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  1. sailwriter

    whats up with West Marine?

    After retiring from St. Pete Yacht Club I applied at the local West Marine. Interviewed with the lady manager and a guy whom I'd seen there for quite a while. Not many boating questions. Reading from a form she asked, "What is a grunion?" Surpressing a smile, I said that a grunion is a small fish that swarms a California beach. If you mean gudgeon, it is ......... Never heard back. One of the employees told me privately that the manager was saying I was "over qualified." Doesn't take much, I guess.
  2. sailwriter

    Craigslist Finds

    He was known to sometimes still be building parts of his Moth on the way to the starting line off Miami. A legend.
  3. sailwriter

    Nacra 460 Mixed Fleet Handicap

    Precisely what a US SAILING committee is working on now. Thus far we've just found a similar boat that also has a dpn and extrapolating. Hopefully a formula will be forthcoming.
  4. sailwriter

    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    Ah, but that's been the holdup for decades: few US clubs send in results. Data just doesn't become available.
  5. sailwriter

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Yes on the current dragging. A Star rig and sails was lost to the bottom of Tampa Bay, Florida years ago. Despite a thorough search it was never found. And that was in only about 12 feet of depth. Muddy bottom didm't help.
  6. sailwriter

    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    UK has boats not in US and visa versa. US has a number, for example for a Windmill 89.5 dpn (average) but slower at 92.9 in light air. Numbers are compared to the Thistle, which is 83 for all winds. So a conversion would be good. UK system does not have wind factors, as mentioned. But in the US there is a vast difference in wind between, say, San Francisco and St. Petersburg.
  7. sailwriter

    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    Yes, several of us have 'stepped up' as volunteers for this switch. There is a Breakout Group of smart folks to figure out a conversion method, with the disparate systems. (I am not one of them!) I've complained vocally about the stagnant US Portsmouth System since Darlene Hobock died. She is missed. Maybe now progress will be made.
  8. sailwriter

    Can a flying dutchman be a tame ride?

    After sailing Windmills, classic Moths and Suicides, my Lindsay Flying Dutchman seemed very stable. "Scow with a bow" shape. Only capsized once, in a thunderstorm when the rudder came off from hitting something. Oh, and once as crew when Paul Hempker pulled the wrong control line and pulled the center board down instead of up in an increased wind. Shows that board up a ways does help!
  9. sailwriter

    Can a flying dutchman be a tame ride?

    Since the centerboard can be raised partially, thereby angling it aft under the mainsail, a smaller jib, or even no jib, balances just fine. A good used jib from another class' jib can be picked up at a used sail outfit.
  10. sailwriter

    Vintage racing videos

    Note that none of the sails pre-1962 had telltales. Skippers intently stared at the tabling at the very luff of the jib. When it went 'soft', head down a degree or, on a free leg, jib in a bit. Still indicates before the telltale ribbon reacts. Telltales were the biggest help to indicate a stall. Sail still looks good. That leeward ribbon flowing forward helped to know. Back in the day it was the practice to always be 'testing' by heading up or easing the jib. On dinghies old timers sometimes have an advantage in a rain or heavy fog when those telltales stick to the sail! Dave Ellis, Old Timer
  11. sailwriter

    Now We Know Who Bought Scooter's A4

    Who also happens to be an accomplished Flying Dutchman sailor for many years.
  12. sailwriter


    I understand that after boat #25 Johannsen Boat Works in Florida took over production. They were known for quality work, also manufacturing Trinka yacht dinghies and Windmills. But the early boats, before #26, were essentially home built. Wonder what Rasputin22 has against Raiders? I've owned and raced FD, Contender, Windmill, Int. 10 Sq Meter Canoe, A Cat, Formula 16 Taipan 4.9 and more. I really enjoyed the Raider. Had 5 over 15 years. Dave Ellis
  13. sailwriter

    Yacht Racing and Cruising archive?

    One Design Yachtsman, One Design Racing and Cruising, Sailing World. Sort of the same, changing names and expanding to gain broader advertising. Maybe they have the old ones digitized, eh.
  14. I have a 1970 Phoenix kayak with decked over fore and aft, making it stiffer. Put a daggerboard well in and cobbled spars for a used Opti sail. Put shrouds and forestay to spread the loads. It sails very well indeed. Even after chopping it off to 16 feet, a licensing savings, it goes well upwind and down. Yes, I sail performance dinghies, so know when a craft sails well. In a blow I sit on the high side. Otherwise just sit facing forward on a cushion. Dave Ellis
  15. sailwriter

    Craigslist Finds

    Skipjack design includes the Windmill, Clark Mill's effort to be an upgrade from the Optimist pram. While it was supposed to be for teenagers aging out of the pram, the parents liked it more. Still an active class in areas of the USA. Dave Ellis