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  1. I adore the stuff for trim and nonstructural purposes, but StarBoard is far too flexible to be a good backing plate and is pretty expensive for that purpose too. Also, it creeps under pressure. G10, stainless, aluminum, plywood, and slabs of hull from knackered old boats are the materials of choice depending on cost/cosmetic/machining/finishing appetite. Some people swear they like to lay up 6-8 layers of their own fiberglass cloth and epoxy but I can't see how that is a good use of time or cosmetic effort.
  2. Looks great. What kind of replacement core and top skin did you use? How did you join the new top skin to the old adjacent skin? Top finish is paint/grit or Kiwi Grip?
  3. I do these repairs with foam as the replacement core, 3/16" G10 as the replacement upper skin, with blocks of 1/2" G10 as the core underneath high-crush hardware like stanchions. The old and new skins are beveled, and joined with layers of fiberglass tape of increasing width to fit into the bevel. There is no way anyone can convince me this isn't better than the original. Slicing out the core in strips? What, this job isn't messy enough already?
  4. Where did you find a powder coated with a mast-sized kiln, and how much does that cost? (Asking for a friend.)
  5. What is that stuff? Is it very different from Whink, which is distinctly acidic but that you buy in grocery stores for pennies?
  6. 2cm deflection and a known wet core? What other signs are you waiting for, engraved invitations? My deck step repair on my '69 Ericson 32: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=165612
  7. Sounds like a really fun way spend a final summer Saturday...before cutting off several fingers and drowning in the pure waters of the Hudson River, surrounded by hundreds of jeering spectators wearing WoodenBoat tee shirts.
  8. Recore starboard cabin top Rebuild leaky main cabin hatch Repaint transom, possibly cockpit Time for all: I'd like to say 30 hours, but the fact is, it's unknown. These are the known unknowns. It's the unknown unknowns that really get you.
  9. Confirming: the stuff I've bought from NORVA on many occasions is the same stuff I've bought from McMaster. If there is a conspiracy between them to foist nonepoxy phenolics upon us unsuspecting boat fixers, they are pulling it off really well. This stuff can have its edges rounded off with a router if you are gentle. It is very hard material, and wears normal tooling quickly so I use carbide or diamond circular saw blades on my (stock consumer-grade) table saw and cobalt drill bits in my (consumer) drill press. A lot of the projects I've done with G10 have involved edges that are tapered a few inches and for that I use a grinder or an orbital sander with a fairly harsh grit. As long as you understand that it it quite easy to work with. It glues nicely with epoxy and takes paint well, as you might imagine.
  10. Obviously we've got crossed signals here someplace. I'm reading this as a recore job with the top skin being replaced. Keep the bottom skin in as-is. Add your divinylcell core. Reinforce the fitting areas with plywood (though I prefer 1/2" G10) instead of compressible core. And put the final skin of 1/8 or 3/16" G10 on top. Or tell me to eff off. Which is fine, but I've done this on three sections of my boat already and will be doing a fourth this winter, and it works a treat. Where did "150 square feet" come from? 10 x 5 = 50 in original post.
  11. 3/16" G10 is $18/sqft, 1/8" G10 is $13/sqft from McMaster and probably cheaper from other sources. I'm assuming the deck is not a 10' x 5' rectangle. You can lay up that much epoxy and glass at G10 strength, consistency, and finish levels for less than $13/sqft, counting time and materials? I cannot. I had to do this with a 1.5' x 5' strip of deck underneath my mast a year ago and have well over $25/sqft, considering time at $50/hr. Perhaps others are a lot faster than I am as an enthusiastic amateur. But I agree that deck camber would have to be matched with segmented strips of G10, and if strength were critical as it was with my cambered application, maybe impossible.
  12. 3/16" G10, beveled 2" around the edges and epoxied to the surrounding (also beveled) deck via layers of fiberglass tape starting with 4" width, then 3", then 2", then 1". You'll be way ahead time- and strength-wise with the G10. Makes a lot less mess too. Only more expensive if your time is worth very little.
  13. If I were going up and down that mast to work on it, I would want redundant halyards on both port and starboard sides.
  14. Water has to fight its way into every little corpuscle of that foam - there may well be water between the skins, but it is probably not embedded in the foam. And if it is, the water will have to fight its way out of the foam too.
  15. Try Mark Plastics in Corona, CA. (951) 735-7705. Guy's name is Mark Heacox, and yeah, he's already heard all the jokes. They've made me replacement portlights for my Ericson that were not too expensive. Seem to have inherited the tooling from GO Industries, who made lots of original portlights in SoCal production boats. markplastics.com