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  1. sailwriter


    Sold the FrankenRaider a year ago. The Raider that I'm selling now is a late 2017 new boat. I rigged it, not the factory. Class legal, but set up more like a Snipe or Windmill. I'll miss this boat! But time and tide wait for no man. Dave Ellis
  2. sailwriter

    Go or No Go

    I have been rethinking after the loss of 6 sailors in a Fairhope Yacht Club race a couple years ago. Really big lawsuits now ongoing. A few weeks ago I moved our usual Saturday racing to Sunday afternoon. Made the decision Friday afternoon. One guy howled. Saturday a nearby marina was devastated by 80 mph gusts. Went right through our race course. Sometimes it pays to be cautious. Dave Ellis
  3. sailwriter

    Eligibility to Race

    Totally agree. As a race officer I hesitate to change any RRS and then only by referring to it by number. If there is a collision involving injury or worse, let the worldwide standard rules go to court, not me! Dave Ellis
  4. sailwriter

    Eligibility to Race

    Check out Davis Island Yacht Club in Florida's NOR and SIs for their Thursday Eve racing. Was in response to a case(s) of the above. Dave Ellis
  5. sailwriter

    Dinghy Racing Is Fucking Awesome!

    Dinghy racing also can be a social equalizer. After the 1980 Windmill Nationals I overheard a Doc snort, "And the winner was a damn janitor," eh eh. Windward-leeward courses have taken some of the challenge away. The Mug Race, 35 miles up a tidal river in Florida is more of a challenge. I've got ten more years of dinghy racing than Gouv. This Mug race was my last. RC work and 'Cup holder boats' will suffice. Nice to go out with a win! Dave Ellis
  6. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    They promote heavily. No, not through SA. Bui any serious sailor in the SE of America knows the Mug Race. I'll start a Mug race thread next winter. The banning of canoes came from some unseaworthy open paddling canoes one year that gave up without checking in. A long search with many agencies involved. Same with windsufers. I was able to prove the International Canoe to be a viable racing sailboat. Ya'll.come. But no interest. Sail a canoe for 7 to 10.hours straight with no break? Hard enough single handed on the very comfortable Raider. Boats came from TN, AL, SC, NC and from one end of FL to the other. Apparently I am slated for RC next year. So, will promote! Dave Ellis
  7. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    I'm traveling, so more later. Briefly, light upwind at start, 8:00 am. Evo and RS 100 got good starts. But I was able to quickly pass. On the first dogleg turn it paid to work the left, North shore. They did not. I was surprised to be faster and higher than the EC 22 in 'sitting on the deck' light air. Beat them to the midpoint Shands Bridge. Right after the bridge the wind died for the fastest catamarans, allowing some of us to catch right up. Had a great battle with Hobie 18s, Astus tri and some 70-something rated keel boats. For about an hour the wind freed for a tight, then beam reach. Planing conditions, but a bit tight for a screecher. They fell off to leeward where their wind later died. Gnarly gusts from aloft and veered made for some roundups for some, including the EC 22. Passed him again. Finally the wind steadied to around 5 and required a few tacks to the finish. I finished five minutes after the EC 22, about a half hour before the EVO. If the Evo had been assigned an 85 instead of 83 he would have moved up a few places in fleet, but not in class. Looks like a great boat. Would have been different with a 35 miles broad reach. Dave Ellis
  8. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    Mug race results are posted. (Mug Race 2018) Evo did OK. But mostly upwind, very dependant on skipper skill on course, changing gears constantly, current factors, and this for eight solid hours. I was highly motivated, as I must stop sailing little boats single handed. On to RC jobs and Cup Holder boats. My Raider non spin managed to win Overall on handicap. Nice! Dave Ellis
  9. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    Interesting. Big change in the EC 22 rating for the Mug Race in the last day or so. The EC 22 had been rated on the scratch sheet at a much faster speed than it is now, 76.2. Was in the mid 60s. At the stated rating, other Spinnaker Dinghies can only hope that it runs into a log. Otherwise, no chance. Dave Ellis
  10. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    Oh, big can of worms! See other threads on the US Portsmouth system. I've even asked to be on the committee. No answer. It seems that guesses or very limited data is not considered. Just the way it works. No incoming data=no upgrades or additional boats. The UK has 80 clubs turning in data. The US one or two, and not dinghies. "Back in the day" the late Darling Hobock would arbitrarily make some decisions. The Suicide, for example, was still using a handicap from the 1960s. I put one together and sailed Thursday Eve races in Tampa. Handicap was changed from low 90s to 80.5! I was the only one turning in time. The guy who had been winning by massive amounts quit racing. Nobody wants to arbitrarily make such decisions today. As Race Chair of a small club, we just make a guess and then tweak after a season. Dave Ellis
  11. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    Tried to PM. "Inbox is full" message. It is good that you are an advocate for the EVO. Every successful class has one or more motivated adherents. I saw that over the many years working for St. Pete YC. The Snipe fleet grew or died depending on whether there was an active 'cheerleader.' Since the US Sailing Portsmouth tables are seldom updated (few clubs turn in times), it is up to a few knowledgeable sailors to bite the bullet and make a best guess. Then it is tweaked from there. See WETA. Took a couple years. But it is now listed. Full disclosure, I am racing a Raider II non spin in the Mug Race. The only Portsmouth is for the old original non jib, assy spin Raider. So add jib modification, subtract Spin modification = 90. Sailing alone I do well; in a blow not so much without crew. It is what it is. The RS 100 referenced above got crushed with his 85.2. Not nearly that fast in light air for 40 miles. At Conroe, an official reports that the EVO and Aero were very close in speed upwind. (7 or 9 rig?) Off the wind the EVO with spin took off and was perhaps a minute a mile faster. We are going with 83 for the Mug Race. It may be downwind or reaching the entire 35 miles. Or it may be a beat all the way. Not a great test of Portsmouth ratings. Also, skipper skill and ability to sail at a high level for 8 - 10 hours comes into play. Let's see how it goes. Then you can add the info into your quest for a fair EVO rating. Dave Ellis
  12. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    For the Mug Race Saturday we need a valid Portsmouth number for the EVO. Are you the official Class rep? Got no answer from many inquiries, except the Brit in Texas. If you, or anyone else, has an official number, pass it on. Soon. Dave Ellis
  13. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    Texas dealer
  14. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    Just was informed that at the Conroe event this weekend they are going to use 83. We will see how that goes before assignment for the Mug Race. Dave Ellis
  15. sailwriter

    The VX Evo

    There is an EVO registered for the Mug Race May 5 in Florida. We don't know what kind of Portsmouth rating it should be assigned. Anyone know what its relative speed is? So, in this case "What's it rate?" is a valid question. Dave Ellis