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    I love my wife but..

    Exactly!! I couldn't afford anything bigger but I kept getting boats. A Vaurien, an opti for the kids (the oldest was three when I got it), a laser, now I'm restoring an old 5,5 meter boat that was rolling about my inlaws garden... Oh, and I'll probably bring my dad's 23 footer down to Vigo one of these years.
  2. chuso007

    I love my wife but..

    Don't tell her you sold it, she won't notice anyway. Oh, and buy another one.
  3. chuso007


    Holy shit, I didn't see that one coming...
  4. chuso007

    Laser C6 rig from the front page

    I don't think a laminate/expensive rig is the way to go, you will still have an old, dated boat with an unnecessarily expensive rig (heck, the RS Aero has Dacron sails) and you'd still have two fleets, the boats with new rigs and the boats with old rigs. I'd rather have new, better built boats with dacron sails and maybe better spars. Of course you'll have split fleets but top sailors change boats every year and play in a different league anyway. Same hull design but different build, slightly different deck (or not), same sails and different spars. Either that or make them A LOT cheaper than the competition.
  5. chuso007

    Live on FB, NOW

    Pretty much like the first race, the starts are great and the boats are incredibly fast (30 knots BS at 5 knotsTWS??, WTF??), but any mistake and you are half a mile behind so only the first part of the races are interesting to watch.. I think this will all improve a lot and very fast.
  6. chuso007

    Live on FB, NOW

    First race was Ok, exciting start, interesting first mark. a couple of crossings, and game over, I would say that the last upwind/downwind legs are not necessary in this kind of wind I'll watch the other races later.
  7. chuso007

    Hullkote vs Eelsnot vs Starbrite vs Ceramic

    No, after the restoring product comes the ceramic water repellent product to make the boat fast... I thought that's what we were talking about... Obvioulsly the OP won't need to restore his freshly painted hull. This is my 1983 Laser after both products were applied: DABS_YOU.mp4
  8. chuso007

    sailor chick of the decade

    You can out that one, he's already been sentenced.
  9. chuso007

    sailor chick of the decade

    She should, because now every famous sailing photographer is a suspect...
  10. chuso007

    Hullkote vs Eelsnot vs Starbrite vs Ceramic

    Ok, here it goes: This is to "regenerate" the old gelcoat And this is the ceramic coating that will protect the job for a year... How it'll look in a year, I'll know 11 1/2 months from now. But it's SO easy to apply that I decided to distribute it in Spain, the product is inside the foam pad, and you just tap it against the hull and then, just turn on the polishing machine...
  11. chuso007

    Hullkote vs Eelsnot vs Starbrite vs Ceramic

    Tomorrow I'll have pictures, I got my first order today...
  12. chuso007

    Hullkote vs Eelsnot vs Starbrite vs Ceramic

    I'm a bit of an "expert" (not really) because I sell this kind of stuff. SiO2 works great I have some stock but I've stopped selling it beaucse the supplier is not up to the task, but right now I'm testing something new, on my laser (so far, so good) and pretty easy to apply that I will start distributing in Spain pretty soon. I'll let you know.
  13. chuso007

    Tactics: longest tack or lifted tack?

    IMHO, it depends a lot on what the wind is doing, if the wind is shifting to one side, and you expect it to keep shifting (typical im the sunny afternoons), you should go to that side (headed) especially compared to the other boats, so when you tack you'll be lifted (more and more) and when they tack they'll be headed... If the wind is shifting from one side to the other, just play the lifts.
  14. chuso007

    Seasickness Remedies

    I used to get seasick as a kid going fishing with my dad, my grandfther (an Admiral with a few miles under the keel) always told me the best remedy was to lie under a pine tree for a while. . . . .I'll take my hat now...
  15. chuso007

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I think it's Single Manufacturer One Design....
  16. chuso007

    30-34ft cruiser racer

    Until it breaks, looks a bit more dangerous if it's bent down...
  17. chuso007

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Hey Julian, you got some boats selected to the Games, How does that work?
  18. chuso007

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I don't think the Aero is overpriced, especially compared to a Laser...
  19. chuso007

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Well, I wasn't talking about pretty and I was only comparing it to the Laser overall. But now that you mention it let me tell you that I saw both the Aero and the Melges in October and I liked the Aero more. Melges Aero
  20. chuso007

    who doesn;t love blue claw crabs?

  21. Does it fit? A friend wants to bring one back to Europe from the Caribbean after recently crossing the pond. Keel would of course be separated from the hull. Beam is 3m so I'm wondering if it fits (leaned on her side) in a HC container or if it needs an open top. Also, I understand the mast is 11m or so (right?) so it should fit too. Thanks!
  22. chuso007

    Brain Dead

    Run Harry, run!