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  1. Hey, I got $96 from the aluminum scrap place for two broken catamaran masts and a couple of rudder parts. Was ten years ago, so maybe less now. Dave Ellis
  2. Sure was dark with no electricity and full metal shutters. There are enough avocados and carombola fruit on the ground to feed the whole neighborhood. A few fruit-laden limbs gave out and lots of small oak debris. No other damage. Doing Race committee work nowadays, so no boat to worry about. Now to eat up the ice cream before it melts. Dave Ellis, St. Pete
  3. Driving from N. Alabama home to the Florida house. A mile from RKoch in St. Pete. Late Father-in-law had heavy metal window coverings built with permanent house fasteners. Will muscle them in place tomorrow. Will be hosting a least four folks from the beaches. Then wait.....
  4. Yes, RKoch. Steve Colgate had his new Hunter for Offshore Sailing School, with shrink wrap still on the hatches, quickly moved from St. Pete south to Captiva, South Seas Resort. Then Charlie turned to go right overhead. Apparently we all did a good job "spidering" the 6 Colgate 26s and 2 Hunters. Two masts broken, probably from flying trees. Whew. Dave Ellis
  5. 1848, 1921, 2018? Tampa Bay is rated most at risk if a major hits, especially if going ashore from the gulf and just north of the entrance of the bay. Hey, I just moved to the mountains of north Alabama on huge Lake Guntersville. Good timing?
  6. Ah, but the infrastructure effect. At the 2016 Tampa Bay NOOD my toughest task was keeping an eye out for debris from the Pier deconstruction. Largest was a 2x14x20' timber just missing the Sonar/ Lightning course and drifting toward the A-Cat's. After storms, lots of floaters, including entire docks.
  7. It may impact the 120+ boat 505 World's in Annapolis starting 9/20. I'm on rescue duty. May be busy! Dave Ellis
  8. Portsmouth handicap tables are woefully out of date. Neither the Evo nor the now 10 year old Raider Turbo, with jib and spin are listed. The Raiders race at an 89.5 speed. (91.5 for the original boat with no jib, plus correction.) The lower the number, the faster the boat. Laser rates 91.1; MC Show 87.8; Windmill 89.5. For some years I raced Thursday Eve vs these boats. In light air the Raider would come in first boat for boat. Medium air, behind the Fireball, a former national champ. Close to speed of Flying Scott, sailed by a past ussailing sailor of the year winner. In solid breeze I needed a crew. Would beat the Laser, but the others got me upwind in chop. While I never had a crew Thursday nights, I have raced in stronger winds with a crew. Much faster upwind and did not harm offwind. I sailed Windmills. (6x Nationals Champ and 5th as crew at last weekend's Nationals.) I'd guess that an average sailor in each class would finish overlapped. Assuming the Raider took along a passenger for windy days. Oh, I did sail out to a starting line in very heavy winds when only a Windmill and a big Raven got there. RC sent us home. What a ride back. I never raised the jib. Worked fine. I liked the conventional dousing spinnaker. But as I got older the assy was easier. Finally I sold the assy spin and sailed without. Dave Ellis
  9. Vídeo at raidersailboat.com. Tacks were cut from the film, unfortunately. Also not shown was my attempt at capsizing. Finally had to cleat both sails and hang from the leeward shroud to get it over. Remarkably stable. Again, there are several very good single handers out there. Some are more forgiving than others. Some work well adding a crew, or even two kids. And then there is the price point. Dave Ellis
  10. Yep, not me. The promo video on the Raider website and the Johannsen Boat Works site is the one I thought you meant.
  11. Have raced Windmill regattas at LLSC since 1980! I will contact the club for the local M-14 fleet. Looks like the VX Evo is a great Dinghy. So many choices nowadays. That price is steep, however. The Raider is super comfortable for the sailor. After all, it was designed by the guy who designed the original Mustang bucket seats!
  12. Hey xonk1. Tried to PM you with no success. Are you associated with the Lake Lanier Melges 14 fleet? Been trying to contact. Melges is not answering my query. I have moved from Tampa Bay, Florida to big Lake Guntersville. Boatless for the first time in decades. Dave Ellis
  13. Ha! I am the sailor in the Raider video. That boom height is not low by any modern standard. The sailor is over the age of 70. Evo is a quite different boat than a Raider. Some of us like 'strange ducks'. Sometimes a form that works really well does not fit with some folks' eye. Now at the 505 East Coasts, Cape Cod. Now there is a hull that looked strange to a 1950s sailor! Dave Ellis
  14. A mainsail telltale 2/3 the way up the sail and halfway between leach and luff, both sides, will indicate flow. Keep the leeward yarn flowing aft. I was surprised at how much twist is sometimes needed. I watch that indicator almost as much as the jib yarns Dave Ellis Now on big Lake Guntersville, Alabama!
  15. Larry Christian in New Hampshire built an absolutely 'furniture' quality Contender a couple years ago. Competitive boat. I owned a home made Contender that was not so competitive. But it can be done. Obviously the Contender Class North American website is the place to go for info. Lots of helpful sailors. Dave Ellis, Tampa Bay, Florida