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  1. Tomfl

    AC45F Lux for sale

    Don't really understand this. Something has to go in the gaps between the fibers and this is what gives strength and reduces flex of the final product. Simple carbon fiber cloth has what I would call ultimate flux.
  2. Just talked to the owner and looks like more delays. I need to coordinate with my brother who I will be visiting since his ranch is closer to the boat than I am. Owner also asked for a little more time to get his act together. I will likely drive down there next week weather depending.
  3. Well the pix look good and it has been in storage for some time. Owner says no soft spots; but it looks like lots of mods. It has a square top and the dual main sheet has been relocated to just below the clew with blocks on both sides to kinda act like a traveler. There is an added sugar scoop with steps and I am not sure how that was done since the original design was a rudder hung on the flat transom. Also has a raised cabin/companion way with standing headroom. While I like the idea of these mods the real question is how well they were done. Hope to drive down to see it in a few days. I still an considering an fboat if this does not work out. Part of the problem is that not only is COVID-19 slowing things down but the weather around here is rain for the next several days, with tornado warnings.
  4. Yea some of them do fold. It was an option for the later models. I spoke to the owner and he explained about how he raises and lowers the mast and the folding process. While not as easy to fold as boats Ian designed (it takes two folks to do it) they do fold to street legal size.
  5. I am in the market for some flavor of folding tri. The Seaclipper 28 seems to have a smaller sail plan than many fboats, so I am wondering about raising and lowering the mast for trailering. Anyone done that and can compare and contrast how raising the mast on this boat compares to an fboat.
  6. Tomfl

    AC45F Lux for sale

    I saw this post in a facebook group. The AC45F Lux is available through our brokerage. This is the complete package for the ultimate foiling experience from the America’s Cup. Located in Long Beach, California. Price is $US60,000. Contact is ferdinand Not sure if this is legit but seems to be a good price. Found an ad on Yachtworld for the same boat for $US125,000. Prices for boats seem to be crazy and I have no idea if the 60k price is legit but thought some you young whippersnappers who could actually crawl around on the nets might be interested in checking it out.
  7. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    The crocs in the Americas are a lot smaller and less dangerous than the ones in Africa and Asia. The ones in Banco Chinchorro are from 6-10 feet long and there has never been an attack on humans recorded. Of course they are wild animals and not to be trifled with but they have become use to humans. Jacques was definitely a giant in diving but I would point out there are not a lot of crocs in the Americas and Jacques probably never had the chance.
  8. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Pix look great and I am impressed it has a C-head; big OK for me. Just wish I could drive to see it. Not sure how open Germany is now, not to mention airlines travel restrictions. I have not been tested for COVID-19 and have no proof I am disease free. Just as an aside I had a dive trip booked in Mexico and the tour guide called me a couple of days ago and asked if I would be happy postponing it till 2021 as the Mexican government had not granted permits for diving with crocodiles in the national park; not to mention the US is still saying restrict travel to essential trips. While buying a boat is essential to me I am not sure that is the case for those in government.
  9. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    No. I am a big fan of Ian in particular and fboats in general. Still looking to buy something like an fboat but when my trip to Germany to look at a C36 got bashed by COVID-19 I was still looking at prices at tris there and saw several smaller DFs for reasonable prices. I got a Seawind because it was a better fit for cruising than any fboat, more room and can carry a bigger load. But I have posted more than once that fboats are stupid fun to sail and will beat most any boat in the harbor unless you are in a very fast harbor.
  10. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    I don't know the answer to your question as it was not an issue with what I was looking to do. Ever since I met Richard Spindler at the last Baja Ha-Ha and talked to him about having more than one boat in more than one location and cruising each depending on the season I have been researching buying a boat in Europe to cruise the canals and the Med. A tri with amas that fold up seemed to be the best choice for those two functions. From what I understand the real problem with shipping is the mast if it is longer than 40 feet.
  11. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Just so we are all on the same page those prices were for a new Dragonfly 40 from a dealer. There has to be some relation between new and used boats. Maybe Oz really is a terrible place to buy a boat but I never thought Europe was a great place to look for deals; but it could be I am wrong. Thing is the answers I am looking for are about used smaller Dragonfly prices, probably in Europe. I get it that the best deal will be a one off thing where the seller is motivated for what ever reason and I will continue to look for one of those. But I can't figure out why something like a C36 seems to be so much cheaper in Europe than the US; and the same seems to be true for a used Dragonfly.
  12. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    I asked first.
  13. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Not sure what is going on here. While I have never seen one in the wild I am a big fan of Dragonfly tris. I was at another site and mentioned that a Dragonfly 40's price was just short of $US1,000,000 (I know this site is in OZ) but someone posted a much cheaper price on a different site, around half of that. I know the Yaching World price says from around 400,000 pounds and there will be add ons while getting a Dragonfly to Oz and paying taxes can add up but that seems like a huge difference. I am still looking at something like a C36/37 and see some of the used C36 tris in Europe for a little North of $US100,000. I am current now also looking at maybe a used Dragonfly if the prices are anywhere close to a C36. Can anyone offer advice or simply bash the idea that prices of tris other than big Corsairs are dropping.
  14. Tomfl

    I hate Yacht brokers

    All conjecture is bull spit without seeing the signed contract. Given that the OP seems to have vanished I am wondering if he was just goofing with a bogus post.
  15. All fboats are stupid fun to sail, you almost always wind up with a smile on your face. I am still looking for some flavor of one, just not sure which one. One thing I would note is my first experience with fboats was a trip to a Corsair event in Niceville. A guy had just bought a C27 and it was on a trailer since the last day of racing had been canceled due to no wind. He was taking it apart to trailer it home and I watched him for about 10 minutes. Then an old hand with another C27 at the dock got it out of the water and on a trailer. He quickly lowered the mast stowed the stays and everything else and pulled out of the marina while the new guy was still working (with his wife) on getting the mast down. I did go to Jacksonville and looked at a C24 for sale. The owner and his experienced friend got it off the trailer and in the water and was pulling the rope to start the outboard in 37 minutes by my watch. No question you really get faster putting the boat together and taking it apart the longer you own it.