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  1. tenders

    Painting a racing dinghy

    Quantum (“flows like milk”) sounds like a newer brand of two-part LP paint like Perfection and Awlgrip. I love Perfection and have painted (rolled) an aluminum mast, wooden spreaders, part of a deck, and a transom with it over the past few years. These two-part paints are far superior to one-part Brightside - much harder and more durable. They are a bit more hassle to apply, but in my experience the prep is so much more work than the actual painting that it’s almost a no-brainer to spend the 15% extra time and a bit more money on the two-part. The OP’s description of his Brightside finish sounds like a textbook case of not-enough-thinner added to the paint before applying. And the durability of the result also sounds like textbook one-part paint. It does not do well in contested elections, ie boat vs. piling, boat vs. fender, boat vs. mooring buoy. I’m not a huge fan of foam rollers; the adhesive holding the foam to the roller is always iffy and tends to let go at exactly the worst time - even on branded West System rollers, which you’d think are as resistant to solvents as possible. Gouvernail out me into Wooster 3/16" nap "all paint" R206-4 Super Doo-Z rollers from Amazon, and now that’s all I use except for a disposable little chip brush for nooks and crannies (monitoring departing bristles very carefully). My rule of thumb is that I f the finish doesn’t level like glass five minutes after application, add more thinner.
  2. tenders

    General fucking recall

    I'm with Blunted on this one - reaching starts introduce drama 100% of the time, and they enable T-boning at speeds that cannot happen easily with lines set more squarely. I counted four boats over early, do we agree with the general recall decision? Tough call to make in the heat of the moment. I probably would have decided that too, but on reflection, I think it would have been OK to keep running the race and call each transgressor back, especially obviously ADD, to atone for their terrible decision(s) rather than reboot the whole fleet and erase the consequences from the racing record. Given the lack of urgency by several boats in the drone footage, I'm guessing there were multiple fleets gathered around waiting for their sequences to begin. They were not being very sportsmanlike about it.
  3. tenders

    USS Midway 1, Sea Esta 0

    Predictable Karma for having named one’s sailboat “Sea Esta.” We expect that kind of crap from powerboaters, but sailors should know better. Or pay the price.
  4. tenders

    Dinghy on mooring buoy in a rolly bay - capsize preventer?

    The most frequent and effective fix to this common problem is to lash a few fenders horizontally onto the gunwales near the boat's maximum beam. This adds outward buoyancy that will significantly reduce the heeling/capsize tendency.
  5. tenders

    Which Topside Paint?

    I'd say Perfection is 25% more difficult to apply, 3X more expensive, but 10X better once it's on. However, the OP already knows 2-parts are great because the question is Perfection vs. Epifanes 2-part. On this I have no comparison but I've been very happy with Perfection, where even slight imperfection is still pretty darn good.
  6. For $0 up front, 6 months of hard work, and $5000 you could get that boat up and running. Or, for $2500 and no work, you could have a better boat right away.
  7. tenders

    New Free TOD Calculations App for Android

    Add a BARCA - Bitch About Rating Correction Analysis. 1 - what rating would a boat need to have, in order to have moved up one place in the race? This is sometimes unclear in TOT races. People whine that other boats' ratings are unfair by 3-4 points but very often the amount being whined about barely changes the margin of victory. 2 - what rating would a boat need to have, in order to have beaten the first place boat?
  8. tenders

    New Free TOD Calculations App for Android

    This is almost trivial, and kind of interesting, to calculate in Excel or Google Sheets.
  9. tenders

    Keel fell off, accident report

    I think the comparable would be if the bolts were somehow set up to run along the tops of those beams (bolts in tension) instead of along the side of the beams (shear). In the photo, not only is the shear strength of the bolts stabilizing the structure, but they impose a lot of friction between the mating surfaces that has to be overcome before the bolt shear strength starts to matter. Were the beams just hanging from the bolts like the keel in question, forces on the other end of the beam just turn that beam into a huge lever against the bolts’ tension strength.
  10. tenders

    What went wrong with my tooside painting?

    I agree, that looks amazing. How much better were you expecting this job to turn out, given that you can see yourself in the picture so clearly from so far away!!?! I've fussed with Perfection in white a bit over the past few years and concur with Russell's sentiment: less really is more. When I look at the stuff I've done, the areas that look less great are running 10:1 in (too much paint) : (too little paint). And I've been reluctant to go to the full thinner quotient, but at no point have I seen evidence of having used paint that was too thin, only a bit too thick. I use either West System foam rollers or Wooster 3/16" nap "all paint" R206-4 Super Doo-Z roller from Amazon, a suggestion from Gouvernail a few years ago.
  11. tenders

    What went wrong with my tooside painting?

    Interesting, I had never considered that angle.
  12. tenders

    cleaning spider poop off gelcoat

    This only happens in freshwater. I’ve barely ever seen a spider on the Pacific or Atlantic coasts, but jeebus what spiders there be in the Great and Finger Lakes.
  13. tenders

    When you Mattered

    Prune juice cocktails are an almost completely unexplored genre of bartending. I feel like it's 1491 in that department.
  14. tenders

    Non Skid Gelcoat

    What the heck is wrong with Kiwi Grip? Count your blessings if you use your boat so much that it ONLY lasts three seasons. Then take an hour or two and put on another coat.
  15. tenders

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    These are intensely complicated design solutions to the basic problem of creating a nicely-shaped slab. Are you German?