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  1. Not so fast

    36.7 or 109?

    Had a similar experience on the 36.7 I raced on.
  2. Not so fast

    Local Fleet Health

    I thought Larchmont has a Viper Fleet didn’t know that Noroton has one also. Sounds like some strong J70 local fleets, a few Vipers and one M20/M24. So most of the racing is going to be travel.
  3. Not so fast

    Local Fleet Health

    Contemplating the next boat from the current 4KSB in PHRF. I would like something sporty in the 20-25 range. Hopefully something modern to mostly race one design but could also take a non-Sailing friend or family out to mess around in PHRF. Viper awesome boat and an option, one fleet in WLIS any others in New England? J70 has fleets around New England. Not as sporty but could race one design and strong numbers for travel. Looking at Florida over the winter and then Charleston on the way back to New England in the spring. Does the Melges 20 or 24 have any fleets in New England or is everything a travel game? Looking at the winter stuff not great numbers on that front, are those class dying bc of the Pros? Or just a few contenders willing to play?
  4. Not so fast

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Shaggy - Great thread and glad everything worked out today!!! No better way to start a new year then what you're doing!