. Can't wait to see what it brings. I am sure I will try to come up with some sophisticated routing strategy to handle it that will all fall apart once I am out there
  12. I keep looking for a trailer - no luck yet! I spend an hour everyday looking for one.
  13. Will be doing the singlehanded transpac in July, I expect to get to Kauai July 16th-ish. The boat has been completely rebuilt in the past year and will be well prepared for the trip. Willing to pay all out of pocket expenses and some perdiem. Please contact me at bizirka(at)gmaildotcom. Many thanks for viewing.
  14. Voltage regulator Firefly Batteries

    When i got the fireflys on my boat I sold all other charging apparatus and went all solar with programed genasun mppt controllers. Never have an issue topping the battery off. I think the problem is diminished if you are using a form of charging that is quicker. But for the long 'trickle' type charges you need to regulate it.