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  1. How are We Perceived?

    Over the years I don't remember any power boaters unhappy with a fleet of racing sailboats UNLESS we are going to or coming home in a narrow channel or going under a bridge. "Make up your mind!" "You cut in front of me AGAIN!" Since many don't have a clue about sailing, ignorance can be frustrating. Dave Ellis
  2. Craigslist Finds

    Oh, I just beat a well sailed Aero 7 rig by 3 minutes in a 37 minute race in my Raider. 8-10 kts. Great boat for an old geezer. Dave Ellis
  3. Which way the wind blows

    Note that the old sailing ship's sailing masters never had a mustache? "Sniff" the wind best just under the nose. Try it. Dave Ellis
  4. Best Race Committee Boats

    I cared for Coast Pilot, a ' lobster boat' type. Albin 29 I think. Working for St. Pete Yacht Club, Florida. Lots of problems with the Volvo. Convenient for RC duty. However, really rolls. ESPN guy dropped his very expensive camera while we were chasing the 1996 Olympic Torch on a 72' sloop across Tampa Bay. Snap roll. Dave Ellis
  5. Which way the wind blows

    Most use a masthead fly only for downwind on boats that don't do vmg jibing angles. If sailing deep down wind, shifts are hard to detect. Yet the normal commercial masthead fly is hard to see. I noticed on a number of top Lightnings a wire across the mast side to side, a little above the top. They bent down both ends a bit and tied yarn or light cassette tape (remember those?) to both ends. They could see the yarn on either jibe. I've used it since, to good effect. Dave Ellis
  6. Rhodes 19 CB

    Maybe the boat is different than the "Hurricane" of the 1950s, but I'd always been told that it was a Rhodes 19 centerboard version. At a St. Pete Yacht Club Veteran's day regatta on a gusty day we got a gnarly blast on a broad reach and passed a planing Windmill. Windmills plane fast and early. When the gust died, he skipped on past. But for that short burst we were definitely on a full plane. Also, this was the first time I ever saw anyone actually turn blue from cold. Earl "Shorty" Long was a midget who sailed a pram with jib. He was mid crew on the Hurricane. We had to go in after that race as we were afraid we were going to lose him. Dave Ellis
  7. Everglades Challenge 2018

    The forum on the EC is up at Sailing Anarchy. Lots of current info. Dave Ellis
  8. Sailing World mag

    Yachting was all, well, yachts. Last One-of-a-Kind regatta was 1985. SAIL was pretty pictures, mostly keel boats. But One Design Yachtsman, and subsequent names, was for us dinghy racers. In 1967 I was on the reception desk in a Brooklyn Heights building with a view of lower Manhattan. Across the street and over a bit was the Margaret Hotel, a known, uh, place to 'get comfort.' An embarrassed fellow came up to the desk saying he had found all his cash missing after his 'activity.' He needed $3 for subway and phone call when he got to the end of the line. Showed me his credentials. I recognized him as one of the principals at One Design and Offshore Yachtsman. I didn't embarrass him by mentioning that. Dave Ellis
  9. Beach Camping Advice?

    Camping on the beach at a state park on the Texas coast, my arm was in contact with the mosquito netting overnight. Next morning it was really swollen up. Ended up sleeping for hours the next day with fainting spells if I tried to stand up. Poisoned. Dave Ellis
  10. whisker pole

    Ha! I used that exact bamboo pole method. With the nail. But that was about 1953 on my pram with home made jib. Picture just before jib added. Pram Turbo! Dave Ellis
  11. First Memory in life

    My first sailing memory was my dad telling me, seriously, "Son, never ever sneak up on a comorant bird sitting on a piling and say'BOO!'" Uh, they have to jettison lunch before flying. Dave Ellis
  12. whisker pole

    Lowe's or Home Depot has 1", 7' aluminum extrusions. Snipes, Windmills, Raiders use an automatic, pull one line to deploy. But would work for a mast-seated whisker pole. Dave Ellis
  13. Aft mainsheet

    On boats where I use the main sheet off the traveler back there, I used a bent tiller. It dips under the traveler. And, yes I do have a cam cleat on the stacked double block at the traveler. I face forward when tacking or jibing. Hmmm. Maybe now that they say it can't be done I'll get all tangled up! Dave Ellis
  14. Aft mainsheet

    Take a look at almost all catamaran mainsheet systems. Lots of pictures in ads, etc. I got so used to it that I converted my Windmill and now a Raider. Lots of room and a longer tiller extension resulted. Dave Ellis
  15. Moving up from a Hobie 16

    Sailed my new Raider for the first time today. No screecher or asymetrical. Light air. Beat Hobie 16s and Weta boat for boat. And was comfortable. Is that allowed? Dave Ellis