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    SailGP 2020

    Vox is authoritarian? You obviously have no clue about what you are talking about. Authoritarian is the Socialist/Bolivarian government that rules in Spain now with the support of terrorists, jalied politicians convicted for sedition and comunists, along with all the regionalist nationalist parties.
  2. I'm going to be there! I'll send pictures
  3. chuso007

    what is it?

    But his boats are look fast, like his 6mr. design... It really does look fast.
  4. chuso007

    Personal Pics Thread?

    That didn't take long. Nice
  5. chuso007

    Microsoft has become AOL

    My windows 10 fatally crashed a week ago, I've reinstalled it, and with all the updates it doesn't fit in the original partition, . And I haven't been able to extend said partition yet. Superfunny. Not
  6. chuso007

    Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems

    Fast answer: It'll work in some boats and under some conditions. You won't know itf it'll work in your boat and waters until you try it, and that's a risk you have to take. Sound is sound you know? the way it travels depends on variables which you don't always control.
  7. What's this "neutral flag" thing? Don't countries qualify for the olympics? at least in sailing...
  8. chuso007

    Greta Rides Again?

    Some really worrying new from Madrid about prices rising dramatically. Mostly in brothels.
  9. chuso007

    Viadana hardware

    I know some big fans of Viadana here in Spain, including a Vaurien World Champion. It's good stuff but hard to find.
  10. Intensity standard sail: $139 Rooster MKII sail: €260 (complete) Laser Standard sail with button: + €600 (without battens or numbers) End result: My old fart laser sailing gang in Vigo (about 10% of the Galician fleet) do not pay or plan to pay the class association fees because being competitive would cost at least +400€ plus the class fee (I think it's around 70€, not sure), so we keep it to ourselves and spend the money on beer.
  11. chuso007

    Gay Test

    I'm going to check out the picture again, but just to make sure I'm really offended.
  12. chuso007

    Show your dingy sailing....

    Please send me one or two when they come out!!!
  13. chuso007

    Show your dingy sailing....

    Look how I'm explaning him how to drive and he's totally concentrated in something else...
  14. chuso007

    Show your dingy sailing....

    I still race every Friday, but I'll admit this are the times when I enjoy my laser the most...
  15. chuso007

    Finn Class making friends?

    Nah... You are just too fat to be considered an athlete. Keep eating burgers.
  16. chuso007

    Racing rules quiz online

    There ya go:
  17. chuso007

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    Keyword here is "CLEAN". Maybe on a model basin or in the lab a rugous surface creates less drag than a flat one. But in real life a dirty surface will ruin your speed and a rough hull will drag a lot of shit along... So, my advice: Superflat hydrophobic nanocoating is the best option.
  18. chuso007

    Collapsing buildings

    Really?? HARD Rock hotel?
  19. chuso007

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Making the replica sails like Rooster, Intensity, etc. legal (and for the same price do the same with replica foils), and allowing (not imposing) lighter composite masts. would do it for me... That would push the class were I live more than anything else.
  20. I haven't paid attention all weekend... Is this good news?
  21. chuso007

    'Catch ride' and end for end gybing

    That depends on what the spinnaker (trimer) is doing at that point, compression is a bitch. On big boats it's sometimes impossible to reach the new brace, it's just to far away. I always dip pole on big boats, buy it's not always up to me to decide...
  22. chuso007

    Plastic on remote islands

    First world? I don't think so...