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  1. I'll be there on Saturday, wondering the same thing... Actually I visited last time around and they had quite a set up for visitors.
  2. Hi Alan, the interviews are up on Facebook... With no sound. Any chance to watch them elsewhere?
  3. Well, of course. That goes on with or without gophers,,,
  4. Tune in for live streaming, but no way to know the results until published...
  5. http://www.yccsfiles.com/results/j70w/Summary.pdf
  6. At my dad's we used to put empty beer bottles upside down into the holes, apparently they made some kind of echo that pissed them off or confuse them or whatever. It worked until my mom got even more pissed off for having the yard full of beer bottles
  7. Ok I see it now...
  8. Was there a third race?
  9. Pretty cool live coverage from Mr. Clean, given the little resources... Not much work getting done today.
  10. I know Chuny, I spent sometime with him this summer... Can't say I'm surprised. And reading the team note, the answer seems clear: "Spanish sailor Roberto Bermúdez de Castro has withdrawn from team AkzoNobel’s 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race campaign. “Chuny” – as he is best known to everyone – made the decision to stand down from his position as helmsman and sail trimmer late last week. Team AkzoNobel skipper Simeon Tienpont said he and the entire team were sorry to lose someone as experienced as Chuny from the crew. “We are all very grateful for the incredible contribution Chuny made to developing the sailing team while he was with us. He is a fantastic individual and a great sailor. I’m sure our paths will cross again somewhere in the future.” No decision has been made at this stage for a replacement."
  11. They may be built cheap, but they're certainly not sold cheap..
  12. I just saw one of your videos walking by some of them, ask for Ramón Ojea, he's organising the next J/70 Europeans in Vigo in 2018, he's the skipper of Pazo de Cea, Gonzalo Araujo and him are the real class promoters in Spain. Both Mar Natura boats have interesting people on board (Luis Bugallo from the Spanish Youth America´s Cup Team Impulse and Nico Rodriguez, future (hopefully) 470 Olimpian, You have Laureano Wizner (America's Cup veteran) on board PettitePalace Hoteles, Gonzalo Araujo on Sailway... EDIT: Ramón is not exactly the organiser of the European Championship, but he's one of them... It will be hosted by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo.
  13. Interesting, Google translation: "The J70 World Championship is undoubtedly the most beautiful event of the world sailing season. After a long discussion in the family I was able to convince my son Achille, who usually regattas on the Melges 20, to ride on the J70 too to have the opportunity to have fun together and maybe even spit a little while in the evening, in front of a good glass of wine , duly red. Achille has never raced in class J70, bought a new sailboat and sent it to one of the reference yards to fix the imperfections on the keel, as required by the class rule (C.8.1.C) . The boat thus, and again never put on the water before, came to its first degree that, as between the seller and the international class, would have been made during the preventive checks. During the aforementioned inspections a keel was found to be non-conforming to the light of which the officer told us that it was enough for him to pass the tonnage again with a new and conforming keel. Once we got the tracker approval, we bought the keel of a new boat, regularly certified by the French manufacturer, from the Italian dealer. The boat at that point was restored to the trails within the time limits set by the Notice of Race over all the controls and getting all the tonnage records where no prescriptions were made. All this happened, and the boat's weight was exceeded, Sunday, September 10 at 12 noon. Timing also has its importance, but on this we will be back soon. On September 11, after the skipper briefing, shortly after the closure of the trains and the subdivision of the fleets, my son's boat was in the Red group. the organizing committee, at 19:00, issued a statement stating that 7 boats had been inscribed on the basis of a report from the Techinical Committee stating that the affected boats had modified the keel by breaking the rule of class C.8.1. That's what happened. Incidentally, it is fair and sacrosanct that we can not make changes to the appendices, but it turns out that last year at the San Francisco World Championships some participants were allowed to work on non-conforming keels, allowing them to regatta. I could also add that the checks were fairly scrupulous for some boats and a little less zealous with others, but as Andreotti said, "law applies to enemies and is interpreted for friends ...". I was talking ahead of schedule and it is a bit strange that the Organizing Committee, reading the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, makes such a serious decision only a few hours before the first race. Several weeks ago, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda had already refused to admit his friend Pietro Manunta of Olbia, one of the founders of Mascalzone Latino, because after July 3, deadline, even though it was the Yacht Club's faculty to accept it with a surplus. A bit strange, however, was the persistence of refusal even when we were informed by some competing friends who had given up on the race and eventually left the seat to us. At this point I submitted a formal request to the organization to replace me with my son, at the helm of my regularly accepted boat. I made this decision animated by the desire to bring my son Achille to a magnificent class to which I will never miss my modest logistical support in transport. The request was rejected by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, read organization without any motivation. It is a beautiful World Championship, but it was badly grounded, excluding 7 competitive teams, 5 of which had regularized their boats (San Francisco docet) and arbitrarily excluded others who would like to participate: what is the purpose of writing in the Notice of Race can they accept subscriptions after July 3rd, paying 250,00 € more? Maybe why would there be a third Mascalzone Latino in the race? Organized dangerously bad even at sea, ridiculously setting up a single race field for 180 competitors. A choice dictated, of course, by saving, as it is well-known, of a poor Yacht Club with resources. That said, we pack up the boats and leave, even my race, but sailing is fun, as well as passion, and what has happened is political, only political and still political. I was honored to be a member of the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club for a few decades and the great honor of being awarded the Gold Guide of the Club. But those were other times and with other men. The club was governed by the never too lazy Commodore Gianfranco Alberini, True Sea Man and True Commander. I left the Club when unfortunately it was missing and replaced"
  14. Great info guys, thanks a lot.
  15. It's great that SA will be there, I have a lot of friends from Vigo heading there. I'll be following the race with interest...