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  1. chuso007

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Wow... I bought this book 20+ years ago, it sits right now here in my hotel room n Amsterdam, I take it with me when I travel because it takes me ages to fully understand each page... RIP Mr. Walker
  2. chuso007

    Anyone Going to METSTRADE this year?

    I honestly don't know anything about all those things...
  3. chuso007

    Anyone Going to METSTRADE this year?

    Saw you today, you were busy and do was I, I'll come and say hi later on
  4. chuso007

    Anyone Going to METSTRADE this year?

    This year too? I'll drop by... I'll be on 02.121, but not the whole time. If anyone wants me to check something out I'll be glad to help.
  5. chuso007

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    F-100 frigate built in Spain, I went to the launch of two of these in my hometown, maybe even this one's... Those are nice ships, Australia bought five as well, IIRC.
  6. chuso007

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    The Spanish Sailing Federation is "totally de acuerd, de acord, de agree with the cheims" Honestly, this is painful to watch... And I have no idea what she's saying.
  7. chuso007

    Sailx status?

    So, is it really gone?
  8. chuso007

    Well, the front didn't fall off...

    Well, of course... No one hurt, other than four containers with different flammable, corrosive amd toxic products in them.
  9. Barcelona, this morning...
  10. chuso007

    Mad Max Surf Lake: Yeppoon

    I want one
  11. chuso007

    Sinead O'Conner converts to Islam

    Which, I'm sure you already know, were DEFENSIVE wars against the invasion. Spain is the only territory in the world taken back from the Muslims, and while still a Catholic majority country, it's probably the most tolerant and solidary country in the world. Exactly the opposite of Muslim countries. So yeah, your freedom is based on a civilization founded on Rome and Christianity. That's absolutely false. You are clueless mate...
  12. chuso007

    Sinead O'Conner converts to Islam

    Are you seriously comparing the Catholic Church with Islam?? Fuck, actually you should thank the Catholic church that you are not muslim in the first place... PS: I honestly thought tha Sinead O'Connor had passed away a few years back... Good for her. Being alive, not that Islam shit.
  13. chuso007

    haven't been here in years...

    We need to see some tits to make sure it's really you...
  14. Haven't even taken a look at it, have ya? It's a lot more than a drill...