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  1. Lumpydog

    J70, cheating and pros

    “With the benefit of past experience and recognizing the need to maintain the strictest One-Design standards, the current Council has invested in two new measurers with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure the strictest compliance with Class Rules.” Who are the two new measurers? What are the tools? My guess is some level of keel templates/measurement tools exist now - that measure thickness (thinness) at key points and also keel depth at rest. Just because it couldn't be measured/checked in the past doesn't mean it can't be measured for compliance in the future. What the tech committee are not checking now - can be checked and enforced at any time. If you modified something that the rules did not say you may modify - then you are out of compliance. The technical committee learns and adjusts - you can expect more ways to cheat and more ways to get caught. Right? I think its great that the class is doing this - keep at it. THESE RULES ARE CLOSED CLASS RULES WHERE IF IT DOES NOT SPECIFICALLY SAY THAT YOU “MAY” THEN YOU “SHALL NOT.”
  2. Lumpydog

    J70, cheating and pros

    "Those who were found with irregularities at the time of measurement clearly violated the Class Rules by giving themselves an illegal advantage over the fleet. Those early rules violations also may have influenced other owners." I believe what this is referring to is the fact that other racers pulled out of the regatta before they were measured - but - after boats started getting picked off by the measurers. When you submit a boat to measurement with intent to compete, you are going down an irreversible path. If you are found to have knowingly violated a rule - you open yourself up to additional scrutiny by the sport. You're at a World-level event - you better know what you are doing and you better know your boat is compliant with the written rules... not what others have been getting away with before the technical committee caught up. There is a difference. What competitors have been getting away with at past regattas and what the rules specify are two different things.