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  1. I like the new idea. Although I gotta say that my favorite leg last time around was the Capetown inport...
  2. I thiink I'll be cheering for AkzoNobel this time...
  3. I've recovered a halyard between races by getting close to a mussel farm and just tipping the boat... It's easier and safer.
  4. Didn't he? I'm pretty sure he broke it during the second leg. He won the Fastnet and the Round Europe race earlier that year with that boat. Anyhow, Javier never considered himself a professional sailor, he is incredibly talented for sailing, not so much for "selling" himself...
  5. Javier de la Gándara broke the record three times (the first in history to break the 400 miles) during the 89/90 Whitbread until he broke a shroud and losing and rescuing a MOB. Then he broke it again on the 93/94 Edition before the boat started to delaminate... I still think he deserves the fearless award
  6. I was coming to post this. It'll be broadcasted through their channel "Teledeporte", since there are many apps that let you watch the Spanish TDT emissions (TDT is the signal you get free all around Spain) maybe you can all install one of them and watch the races there..
  7. I think Javier de la Gándara should get credit for that... I'm biased though,
  8. Too awesome...
  9. Although I'm from Madrid and lived right there at El Retiro, I've been living away for almost fifteen years so can't help you with the latest bars& restaurants, but as some dude says, just any bar will do. If it looks too fancy it could be expensive, otherwise you'll be fine. Avoid franchises (Cañas y Tapas, 100 Montaditos, Lizarrán...), not that they're bad, actually some are pretty good but they're not the real thing. Enjoy! You'll love my hometown, mind it'll get really hot in the summer so you might want to go to the towns near the mountains (la Sierra) around Madrid (El Escorial, Guadarrama, Los Molinos, Navacerrada...) to get some fresh air.
  10. I once shipped a vaurien mast by putting it in the luggage trunk of a regular line bus... I don't know if that's possible in your case.
  11. I saw this the other day in Sangenjo... Got me thinking.
  12. It would've been cheaper for United to send their crew on a limo with a couple of strippers than beat the crap out and publicly humiliate one of their clients. No matter WTF the contract says.
  13. Bubble holes? Was it tinted? because there shouldn´t be any "holes" (Kiwigrip is water based, if you put an oil based tint it won't mix and you'll get pretty nasty bubles)... Plus you can get the finish as soft or hard as you want, a bit of practice and a few tricks and it's pretty easy. And it should be easy to clean.