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  1. Sailing World mag

    I used to buy several magazines regularly: golf, ski, fitness, sailing, windsurfing, guitars... Pretty much every hobby or interest I had, but now I don't recall buying one in years. Google, internet forums, Ipads, smartphones, etc., are my sources of information now. Times change.
  2. Funny Click Bait

    You know that when a woman tells you about a "problem" she doesn't want you to solve it, Right?
  3. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Segovia: (Yes, Walt Disney was here) Pedraza: ç The quality of the food (cordero and cabrito) in this area is beyond belief.
  4. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    A friend sent me this picture yesterday, Segovia (70km away from Ávila). It won't look like this in May but it's definitely worth a visit along with Sepúlveda and Pedraza, which is a small village that hasn't changed in two centuries.
  5. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    OK, I wouldn´t miss Sierra de Gredos (which you'll be driving across), Ávila, Salamanca, Puebla de Sanabria and Cañones del Sil on that route (and maybe Las Médulas). Ronda and Sevilla are worth the trip. And if I was only visiting one place in Galicia, it certainly wouldn't be Combarro.
  6. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Lol, looking up the thread, maybe I did...
  7. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Exactly, it's better to know where to go before you hop on a plane...
  8. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Portugal seen from Spain (Santa Tecla), River Miño: Vigo... Ferrol:
  9. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Villarrube and Cedeira in the back...
  10. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Vista nocturna desde el mirador de A Curota: Of course, the most immportant... Castillo de Castrocaldelas Castillo Castro Caldelas por samueltz1, en Flickr Ponte Nafonso Ponte Nafonso por samueltz1, en Flickr Pontemaceira Puente de Pontemaceira por samueltz1, en Flickr Cascadas Río Barosa Rio Barosa por samueltz1, en Flickr Entorno rio Barosa por samueltz1, en Flickr Cascada rio Barosa por samueltz1, en Flickr Paseo sobre un río en Valga Entorno molino por samueltz1, en Flickr Playa en San Vicente Playa por samueltz1, en Flickr Cariño Vista cariño por samueltz1, en Flickr Santiago de Compostela Fuegos Apóstol 2012 por samueltz1, en Flickr Cabo Ortegal Vista desde Cabo Ortegal por samueltz1, en Flickr Playa San Xurxo Playa de San Xurxo por samueltz1, en Flickr Acantilados en A Capelada Acantilados Serra da capelada por samueltz1, en Flickr Torre de Hércules torre de hercules desde monte san pedro por samueltz1, en Flickr
  11. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Ripped off another forum. What can I say? I love my mother land... 1. Ribadavia 2. Praza da Leña, Pontevedra 3. Torre de Hércules, A Coruña. The oldest working lighthouse in the world, over 2000 years old (the old tower is inside that façade) 4. O Cebreiro 5. Bayona 7. Panorámica de Mondoñedo 9. Una pequeña cala en las Islas Cíes 10. Allariz 11. Estaca de Bares 12. Rúa Barrera, A Coruña 13. Acantilados de Vixía Herbeira 14. Dunas de Corrubedo 15. Muros 16. Playa de Melide, Islas Ons 17. Cañones del Sil 18. Catedral de Santiago desde la Alameda 19. Combarro 20. Belesar 22. Cascada do Ézaro 23. San Andrés de Teixido, "vai de morto quen non vai de vivo" 24. Finisterre 25. Vista aérea de Betanzos 27. Parque de Bonaval, Santiago de Compostela 28. Playa de Las Catedrales 29. Cabo Ortegal 30. Rúa da Raíña, Santiago de Compostela 31. Ourense y sus termas. also in working order since the Romans lived here. 32. Serra do Courel 33. Lago, duna y playa de Doniños 34. Caminando por la muralla de Lugo 35. Playa de Baleo
  12. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Don't know where to start... I'm a bit biased because I live here, but Galicia is a must. I'll try to give you general advice because there are too many things and places to see. First of all, May is HOT in the South, so do that first, also, as you may already know, there's always some local festivities somewhere, and they are usually worth going. On this link I've found you'll see a list of most of them: https://en.fiestas.net/ You can ask me once you've filtered which may be interested and I'll tell you what's worth and what not. Travelling by bus is cheap but also consider trains. What are you interested in? History, art, nature, wineries, food (steaks, fish, seafood...)? PS: My six yo son says you MUST go to the Santiago Bernabeu...;-)
  13. How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    Fuck it, they don't need booms because they have full battens all the way down to keep sail shape, plus a huge traveller plus always sailing narrow AWA's
  14. Good news, someone's recovered my lost spinnaker.....

    Like lost fishing rigs never fucked up any running gear of every tipe of boat there is at sea...