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  1. Corsair 31UC For Sale

    All I care about is he did not show any tits.
  2. Corsair 31UC For Sale

    It is traditional to say show some tits at SA, usually for no reason at all. But why does anyone need a reason to look at tits.
  3. Good point about boats in general getting old and tired and needing TLC. I have sailed on a C24, C31, and an owner built (he knew what he was doing) F39. The F39 was the only time I had second thoughts about My Seawind; it had a lot more room than the Corsairs and was stupid fast. But as the owner pointed out when he was sailing it at 20+ he needed a crew who knew what they were doing. I have had several folks tell me that even a C31 is a very powerful boat and you can get in trouble in a hurry if the wind picks up. To me the term C24 includes not just the original boat but the later around 24 foot Corsairs. Not to mention some of the older Corsairs that have been refitted prior to me buying. Given some of the earlier posts I am wondering about possible improvement in the beams on something like a Sprint compared to the older C24 models.
  4. Agree with some of what is posted and disagree with some as well. I know some teams will replace all the sails every race with the newest carbon material. On the other hand something like Hydranet is suppose to be usable for 5+ years; maybe even 10 years. Your comments about tramps make some sense but I know folks with tramps that have laster longer. I can't comment about the beams needing repair every 3 years was new information for me; I thought they were more durable. My experience driving Fboats (all build by Corsair) has been the tiller was lighter than I expected. I could often control it with one finger and a thumb with little effort which I assumed meant little pressure on the rudder. Not sure how much lube you have to spray on the washers but even the most expensive stuff is like $US15 a can. I tend to use a lot of 303 on stuff like glass and tramps/whatever; but again I doubt I use $US100 a year on my Seawind. While I understand how a mast can fall and crack the companion way cover I also understand many folks with Fboats have never done that. I never knew about the mast/donkey dick issue but will look into it. Not doubting you spent the money you claimed; just wondering about the break down. I do race on limited occasions but not to the extent I would buy new sails to keep up with the Jones. I would rather put my money in other stuff. While it makes sense that things like the age of a boat and how hard you drive it are big factors in how much you spend to maintain it five grand a year is higher than I expected. Wondering how much it costs to repair the beams if needed, shim the rudder pivots, and how much is spent on sails as opposed to what I would consider normal cost to maintain.
  5. I have sailed on a C24 and was impressed with it. The thing was it was a very wet boat when things got sporty. So I am wondering how some posts here seem to claim the Weta can be a dry boat. Maybe under very mild conditions the Weta would not be that wet but then I could be missing something. One reason I got my Seawind 1000 was because I thought all the Fboats were too wet. But, at least for me, a big attraction for the Fboats seemed to be how easy they were to maintain. Could some of you guys who say the C24 took too many hours to maintain provide a little more detail. I am still considering getting an Fboat for sailing in hurricane season when my Seawind is laid up. But if the C24 really requires hours to maintain I may reassess.
  6. Affordable American Made Catmarans

    One big advantage the Seawind has is such nice sugar scoops. They really are a nice feature for any type of diving or swimming or simply getting on and off a tender.
  7. AC Rules

    In recognition of the fundamental condition of the Deed of Gift that the Cup be preserved as a perpetual Challenge Cup for friendly competition between foreign countries, the Protocol will contain a “constructed in country” requirement for competing yachts and a nationality requirement for competing crew members. Can anyone confirm this.
  8. Bird Deterrants

    Gotta love our fine feathered friends
  9. Transpac 2017

    Not trying to bash monohulls. But I have to point out it is common for me to see fboats, quite common in fact. While I don't own one I have never had a problem hitching a ride on one. C14, C27, and C31; not to mention the F39 that was (at least to me) a real beast. Easy to sail that boat at 20+ knots in common conditions in the winter in the Florida Keys. I know these speeds don't match what MM or the rest of the big boys are doing but I can certainly relate to what sailing those boats is like. Sailing on fast multihulls may not be for everyone; but if anyone really wants to do it finding a ride on one is not really that hard.
  10. Soft shackle

    NOOBIE ALERT I have only been making soft shackles for a couple of weeks but in addition to a soft shackle and an improved soft shackle I made a Celtic shackle and it seems to be much easier to release than any of the other soft shackle types I have made. Course part of the problem may be I did not make them right. In any case at this point in time the Celtic shackle is my favorite.
  11. Maximising soft shackle strength

    Maybe a little OT but wondering if anyone has comments about what youtube calls the Celtic shackle. In addition to my playing around with soft shackles and improved soft shackles I made one of them and it seems like a little more work but an easier soft shackle to open. I have only been making soft shackles for a couple of weeks so I could be totally wrong about the Celtic shackle.
  12. Lighters for line cutting

    Many of us use conventional lighters to stabilize the end of lines, sometimes in addition to whipping or wrapping in tape. I have come across an ad for a plasma beam lighter that was used to cut small diameter line and melt it at the same time. Problem is that the opening of the lighter is so small that paracord is about the largest line that can be cut using any plasma beam lighter I have found. Anyone know of lighters of this type with a larger opening to deal with larger line size. A search of Amazon will turn up plenty of smaller plasma beam lighters. I am especially interested in cutting stuff like amsteel which can be a problem using conventional knives or other cutting devices. So far my best results have been using ceramic knives but especially on decent size line this can get messy. Any advice on other line cutting is welcome. Recent activity on my part making soft shackles has resulted in a massive increase in how much amsteel I am cutting.
  13. Poll: Next AC Boat

    One guy sailing a big boat and kicking ass. I am still shocked some folks thing the AC boats don't have to be seaworthy. http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2014/03/11/video-spindrift-2-use-bike-power-route-du-rhum/
  14. Poll: Next AC Boat

    Maybe a little old school but I look at the first America's Cup and wonder why the original format was changed. Yea, I know about the Deed of Gift. But still the first race was around the Isle of Wright and I would bet a nickle that the schooner America did not get to England on a container ship. So before I choose a boat type I will say the venue should be similar to sailing around the Isle of Wright, not in some flat water location. And the boats should have to get to the race location on their own, not being shipped there. Just these two requirements would radically change the design of competing boats. I am a big fan of boats like Bank Populaire/Spindrift. Not only are they very fast; they are fast under lots of conditions. Not saying the boat has to be a 100+foot tri, just that it has to be capable of doing what sailboats have been doing for most of history. Sailing in the open ocean in a wide range of conditions means the boat has to be seaworthy; and what ever one thinks about the boats in the most recent AC they were not seaworthy. A seaworthy boat would also mean the crew would have to be real sailors. I note that Spindrift did have a bike like thing. I have no problem with things like that as long as they are able to stand up to the ravages of the open ocean. Also have no problem with things like a wing mast; again as long as it can deal with the open ocean. The thing is soft sails have a huge advantage in being able to be reefed if the wind gets above 30, 40, 50 knots while a wing mast not so much. Bottom line is I understand these are race boats; but I would rather seem more attention paid to being boats and less to being race.