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  1. chuso007

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I saw this yesterday in Vigo... It's the One Tonner "Big Time" from RNZYS, formerly known as "Epic".
  2. chuso007

    World Cup

    It's a long story and it has nothing to do with football...
  3. chuso007

    World Cup

    As a Real Madrid fan I should have to choose rooting for Varane or Modric/Kovacic... I have no doubts though, Go Croatia!!!
  4. chuso007


    Hey @poncho, I'm halfway through it and I just love it! Keep us advised when the new one comes out...
  5. chuso007

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    I hope I can explain this correctly... What I do is pull the core out the end of the sheet, take the line you'll be using as legs by the middle and run it inside the core for some length, pull the loop out at some point and run the whole mainsheet through that loop. Pull it it tight, run the cover again to the end and stitch whip it. This has worked for me on dinghies, it's easy and clean.
  6. chuso007

    repainting oxidized molded non skid

    To be honest, I have no idea if it's available there... I find it better because it won't chip when you drop something hard and heavy on it, it's more durable (or so they say) and it's applied pretty much the same way. Plus it's cheaper, which for a dinghy it may not matter much, but for larger areas it does.
  7. chuso007

    repainting oxidized molded non skid

    This is better than Kiwigrip. More flexible, chemically resistant and way cheaper.
  8. chuso007

    World Cup

    We did not deserve better even if the ruskies just comfortably sat on their asses while watching us ridicule ourselves. Even if Putin had Agent Ivan pointing at the VAR referee's head with an AK47, a team without a coach can't win the WC, so the sooner Real Madrid players went on vacation, the better.
  9. chuso007

    How do you define Good Crew?

  10. chuso007

    World Cup

    Yes and no. It's all about planning, Real Madrid plans their season focusing on maximum performance in May to win the CL, which is apparently all they care for. Of course it causes them to lose La Liga more often than not, but their players are in great shape right now at the WC
  11. chuso007

    World Cup

    I don't how far will Argentina get in this WC, but this derelict isn't going to last long...
  12. Not hard to find, but a bit pricey for me... Check that "Lost Books" bookstore in Austin, maybe they'll give you a better price. hard to
  13. chuso007

    World Cup

    What a horrible game is Spain displaying. Awfully lucky yesterday, yes, but Morocco didn't do much either. Laying Lopetegui off was possibly the stupidiest thing I've seen in a looooong time. And all based on an ego trip by the new FEF president (may doom and unmitigated failure fall upon him). What a douche. If Fernando Hierro hits the right buttons (and has the balls to do it) Spain should comfortably beat Russia, but then again , it's Putin's backyard and anything can happen. Our game against South Korea in 2002 made me promise myself never to watch a FIFA tournament again... Until we won in 2010.
  14. chuso007

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    What an amazing race this has been. Congrats to Dongfeng, well deserved win . Feel sorry for the guys at Mapfre, they deserved to win this too.