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  1. Dinghy New Guy Strong Wind Tacking Problems

    Have you pulled the Vang really tightly? This, of course, tightens the leach of the sail and tends to "weathervane" the boat. Or maybe the boat REALLY likes windy days and doesn't want to go in.
  2. Quant 17 Foiler

    JohnD said in one sentence what I have been bloviating for several posts. +1
  3. Quant 17 Foiler

    Point taken on the crab pots. Ouch. Beats whales, I guess. A 505 crunched the board and tore open the bottom gudgeon at the Worlds heading out to the start on the windy day. Only thing we saw in the vicinity was a 2 x 4 about three feet long. Big damage at speed. So, that will be a factor with the foils sticking out, for sure. Dave Ellis
  4. Quant 17 Foiler

    Ah, that's why there were three aboard. He was impressed that the boat responded so well to the foils in such light air. I understand that the 17 may be a bit less of a scow shaped hull?
  5. Quant 17 Foiler

    Ah, but most of the time sailors are zipping along above the surface of the water. As mentioned, injury can occur from an underwater foil like a rudder. How many of us have been sliced by the back edge of a racing center or dagger board. Or jambed something vital against the open bailer in a capsize recovery. Hmmm, that windward foil on the A Cat could do some damage to a floating head. Or the leeward foil, a little lower on the bod. My point is, side protruding foils are just another hazard in our sport. At least they are visible. Did rescue duty at the 505 World's last week with a Farr designer who had just returned from sailing the Quant 17 in Europe. Thought it had promise. Sailed in about 8 kts of breeze, yet the foils were lifting. Dave Ellis
  6. Quant 17 Foiler

    49ers, International 14s, Ausie 18s racks stick out farther. Injuries occur. An A Scow ran over a catapulted bow man and struck his head on the port rudder. A Lightning ran square in the middle crewman of another boat. Both survived, happily. Sailing at any level can be dangerous. I am so old I remember a seminar at a Florida club that opined that this new Dacron material may work for mainsails. But jibs we're too hard to "read," No telltales on sails yet. But I love the innovations occurring in the sport. Dave Ellis
  7. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    Every Lindsey Waterrat 505 that I weighed had lead correctors on the back of the well and the forward bulkhead.
  8. Quant 17 Foiler

    Yes, those International 10 square meter canoes with their sliding seats are such a menace..... Well, I did whack a few marks with the seat halfway. You just get used to it. OH Rogers has similar side foils (don't call them DSS foils for patent reasons) stored away that were tried on Jeff Linton's Everglades Challenge boat. Was faster, but not practical for rowing. Dave Ellis
  9. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    I helped measure at the Annapolis 505 World's last week. Most boats had corrector lead. Others were 4 kilos over the 127.4 minimum. The winner's boat was spot on minimum. Oh, and one boat hit something and wracked the lower gudgeon. To change rudders had to weigh each. Dave Ellis
  10. 505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    The 505 class tradition is that there is a lay day. Families and those traveling from abroad plan on it. Only if there was a chance that the minimum of four races could never be achieved before the last day would the lay day be used for racing. I am a rescue boat guy. May be busy tomorrow..... Dave Ellis
  11. Craigslist Finds

    Hey, I got $96 from the aluminum scrap place for two broken catamaran masts and a couple of rudder parts. Was ten years ago, so maybe less now. Dave Ellis
  12. Irma

    Sure was dark with no electricity and full metal shutters. There are enough avocados and carombola fruit on the ground to feed the whole neighborhood. A few fruit-laden limbs gave out and lots of small oak debris. No other damage. Doing Race committee work nowadays, so no boat to worry about. Now to eat up the ice cream before it melts. Dave Ellis, St. Pete
  13. Irma

    Driving from N. Alabama home to the Florida house. A mile from RKoch in St. Pete. Late Father-in-law had heavy metal window coverings built with permanent house fasteners. Will muscle them in place tomorrow. Will be hosting a least four folks from the beaches. Then wait.....
  14. Irma

    Yes, RKoch. Steve Colgate had his new Hunter for Offshore Sailing School, with shrink wrap still on the hatches, quickly moved from St. Pete south to Captiva, South Seas Resort. Then Charlie turned to go right overhead. Apparently we all did a good job "spidering" the 6 Colgate 26s and 2 Hunters. Two masts broken, probably from flying trees. Whew. Dave Ellis
  15. Irma

    1848, 1921, 2018? Tampa Bay is rated most at risk if a major hits, especially if going ashore from the gulf and just north of the entrance of the bay. Hey, I just moved to the mountains of north Alabama on huge Lake Guntersville. Good timing?